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American Heritage School of South Jordan Reviews

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I transferred to this private high school to get away from persistent bullying. Once I was here, it never happened again! The school is very small. Allowing for one-on-one learning. Things were very organized and safe. Everyone knew each other and were friends.
When I came to this school at the first time, I was so afraid of everything. But there are a lot of foreign students there, and I have got many cool friends.
I really enjoy this school! There are even classes available online for people who would rather be at home! The teachers do their best to become friends with the students, and it has an excelent learning environment for every type of student out there.
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AHSJ changed my life. I don't know who I would've been without it; the teachers there taught me to believe in a future, in my personal life and in the world, that I could change. They taught me that I had power, that I mattered, and then helped me use that to help and inspire others. They showed me that I could make a positive change in the lives of people around me. That's the most valuable education you can get.
Went to school here for 8 years & graduated from here & I loved it! Small class sizes, great atmosphere, great friends & teachers, amazing administration, & overall just a great place! Wearing uniforms was my favorite & I love that the school is faith-based. I will forever be grateful for my experience at American Heritage!
American Heritage not only teaches my daughter academics but values. I want my daughter to be able to pray at school and to say the pledge daily. I want her to have devotionals that teach life lessons. American Heritage gives me this and more. I love that the faculty, staff, and administration know my daughter and I by name and care about us. The value of the school way out weighs any cost I pay. She receives one on one attention she would not get at another school. She has been there for 4 years and I intend to start my son there when he is old enough.
All of my classes are fun and my teachers help me to understand everything. I like that I get to pick from a variety of classes too. Youth conference is the best!
Great atmosphere, academic experience, and leadership! We love having our children at American Heritage.
It's a great program with excellent teachers. The teachers really care about how the students are doing. Both teachers and peers are bonding with everyone. The classes, however, are very limited on options. You are able to take any class you want, but your options aren't very great. I would definitely recommend doing.
I started studying in this school since Junior year, and I've had lots of fun experiences and I've been very involved. I feel valued and cared for here. I love my teachers and friends, as they are friendly and the nicest people on Earth.
Way many international student it suck
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