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American Heritage School - Boca Delray Campus Reviews

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This school has enhanced my academics amazingly!

The classes, and programs they offer are very effective and I loved pursuing them!
Very good school with nice campus and great faculty that are eager to help you. Includes BSL 2 laboratories, music rooms, black box theater, and various sports facilities. Also, there are many programs such as pre-engineering, pre-medicine, pre-law, and business.
American Heritage School (AHS)-Boca Delray Campus is an amazing school! With many opportunities given to me by the school, I've grown significantly as a person. Since there are less students at this school than a public school, it was easier to make friends, which was something I needed. Since I was able to make friends, I became a much happier person. In turn, this led to me gaining confidence and taking on leadership roles in different clubs. If I had to be picky, I wasn't a fan of the cold weather uniforms provided. The pants do not keep you warm during the cold times. The sweatshirts aren't horrible, but it could be improved by keeping people warmer. Just because we are in Florida, doesn't mean we don't get cold during the winter.
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Wonderful school, beautiful campus and caring staff. This is our third year at AHS and we couldn’t be more pleased with our children’s growth. The teachers are well educated and passionate which shows in the curriculum and standards of the school. The principals are a huge part of the environment, knowing each child and caring for their well being. Very impresssive school.
This school is dedicated to helping your children be successful. I have 2 boys at the school. My 1st grader is thriving and the teachers are dedicated to helping him succeed. My 6th grader has been at this school since the 2nd grade. He is in the Academy because of learning differences and is thriving, happy and loves school. This is a huge difference from the years before we came here when everyday we were in tears because he couldn't keep up with his peers. We love this school. No More Tears!!!!!!!! tour this school, it's been a savior for us and the children are engaged.
American Heritage has provided my child with a challenging curriculum, yet not over the top. They offer a wide range of levels to address the needs of every student. The school encourages students to participate in outside activities and strives to help the students become well rounded and college ready.
It’s a great school! My dad became a teacher their and it’s mandatory for all faculty’s children to attend the school. so I started in my sophomore year and I’m happy to say that in my senior year I’ve made friends that I believe will last a lifetime.
We love AHS. This school has provided my two little ones with a beautiful, rigorous, warm environment to grow. I could not be more pleased with their teachers or the facilities on this beautiful campus.
My children have had an excellent experience at AH from the friendly diverse student community to the high quality of academics. Teachers create rigorous curriculum but put in place with compassion.
American Heritage is a great place to work. The administration cares about its employees and their happiness at work. There is a lot of ways to provide a diverse and enjoyable learning environment including technology and labs.
My son is in the 5th grade and this is his first year at Heritage. He loves his teachers, the extracurriculars offered, and the kids he's made friends with. What more could a parent ask for? This school has so much to offer, and I'm excited to see what the next 7 years bring!
Our experience at Heritage over the past three years has been sensational. Having 2 children in the lower school, we have experienced grades Pre-K through 4th grade. Each year has delivered unbelievable academic, social, and emotional growth to both my son and daughter. Each of their teachers has gone out of their way to accommodate and enrich them way beyond the curriculum in all subject areas which has made all the difference. My kids have accomplished academic goals specifically in reading, math, and science I did not think possible. The family-like environment that starts with the administration and flows throughout the school is so completely unique. I am so grateful that a school like this exists.
American Heritage School is a great place to surround yourself with a diverse and driven student body while being fully supported by the teachers and staff.
The campus body is extremely diverse; however, the teachers are very tough and don't understand how grades affect college acceptances. Very tough to maintain straight A's and colleges don't know that, as opposed to other schools where a 4.0 is common.
Has Challenging classes, and many opportunities and clubs, but needs better teachers. Many teachers do not teach what is on the test
Quite good, many great course offerings that intelectually stimulate students. Some teachers are better at teaching than others. All students are well prepared for their standardized tests and college.
American Heritage School is great for academics and college preparedness. The environment is intense and can be stressful at times. They offer a huge variety of clubs and after school activities along with sports.
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This school has been very challenging but will prepare you for a rigorous course load in college. You will constantly be pushed outside your comfort zone in the classroom.
I joined American Heritage School of Boca/Delray as a Freshman in 2015. The academics are rigorous and oftentimes more stressful than they should be, and the extracurriculars are excellent. There are so many choices for clubs, teams, and honor societies, and American Heritage offers almost every sport commonly played.
It is an exceptional institution of the highest caliber. There are, however, areas where improvement would be slightly better. For example, many of the facilities in the high school building are in need of renovation. Some teachers do not actively engage the students as much as they probably could.