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American High is a good average High School. I feel after spending my last four years here, that this school could do better with parent-student involvement and donations. This school also needs to get an actual track and field because the one we have is bad. Other than that, the teachers are great, administrators are great as well and the students are mostly kind and diverse. Good school.
I had just finished my Sophmore year at American and from what I have experienced it is a good school which is underfunded and very competitive .
Great school with diverse community , excellent teachers and supporting staff. Keep parents well informed about students progress . No extra pressure on students.
Very safe environment.
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Wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. After four years there,I only ever had one teacher that I felt really cared about my success as a student. Athletics is mediocre at best, as it's not an athletics focused school.
There is a pretty big amount of pressure, with a lot of homework on top of extra-curricular activities. Some teachers don't know how to teach, and the academic curriculum is either difficult to understand or outdated.
I was comfortable being in my own skin at American. There were people that accepted me for who I am. Academically, I felt like some of the teachers were questionable since they did not seem like they knew what they were teaching. Most teachers prepare you well and are dedicated but there are some that leave you completely unprepared for AP tests and/or the course for next year.
The classes and teachers are wonderful, but the facilities are not great. The councilors and administrators seem to not want to be of assistance to students or their parents. Emails will be delayed in being replied to or even ignored altogether.
The school itself is a safe learning environment. However, there is a large difference between the education students receive based on teachers. Even within the same course certain teachers can essentially lead a class to a self study course for an AP program, while some teachers go out of their way to help students. This behavior of teachers can also explain the staff members and students. It all depends whether you get the right help if you receive a sub par education, or an extraordinary education.
I really loved American High School, the teachers were amazing, although the food wasn't that great, overall their spirit is over the roofs.
I went to American high school for four years and during my time, I had a good high school experience. Things I love at american is that the diversity is amazing. Lots of asians and indians. Some teachers are terrible and notorious but there are good teachers as well (read rate my teacher). There are some fun electives and the library has an okay selection of books. The negative is that I heard that the food is bland and expensive but I have never gotten it myself.
I liked that American HS participated in events to keep the students engaged. I would like to see the curriculum change, I can say that what they teach does not prepare for the real world.
American is an amazing high school with great teachers and resources. The teachers are extremely kind and always willing to help the students out in anyway. The school lacks some resources in the sports department, but the science department is very rich and thorough. American also has an awesome engineering program that helps students explore and cultivate their interests.
At american high school i’ve met some amazing people who I have gotten to know the past three years here. I feel that american high school has been supportive of their students and are constantly finding ways to improve the learn environment.
I would say one of the greatest things about American High School is the diversity and the student body. There is a great mix of cultures, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives. This makes for lots of great learning experiences and valuable relationships in school-associated extracurricular activities. The downsides are definitely the teachers, they're very hit or miss and often they can be very bad. Additionally, the counselors do little to help you and your mental well-being. At the same time, there are some amazing teachers who can really bring clarity to your dreams and passions in life. In the end, AHS is really about how you as the student engages, because things won't come to you. You have to really seek it, which is a good and bad thing, but mostly good.
I like how everybody at American High School is very spirited and there are some very nice and encouraging teachers on campus ready to help.
I like everything about my school from the wonderful teachers to the caring students. I feel as if many times I comment negatively about my school yet when I had to actually analyze my school for this survey, I realized how great my school really is.
The teachers and other faculty staff members are all very welcoming and nice. There does not seem to have any fights. American High School is a safe place for students to be educated. Preferably, the food can become healthier.
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I enjoyed the strong academics in AP and Honors classes, but I feel that the language departments, especially Spanish and Chinese, could be more rigorous. The culture was academically strong but also supportive.
This school is very Diverse, and not too competitive. There are a lot of Fire Alarms though. The new buildings are nice, but it can make the walk between classes across the school even longer. Late start Mondays at this school are a blessing, and so are the flex periods they offer.
American High School is a diverse school where the staff and students are friendly and reach out to individuals to insure the best learning possible.
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