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I have been going to AISU since it first opened. I suffer from dyslexia and anxiety and public schools were not my thing to help with that. I was able to get the help I need and accomidations that were right for me to be able to learn affectivly. I believe I have learned more in the 5 years I have been going then the 7 years in public school. One of the things I love about the school is the hands on learning. This year I have the opportunity to travel with my photography class and was accepted to go to Germany for a class trip. Another cool aspect of AISU is there international population. As students we are able to learn from each other and learn about each other cultures and be used to the idea of people from different countries. There is not much I would like to see change for our school. The only thing that is hard for some of us is the change we go through. But I believe this change is helping us become a better school altogether.
Wow, it's been one heck of a ride. I've been with this school for over 4 years, and I've seen it grow and shape.
The people and teachers here are amazing. But, it's not the best place if you can't self motivate and don't have the desire to deal with ever changing curriculums that still don't teach you much. Also, no AP classes really.
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I think the school is very diversity. There are many international students from many different countries, and there is a special international apartment which is helping international students.
I've always loved AISU. Between the environment to the teachers to the clubs to the experiences. I love it all. While it is not as academically rigorous as I would like, it makes that up by having experiences that you will never experience anywhere else in your life. When someone asks me why I go to AISU when the academics are terrible, I tell them that I am performing in THE CARNEGIE HALL this May. I built a tree house and was given CTE credit for it. I was building robots that would play musical instruments (our group was a flute!) That is the power of this school. It's not about how many AP classes you are taking. It's about getting a once in a life time experience. That is why I love AISU.
I liked the first year's flexibility, but as the years have gone on, that's been lost due to misbehaving and un-motivated students.
AISU has been a great school for my daughter. She started the schools first year as a 7th grader and is now a sophomore. She’s had so many opportunities with performing arts, deca and other clubs I don’t believe she would have gotten elsewhere. Sure the school has some issues but all schools do!
AISU is a great school for those with a strong sense of ambition and motivation. Most of the classes/projects are very hands-on, which is excellent. A lot of the work is online, which can be good and bad. The staff is very friendly and seem to genuinely care for students.
The American International School of Utah is a unique public charter because of the drive and passion each student has. In the common high school, there are few students who really stand out from the crowd. At AISU, though, it seems that everyone has something of their own, whether it be a passion for education, sports, art, robotics, performance, etc. Students have the rare opportunity to create their own designer schedules with a massive variety of classes to choose from. Alongside personalized schedules, the school has a variety of extracurriculars to choose from. There is also a spectrum of culture at the school – the international student body is extremely diverse, coming from almost 20 other countries around the world. With such diversity, flexibility, and freedom found in all these aspects, the school is the student's playground – they are free to express themselves and enjoy a rare and unique academic experience.
My experience with the school has been great. The teachers are incredibly supportive of their students. They also try to form strong relationships with their students which really helps with being comfortable in the school because you feel as if you can really trust them as a friend and not just as a teacher. The STEM and performing arts programs are a lot of fun.
AISU to me is a great school with amazing. teacher dedicated to making sure you make it college and always there when you need help. The student environment is one of the best I have ever seen a school before, there is little to no bullying and everyone is friends with each other. It is honestly the best school around, with the online curriculum is easy to do but still challenging enough that you get all the knowledge you need for college. I would suggest going to AISU to anyone that wants a new experience.
AISU was the best school I have ever been to, and I'm proud to say I graduated from it. I can't think of anything I didn't like about it. It's a true example of what modern schools school be like. If you don't go to AISU/ don't take your kids to AISU, you're missing out on an amazing experience!
Unique school, with a blend of online and offline work. Students apply learning through projects, rather than assignments. At the end of each trimester, students can choose a specialized "intensive" to focus on one subject for two weeks. These often involve larger projects and/or field trips. Admin isn't very organized but it's a pretty good school.
I personally had a pretty good experience at AISU. It's very student-driven & I was able to work at my own pace - and I was able to start taking college classes because I was able to finish my high school courses sooner. I've loved the friends I've made here, most students are very accepting.
american international school of utah is an amazing school. it can be very beneficial if you are a responsible hard working student. i say this because you have a ton of freedom at that school. it is nothing like a regular public school. the social clicks are all connected so theres no one who doesn't have friends and all of the social clicks are friends with one another which makes the school very united. the school is also very small so it is likely to meet a lot of people. this school is also beneficial because of the concurrent enrollment opportunities. this school is completely electronic which is pretty unique. it is also optional to take the class in a class room or just online at home. it can even be online with a tutor at the school. there are just so many options and you can decide which one works for you.
This School Is very diverse, but it holds you accountable for you. This school mainly focus's on the well being of their students and I love it.
I really enjoy this school. I am doing much better in my schooling then I did in my previous schools. I believe also because it is a smaller school we are able to have more friends and connect with people better. It creates more of a comfortable vibe. The teachers are great as well. They take on more then they should have to and for that I am grateful.
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This school doesn't have very many opportunities for advancement in the classroom (honors, advanced placement, etc), but they are very flexible, and fantastic about students looking into concurrent enrollment. Extracurricular opportunities are also readily available (including volunteer organizations).
I have a friend who attends this school and I am always amazed by all the incredible opportunities he is offered and has available on a daily basis. Only hear the best from this school.
5 STARS!!! It's a place to really grasp the true philosophy of happiness and the philosophy of living academics! Come and live your dreams at this very wonderful globalized world!
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