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The school is owned by Bill Laurie and he uses attorneys Jeff Ostrow, Melissa Gunion and John Shahady and they sue families by the hundreds. Anybody thinking of sending their children to the school needs to research first

Check and see how and why they sue their students. Be informed before sending children to their school!
I don't have experience in this school but I think this school has a lot of fun and good teaching. I read from a site that teachers are so caring to their students. I would like to visit this campus if I had given a chance I would love to travel and see if this campus is truly amazing. Actually I came from Philippines that's why I am curious and I don't have experience in American Heritage School.
This would be a great school if there was diversity and equality. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend because my experience at the school will help me to deal with the real world. However, if you are not a academic scholar then you are not important to the teachers or the administrators
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Very good but deffff needs more spirit. Very happy to be going here. Classes are like really hard too.
I would like more activities at American Heritage that are fun. Most of the teachers are good, but some could be better. There are a lot of cliques and if you are not strong it is difficult to come into the school and make friends. The academics are good, and many teachers really care about the well being of the student. The college planning and counseling is phenomenal. They keep each of the students and parents engaged in the process and bring in many outside resources to help in this area. The campus is diverse, and safe. There is an undertone of bullying that is quickly dealt with swiftly and professionally by the school administration. For the money paid, they could have an actual cafeteria with better selection of food, though it has improved. Lastly the school is well known for sports, but not all sports receive the same recognition which is frustrating for the athletes. Overall the school would be highly recommended.
A lot of the school is very admirable, however, I must give the school a lower rating than necessary due to the disaster that is Pre-Med. The premed club brings down any merit the school may have gained from its other more legit programs. The club, despite having established a nonprofit organization with a beautiful goal of helping children with cancer, is run with fear, tyranny, and blatantly unfair favoritism. No officer seems to have an ounce of appreciation or manners, and the primary goal has become getting money and sponsorships, as opposed to actual hospital volunteering. It is a shame the school has no business track, because this would be a perfect project to take over. 0/10 would not recommend joining
American Heritage is, without a doubt, an extremely competent school with admirable values: knowledge, compassion, and integrity. However, it's very ironic that the Premed program/club, Heritage's largest program on campus, embodies the exact opposite of all three principles. The teachers, while filled with good intentions and are indisputably respected professionals in their fields, remain doctors first and teachers second. The med school-level material is crammed into half year courses and are not taught in a coherent manner, leaving students confused, frustrated, and scrambling.
I attended AHS for 15 years (from PK3 to 12th grade). This school has given me memories to last a lifetime and the academic rigor to succeed after graduation. Many people may see Heritage as a strict school (uniform policies, attendance, academics, etc.) but I would't have traded it for any other school.
American Heritage is a great school for preparing your child for college however it is very strict and you get tired of the environment after a few years of being there. Other than that, the teachers are good and so is the education.
The staff makes you feel so comfortable and welcome. Always wanting you to try new things and always willing to lend a helping hand.
The school is very beautiful with amazing architecture, great teachers, varied courses to choose from and an amazing environment to study and learn in.
Great school with great education and great opportunities to explore your passion. But it's a college prep school so there's a lot of work from a very young age. It is also extremely expensive and everything they sell is expensive. Their theater program is amazing, with great acting,sing,dancing, and stage crew classes and opportunities. As well as countless clubs you can join
The American Heritage campus is beautiful. It is a mock college style campus with outdoor walking and beautiful scenery. I want to improve the communication between students, teachers, and parents on all aspects. Making sure that everyone is aware of student affairs appropriately.
I have attended American Heritage School my entire life and I can honestly say it has given me opportunities I would not have had elsewhere. This school is really amazing as are the people I have met here.
American Heritage is amazing. I have had the chance to do so many things here and I am only in the 7th grade. I am on the Mock Trial Team (we won the state championship!) and the Robotics team. I love the fine arts program and all my teachers are really nice.
This school is great. The teachers care about our success and readiness for college is emphasized. I love coming to school everyday.
American Heritage is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Florida; that being said, it is not easy. The curriculum and courses are extremely rigorous, the workload is strenuous, many students are debilitated by stress, and there is an undeniable intensity and sense of fierce competition rooted in the school's culture. However, without a shadow of a doubt, due to its challenging nature, Heritage has instilled in me (and so many of my peers) an indubitable sense of ambition, unwavering perserverance, and a strong emphasis on academic integrity and excellence. I know that through my stimulating experiences at Heritage, I have been ultimately prepared for successes later in life.
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The course offerings, test preparation, and personalization offered to students at this school is unparalleled. Heritage offers countless opportunities for students willing to put in the work.
Most teachers are very nice and willing to help. Classes are informative and I feel like I will be able to use much of this knowledge in college.
This school has provided me with wonderful opportunities. The grand majority of teachers are extremely qualified and caring; the staff cares about you as an individual. The band program is absolutely exceptional, and that in and of itself has changed my life for the better. The school offers an array of clubs and programs, so students are bound to find something that interests them. The campus is beautiful. It is a really great school.