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I'm an alumnus of AHS, graduated back in 2014. I have completed a 4 year bachelors. I'm slated to start a masters program in 2019. That being said, AHS did not prep me for the college work. AHS taught me to spit out info for exams and never understand what I learned. Teachers would be so strict on attire and could care less about you as an individual. Activities and clubs would be so restrictive to join. My friends would actually move from AHS to another prep school nearby due to the horrible teachers at AHS. My friends were AP students. Everything I learned back in AHS was flipped upside down. For example, I was so thankful to my ENC classes at my college due to them being so informative and interesting compared to the various worksheets that were dumped on me in my literature classes at AHS for my 4 years in high school. It was not worth the 30k a year and I regret ever attending AHS in the first place. I lost my social life for my entire middle school and high school life.
The whole environment that American Heriage has offered me since second grade has prepared me for the next stage of my life. I know alumni that have returned and stated they are ahead of everyone else in their college classes due to this school’s Advanced academics. I am sure I will be readily prepared for my transition into college next year.
I have been a parent at American Heritage School in Plantation for 2 years. In that time, my children have had wonderful experiences in the classroom and in the many extra-curricular activities the school offers. My children's teachers have truly gone above and beyond to educate my children. The school offers state of the art technology including coding classes. I always have access to my children's progress via the internet which helps me stay informed as a parent of their academic progress. I can't say enough about what an amazing school American Heritage has been for my family.
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This is a fantastic school! Students have hard-working teachers providing meaningful instructions and materials. In this school, students have the opportunity to thrive in academics, athletics, and arts. Students are college-ready by the time they graduate!
My children have been going to AHS since PreK3. This year is our 4th year. I know we still have a long way to go but I would like to express my gratitude regarding this school. I could not ask for a better for school for my children. Teachers are loving, my kids go to school every single morning with a smile on their faces. There are so many after school classes to chose from and I haven't mentioned how amazing their amazing athletic department, there are so many different sports to do at the school. Food is great we have the option to chose from the cafeteria menu or they also offer an organic/natural menu (which I love :)). I will come back and share our experience throughout the years. I would definitely would recommend this school to anyone. I am super grateful that my kids are able to attend at this super prestigious school.
I feel very privileged to have my 3 children attending American Heritage. My children are very different, yet all love their school. Teachers are kind, caring yet challenging. The opportunities are endless and, if by the small chance, there is something the school doesn’t have all efforts will be made to offer it to your child. Also, the level of safety and security cannot be matched.
My overall experience at American Heritage School has been awesome. By having the opportunity to attend this college prep experience, I will be able to adapt without any issues once I go off to college in the Fall 2019. I have gained a lot of insight on diversity as well by interacting with various students of different ethnicities throughout my high school years. The teachers have ensured I have the appropriate tools to be successful for college readiness. The security is superb, I feel extremely safe when I'm at school due to the fact that if anyone tries to enter the campus they must present their identification at all three lots.
I love everything about Heritage. I only started going there in freshman year, but these have been the best four years of my life. I learn a variety of material of which I actually enjoy, I've made some amazing friends, have had some fantastic mentors, and been part of some great extracurriculars/on-campus opportunities.
I have attended American Heritage since 6th grade. I love the campus and the ability to be outside and walk to different buildings. It reminds me of a small college campus. The focus of the school is to prepare the students for college. The teachers are all very qualified and dedicated to seeing us succeed.
The kids are be very ready academically for college when they graduate. There is a lot of homework, but they learn a lot.
I went to American Heritage from Pre-K3 to 12th Grade. Every teach I had the chance to be taught from was amazing and understanding. Lots of diversity from the other students. I just wished there was a parking garage during my time at Heritage. There would have been more spaces to park and less traffic.
I love the diversity and school spirit that American Heritage has. It’s an amazing experience to be around. So many different personalities in one space... It’s amazing!
I’ve been in this school since freshman year and these three years have been the best. The campus is huge similar to the university campuses. The variety of courses starting from art, theatre to engeneering, etc.
Great school that helps prepare every student for college/university. Academics and sports are A+. Great for building connections to help in the future.
I love that fact that as big as this school is, they somehow manage to successfully create an intimate atmosphere where most teachers know kids by name. They’re great at communicating with parents, especially in real-time when anything out of the ordinary happens. Truly appreciated!
The amazing opportunities I received at American Heritage made a huge impact on me and what I chose to study. The teachers there genuinely cared about the education I was receiving and tried their hardest to help me grasp the material they were teaching!
Amazining staff, that is very willing to push you to be your best. A lot of opportunities in many different are like fitness, athletes, fine arts, politics, culture. The music and fine arts program is top notch. very expensive, but worth the money.
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I transferred to American Heritage my Freshman year of high school. Coming from a smaller school I was nervous to attend such a huge school. But after a few days of being there, I made friends quickly and got accustomed to the way things were done at my new school. I went on to graduate from American Heritage, needless to say I loved every minute being there.
amazing school. I love it. I went there for 1 year and I graduated from there and I love this school more than I have any other, I represent AHS and I have AHS in my heart.
AHS prepared me really well for college. Although some of the teachers were extremely difficult, all of the work helped me learn what college was going to be like. The guidance counselors also helped throughout the application process.