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American Indian Public Charter School Reviews

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The education here is excellent. One word said and done.
The school is pretty safe. Nothing dangerous ever happened before. In fact, we didn't have any securities or anything like that. We just needed to sign in and that's it.
Our after school program is when we do our homework after school. On a daily basis, we start homework right after school. We don't delay time because we need the time to relax at home. We don't really have activities after school beside doing homework. Lol.
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This school really effected my life. It made me go through the struggles that I actually needed to go through to improve. It made me think nothing is too hard to achieve ! You just end to try and you will get it. Never give up. I really liked how the school was close like a family. It's hard to find that in middle schools nowadays. I would happily choose thri school again.
The teachers there were awesome. Even though they may have given us a lot of homework and make us cry and struggle (but hey! Struggling is how you grow up right?), they were great teachers. They were super funny and we as a class really bonded together. They helped us through thick and thin of learning education. They gave us help when we needed it and were considerate through the times. I wouldn't have asked for better teachers. By the way we only had one teacher for each one whole class and a shared pe teacher, so of course I was talking about my teacher.
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