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I liked about this school because the school is a good school for students who really want to learn. Teachers are good. Students with high GPA and good behavior.
Though I wish teachers didn't leave every year and at times strand us in a poor place to learn, the school pays for our SAT and AP tests and we save hundreds of dollars because the school is just that kind to us.
Throughout my four years at AIPHS, I have experienced varies changes relating to academic studies and school culture. The school started implementing school clubs during my freshman year, but none of them were strictly enforced thus, causing the clubs to disappear from the school. Academic wise, AIPHS only offers AP and Honor courses for the main classes. There is not much of a variety for elective classes. As for college readiness, AIPHS has college counselors, but since they only have so much time, you have to rely on yourself for most of the time while you are applying for college. Succeeding in school and making sure you get what you want is part of the things AIPHS wants their students to learn about being an independent person.
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My overall experience is best described as a love-hate relationship between my school and me. At times, my fellow students and I would get frustrated by the lack of care the school gives. Sometimes the school might seem to be in chaos and have no structure. On the counterpart, AIPHS would sometimes step up and do amazing things for their students, like take our scholars to watch the Black Panther. My school also finally created their own sports program for the many athletes we have. Some things that might need to be improved are facilities and some teachers. But more or less, for AIPHS to succeed, they need to keep a straight and narrow path until they are seen in a less negative light.
I have been at American Indian Public High School (AIPHS) since the ninth grade. AIPHS is a school that offers many courses that will help prepare the students for college. The teachers work hard to provide the students with a fun school experience, while providing as much information about as they can. AIPHS was a school that was only known for its strict disciplinary system and rigorous academic curriculum. Well now it has a lot more school spirit. More clubs and activities are being formed and offered to all their students. It went from being a school that nobody wanted to go to, to a school that everyone wants to enroll in or transfer to. I can honestly say that it is not like any other high school that you will ever go to. Being a school known great academic achievements, the students still have fun. The staff at AIPHS deeply care about the students education and safety and will do anything to ensure that everything around the school is fine for the students.
American Indian Public High School is a very academic focused school. The school offers many advanced placement courses and every student has the opportunity to take them. All testing fees including AP, SAT, ACT, etc. are covered by the school.
American Indian is a school that promotes a very friendly environment, whether it be among students or the staff, so making friends is absolutely no problems. Students experience rigorous academics with much interaction with the instructor. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of a permanent campus also prevents full access to campus resources, such as functional lab tables or most of the first floor.
Throughout the years I have been at American Indian, I have had countless teachers and admins coming and going. There were barely any clubs and no sports until recently.
It is a pleasure to go to school in American Indian Public High School. I was able to learn more in this school because they provided the best academics and willing to tutor the students need help. Everyone in the school is trying their best and work hard to achieve their goals.
American Indian is lacking in clubs, supplies, and structure. The school doesn't function like normal schools and is just this year becoming like a normal school. The school now has clubs, but they are very limited. The school has many issues such as schedule mix-ups and constant changing of teachers and principals. They have also recently cut the college planning class, which is needed to fulfill the a-g requirements. The school often is missing so many things and brags about the very little things they actually do correctly.
I really like the teachers in my school. They really cared for my educations. The only problem with our school is the school board. They make bad decisions.
The school was amazing before it dropped in performance. We had excellent stats before, but could not live up to our old scores due to poor performing teachers and students who would get out of hand. This is a charter school, so the format of high school is definitely different from public schools. Aside from that, the school pays for all tests students want to take, such as the SAT, ACT, SAT Subjects, and a few college registration fees.
The academics are amazing, and the majority of teachers care about the students and their well-being. The school pays for your AP tests, and most of the teachers are great teachers if you're willing to learn. However, the school is lacking in clubs and activities. There is Key Club and ARK, but no Interact or any other clubs that do community service. The school is very small, and the teachers move around instead of the students. It's a very closely knitted community, and students are like family at AIPHS. Lunch is not provided, and students must bring their own lunches. In addition, uniform is required on most days. Very rarely are students allowed not to wear uniform.
I attended AIPHS to challenge my academic studies. I've learned a lot from passionate teachers, however there aren't any extra curricular activities so I took the initiative in starting a dance club myself.
American Indian is not only a high school but it's a middle school as well. And I was in American Indian since sixth grade. It's a very strict school and the experience there was something I won't ever forget. This school’s main focus was mostly their academics. The staff and faculty pushed their students to receive the grades that were expected from them. This made the students work harder and it’s what helps me today. I try to push myself to the point where I know i tried my best.
I've been here for almost 3 years, ever since I came to America. I think that this is a great school for me because in AIMS, they focus more on education, also community service hours. Before coming here, I didn't know anything about volunteering, nor did internship. However, with the help of school's staff, I can be able to learn more about not just hour of services, but also learn to understand and adapt the culture.
The administrative support is great because the staff actually care for our well-being. They know out strength and weaknesses which is good when the students go through the problems because they know what to say.
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The workload is somewhat manageable. Every teacher tries to leave some type of homework. On top of homework, we also have tests to study for that require most of our attention. The curriculum is average but it's understandable.
My school is some what diverse. But everyone is extremely accepting of each other. We all respect everyone and their culture. We try to make everyone feel comfortable in the space they are in.
My school is extremely strict with academics. It makes sure every student passes to the next level of their education. The teachers and the other staff have high expectations for the students. Because it was strict, I was able to know what my priorities were and it made me concentrate and study more to be able to pass all my classes.
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