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I had a good time at American History High School. They were very diverse and had so many opportunities for students to express their cultures and beliefs. Many students achieved so many opportunities with the resources and connections that the school staff had. Even though the building was run down the staff and student body still found ways to make things work. One thing I would change would be the lunch. Many times the same thing would be served for weeks, even months. And most of the time people weren’t able to eat the food due to how little variety there was that fit some student’s eating habits. Overall the education and environment offered at American History High School is on the top of the list for best institutions for succeeding students.
This school challenge you to do your best and become the best also. They help you succeed Academically and portray a great mindset.
I came to American History to get a better education compared to what I was getting at my old school. Academically, the school is great. But, it lacks in almost all other areas. The building isn't the best, the food could be better, and there really isn't any school spirit. Our guidance team is very helpful and hands on and we recently got a new principal who in interacts with the students daily.
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The curriculum is pretty simple, it's not that challenging for any students. The students are a bit disrespectful towards the teachers and often disrupt the class. The teachers usually leave it alone, so the issues are never addressed. They should also address more controversial topics.
American history high school is a great place to get ready for college and get involved in different activities while having multiple resources to assist you.
American History High School is an excellent place for some of us to start our high school with. The staff are very kind and supportive to their students. There are opportunities and help when you need it. Teachers are there not just for educational support but emotional support as well.
It was okay. Pretty average. I don't regret attending because it's whatever but I feel as though I could've been more challenged in another school. Food, overall apperance and administration team need a major makeover but like I said before the experience was average.
The environmental was a safe one. There is never any bullying like other high schools.Everyone is treated with respect.They have prepared us for college.As years go acceptances rate have been in the 90%.Just class of 2K17 have over 90% of future plans after high school,whether it's college,trade school,work or the army.
The school would be much better if we had teacher who cared about the students and what they do academically. Some teacher just sit in the classroom and don't teach for a full class period and expect us to learn.
I like the way students were given second chances to make up any work that they failed. That encourages students not to feel bad about themselves every time they fail because they have a chance to fix their mistakes. But what I would like to see change is the environment and the school in which the student live in. As in, tidying up the school and fixing old features that the school has.
They are engaging into the classroom environment and promote student individuality for all students.
This school does not have any outdoor sports facilities, so there really isn't much to do outside of regular school work.
This school is good, but it doesn't really offer a lot of different sports to join. Classes are good and teachers are great.
Teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. They ensure that all students leave the class with a full understanding of the lesson for the day.
I wouldn't recommend this high school to people; but it was better than going to my district school.
There are some teachers who are devout to teaching the students. Some are too lenient when it comes to class work though.
There are some teachers who come to school and teach and that's it. however, there are some teachers who teach us and build relationships with us, who encourage us to confide in them about any situation. Those are the teachers that I will remember the most because they are passionate about their job and believe in us as students. I favor the teachers in my school that make learning interesting and enthusiastic because i am more motivated to learn and engage in the lesson.
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It seems like the typical school, you get what you take out of it.
Again, I was very fortunate to be there during some of the best times but sadly, those seem to be over.
Coach T's positive energy really helps improve our situation!
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