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American Heritage School - Plantation Campus Reviews

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Diverse school in college-campus style. Very student oriented with many approaches to learning and opportunities to explore different realms from Law to Pre-Med to Engineering. Even at the Lower School - where my child is - they offer "wheel" courses from band to 3D art to guitar and drama! Students have so many occasions to explore something that might interest them!
American Heritage 100% prepared me for college life and studies. My teachers almost always knew the perfect way to explain concepts in a way that connected with high schoolers rather than just reading from our course textbooks!
Awesome school. Communication between school and home is exceptional. Administration communicates on a weekly basis.
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I’d like to see a safer and easier method of protecting students. I’d like the clear backpacks to change because even if a kid doesn’t have a gun in their bag, who says they may not have one in their unclear lunchboxes. But, overall it’s a great school that prepares students and parents for college.
American Heritage is by far the best school in the state. This is currently my second year and I have no complaints. The teachers are fantastic and are always so kind. The curriculum is interactive and fascinating, so it's not boring when I walk into class. The amount of extracurriculars offered is insane. There's so many amazing clubs to choose from! The Pre-Medical program has so many opportunities to volunteer and learn from doctors in South Florida. Plus, the campus is beautiful. I love Heritage so much and would recommend it to anyone.
I go to American Heritage School I love it soo much. It is the best school ever. I truly think it should have the number 1 spot on this list.
I had a great experience here , the teachers were very helpful , the whole staff was helpful on me pulling my grades up.
Pretty good, but if you fall a bit behind in terms of class level it's very difficult to spring back and take higher-level classes. A lot of the teachers (that I had) were great! The food is not good and incredibly overpriced.
My experience at American Heritage was pretty average. The academic coursework was very rigorous and everyone was very competitive.
AH promotes a very good atmosphere that enhances a very high quality education while maintaining discipline and safety. The school curriculum is very high quality and it reflects in the high graduation rate as well as the acceptance rate to the best schools in the country. The school's culture of granting scholarships to children of employees and children demonstrating high academic quality is very commendable. This has, no doubt, contributed to changing the lives of countless kids over the years.
Amazing!! What a place. Changed our lives. The teachers, the campus and other parents and students are absolutely amazing.
Excellent preparation for college. Teachers are very professional and willing to help. Excellent resources and departments.
American Heritage is one of the most academically rigorous institutions and very much functions as a business. The scholarship model allows the school to receive many awards while bringing in other new students. In this way, it fails many students on a mental health level. There is very little support in place for the many students who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses that are often incurred by the competitive nature of the school's academics. However, this school still provides the best education around and offers students opportunities in both sports and the arts that they would never be able to find elsewhere.
American heritage has been the school of my life as I could say. I’ve been attending this school for 10 years now and I look forward to attending it until graduation year. However, some rules should be re-edited and reconsidered to make the life of the student better.
This school is filled with some of the most talented, bright students in the world. In times it’s intimidating but usually it’s so interesting. Not to mention the outrageously talented, skilled staff. You are really learning from the best at this school.
Honestly, did not really like my experience. Environment is not that great and teachers are kinda weird.
The school is superior to every other school in the entire South Eastern United States. Heritage provides the most extensive extracurricular programs in Florida with nationally recognized programs such as their Math Competition, Model UN, Science Research, and Robotics programs plus even more. Furthermore, the sports programs for basketball, soccer, football, and more are also really good, hence, the multitude of state/local championships that the school has. As a student, it can be stressful since all of the students are clearly top-notch kids that are very smart; however, the benefits from going to the school far outweigh the stress and hard work that comes with it. Moreover, if you look at any other school in competitions such as Science Bowl, Quiz Bowl, MUN, Mu Alpha Theta, and more, Heritage consistently receives top placing, while many of the "acclaimed" schools such as Pine Crest and Ransom Everglades don't even participate or they cannot even compare to Heritage.
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Although the curriculum is difficult, I feel American Heritage has prepared me well for college. This school has a very competitive environment that can make students work harder, but there is never time to do anything other than work and extracurricular activities.
So happy to attend this school. Without it I wouldn’t have had access to so many opportunities and learning experiences. I have grown so much from the help of the staff and the environment :)
It's a very competitive environment that has a place for everyone. The school has great resources that allow students to fully experience whatever they wish.