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American Heritage Academy - Cottonwood Reviews

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The teachers are all passionate about the subjects that they teach, while there is not much diversity, the courses offered are taught quite well.
They've got a fence and regular fire and lockdown drills. Pretty much your average security.
As stated before, the main drawback of going to this smaller school is the lack of diversity in the after school program offerings.
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The school itself is good, but its size limits the possibilities for extracurriculars. There are precious few clubs and after school activities, and if you don't like the ones they have then you're stuck. The size also limits the variety of classes available. For example I wasn't able to take any Advanced Placement courses until I switched to another school.
Teachers are always freindly and willling to work through a problem. The small class sizes help provide individual help for every student.
The school does random drug sweeps, and also does many fire drills and lockdowns.
I really like the sports at our school! They are super fun and I have to play at least 3 every year!
The curriculum at our school is very good! And since AHA is so small it allows the students to connect more. We are not just friends, but a close family, and I really like that about our school! However, I believe that the athletics and other after school activities need to be upgraded.
All of the teachers at the American Heritage Academy are knowledgeable and helpful! They stay after class to help me with a subject or topic that I do not fully understand. They also give us a reasonable amount of work to do. There is not too much that we cannot keep up with it, but it still challenges us to put in the effort to get a good grade in the class.
There's not much safety like polices or special security at this school. However, we have gates surrounded the school and we when there's something wrong going on such a criminal coming toward the school, the school will immediately go into a lock down. Which every classroom will lock their doors.
There's not a lot of clubs or extra organizations other than: Art. Cooking, P.E., and Film Studies.
The school some sort of an upgrade with the technology, and needs more activity. Sure, it might be a small school, but it would be nice to have more clubs to attend. Same goes lockers, there needs to be lockers outside of the classes like there is in public schools.
The teachers here at American Heritage Academy are the best teachers to have and I enjoy being around them.
Students and staff are incredibly friendly and always welcoming. They teach their students strong leadership skills and how to be a leader in the real world. I wouldn't go back and change schools if I could!
Its pretty good, some of the rules are outrageous but I woudnt change a thing
we are pretty much one big family
without this school i would be so different
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school spirit is strong by a lot of people
the staff really cares about your success
teachers take time to make sure you understand
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