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Few places offer the connections and opportunities that are readily available at American Heritage. The school holds its reputation for a reason. The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping kids learn and grow, and the resources available to help accomplish that are seemingly endless. The school is very tech savvy, as everything is done using iPads and computers (though everything is closely monitored). Guidance is very involved in the college application process, and they start preparing for it as early as sophomore year. Beyond that, the campus is very secure, what with countless security guards and cameras. There are over 60 clubs, and new ones pop up every year. Our sports teams are pretty successful, especially varsity football. If you’re a student who has the drive to improve and overcome any obstacle, heritage is for you.
I like the opportunities granted to its students, starting at a very young age. The teachers are very friendly, the students are intelligent, independent, and very collaborative. The overall classroom environment is very welcoming, warm, and inclusive.
American Heritage School takes the title of "college preparatory school" to new heights. Save for the AP level classes, all English and math courses at the school include some form of weekly SAT prep, which often takes the form of practice questions and tutorial videos that go along with those questions. Additionally, there are a diversity of clubs and extracurriculars at the school, making it easier for any student to find their passions or niches. However, the school may be overwhelming in the sense that it fosters a particularly competitive atmosphere and sometimes, even toxic work culture. Students are prone to levels of high stress due to the rigor of the coursework and course load. Fortunately, the guidance counselors are pretty approachable and welcoming if a student ever needs to vent.
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Having one child graduate 5 years ago and 2 children presently enrolled in the school, I can only express how impressed I am with all the programs that the school offers in order to make them well rounded individuals apart from the excellent academic programs that instill the knowledge base that they will need in their quest beyond high school. They have a very successful athletic department, an amazing and award winning fine arts department and numerous after school clubs and programs. I am extremely impressed with the professional tracks that enhance the scholastic experience. The school offers something for everyone beyond just the basic classes. This school is second to none.
Excellent school with many opportunities for students to be successful. My children are extremely happy and that makes me very excited for what the future has to offer. I am confident that enrolling them at American Heritage was the right choice for our family.
When looking for a school for my children, I had several qualifications to be met. First and foremost was education. At American Heritage School, my children (4 yo and 13 yo) have been getting a stellar education since preK3. The students are exposed to the newest technological innovations in education. The next thing that was paramount was the knowledge and comfort that my children are safe. Heritage has security and safety protocols in place that puts my mind totally at ease. Finally, the last item that I was looking in a school was communication. I am a parent that likes to be in the loop in both my childrens' education. The teaching staff and administration at American Heritage School have impressive communication with parents. They also demonstrate a passion and commitment to imprint my children and their peers in the most effective, and life altering way. I could not imagine sending them anywhere else. This was by far, the only and best decision I could have made.
This school offers a variety of courses and experiences. It’s hared work, but it’s good to know that if you graduate from here, you have a high chance of getting into a good college.
Despite the amount of work, I believe the benefits far outweigh this. Fantastic facilities, clubs/programs, and courses.
American Heritage provides amazing opportunities to better oneself in their goal to becoming a member of society and college.
Heritage has allowed me to grow as a student and has offered numerous academic opportunities that I wouldn’t have had acsess to anywhere else.
American Heritage is an amazing school that has provided me with the materials to grow as a student and as a person entirely.
The school is really good. I am glad I attended American Heritage School in Plantation. It gave me opportunities I could not receive elsewhere.
I love the diversity of people at American Heritage School. There’s so many different interests and backgrounds among the student population. In addition, the school provides incredible support for all the clubs and organizations on campus, which allows us to go on fun trips, win competitions, and easily create new clubs that interest us. I’m lucky to be here and I wouldn’t be the person I am without the opportunities this school has given me.
Teachers aren't as good as one would expect. Many are in fact only here to pay for their students to attend, and it is often evident.
American Heritage- (Plantation Campus) is a great school where education is the number one priority. However, the other important aspects of schools, such as clubs and spirit, are not lacking either.
American Heritage is a great school. I love it here. This school has great pre-career programs and the teachers are nice.
This is a great school with competitive students, plethora of resources, and helpful and dedicated staff.
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This school has completely changed my life for for the better. I have found my passions and been able to follow them completely. I feel really lucky to come to a campus where everyone is so dedicated and enthusiastic about what they do, and I have grown and achieved a lot that I am proud of. It is competitive and challenging but worth the effort if you want to see how much you are truly capable of!
Solid school. Nice campus. Great faculty. Prepares for college. Very rigorous and competitive. Nice peers. Few excuses to fail.
Its a pretty solid school but a lot of the people are pretentious. The math club is nice and the school gives you many resources to succeed.