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American Heritage is an amazing school that presents every one of its students with wonderful opportunities, some which you can not find anywhere else. The students, staff, facilities, and food are amazing, and the teachers try to keep us engaged and try to challenge us with our assignments, which I try to look for in a school. There is a Pre-Medical program, which only a handful of other schools offer, and a wide variety of clubs that anyone who is interested can join, and I would recommend this school to everybody.
American Heritage of Boca/Delray is overall a great school, aside from a few obscure rules, the school does a great job of preparing students for college and walking them through the application process.
Great school. Easy to make new connections and learn new things. Many different opportunities offered to students. However the school does care about its name more than it should, and does not always put the student as a priority.
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College Prep with a Family Feel. Great balance of academic challenges, sports and club activities, performing and fine arts. Modern facilities with the feel of a small college. Teachers and Administrators who KNOW my children.
Classes are challenging and the education is very good. The school mandates iPad use for books, assignments and all communication making it easy for students to use the iPad for non educational purposes. This makes it difficult for teachers and parents to consistently monitor the use of this device. In addition, the administrators did not take into account that these electronic devices expose children to radiation.
Great school. Small classes: teacher / student ratio is excellent. Lots of projects/clubs to get involved with.
There are some amazing teachers and some very not amazing ones. The administrators very rarely take students' needs seriously. They fire people who shouldn't be fired and keep some hired that should've been gone years ago. Don't be fooled, this school is FOR PROFIT. AKA, they will nickel-and-dime you and virtually everything they can. There are tours basically every day that interrupt the daily flow of students and teachers. It sometimes feels like a zoo. They overfund some programs and leave others dry. It's a business primarily, and a school secondarily.
It is pretty a wonderful school for students who want to have a bright future.
The school is clean and non-violence. There are many sports for any student in the school, and students can play any sports they want because they is no tryouts. The education is high and so the sport.
I liked working in a personable atmosphere throughout high school. The teachers are rude but most care. There is no communication among the faculty.
Currently a lower school parent and cannot say enough good things about the school. Lower school principal and the rest of admin is receptive and truly care about the students.
The school was more of a business, focused more on the sports and publicity. Was supposed to prepare me for college and I didn't feel prepared whatsoever. Huge bullying in the school.
Teachers are very engaging and classes are good. Workload can be stressful with a full load of AP courses, but it can be managed. Only issue is that cheating isn't punished enough. This year there was an incident where a number of students were found to be cheating, but none were punished too strictly.
I was incredibly stressed out at this school, but hard work paid off. With many AP classes and National Merit to top, I feel ready for my senior year and the applications process. Amazing teachers and appropriately difficult workload.
After transferring to Heritage as a sophomore from a bad school experience in South Carolina, I appreciate everything that AHS has had to offer. From the mostly great teachers, to the pre-law program and all of the friends I've made it has been a great experience. Not everything is perfect but the school is always willing to help you and fix any problems you're having. The deans and even teachers become like parents, especially if you take the time to get to know them.
While the schooling was very good, it was only of a high quality in the honors/AP classes. There is much they need to work on, but the overrrall experience was good. However, I had a full academic scholarship so my viewpoint is skewed.
My experience at American Heritage has been enriching. I've had opportunities to do things that I didn't even know were options in high school. The general school culture places a lot of emphasis on successful college admissions, which is a lot for some students, but careful balancing of classes and extracurriculars can relive stress.
American Heritage school is an excellent institution of rigorous yet educational programs that truly benefit the students. I am very satisfied with my experience here.
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American Heritage is a rigorous yet academically excellent college preparatory school. The student body is fantastic and diverse, and no matter what type of personality you have, you will have no trouble finding a group of like-minded students you connect with. The club opportunities are limitless, and if a club is not offered on campus, you have the ability to create your own. Overall, the school is a perfect blend of academic life, extracurricular life, and social life. Expect to be challenged in your courses, but expect to have a blast in your high school experience!
The campus is spacious and beautiful. It feels like a small college with all of the different buildings and incredible facilities for engineering, pre-law, science, the arts, etc. With so many different opportunities offered here, I have been able to find my passions in music and science/pre-med and excel in both.
I love this school and couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. It is extremely rigorous and everyone here works very hard, but it motivates me to do well, and I am lucky to be here. The teachers are incredible and go above and beyond on a daily basis. My dream is to go to an Ivy League school, and I feel like I am getting the preparation I need to reach my goals.