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This is a superb Jewish boarding school. In fact it is the only Jewish boarding school in the US. Teachers are always interested in the student´s progress and since students live without parents, they create a wonderful and caring family.
The American Hebrew Academy is a phenomonal school. From the staff, to the campus, it is the most amazing high school in the USA.
Incredible!! Best high school experience ever. I love how kind literally everyone is there. Other students, the teachers, the cooking staff, all faculty, the cleaning staff - everyone is so nice!
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This school is incredible. The facilities, the classes, and the opportunities are top-notch, but it is the relationships that make it special. Between students, the friendships are ones that will last, and the memories are for life. The students and teachers get a unique opportunity to know each other more personally because of the boarding aspect of the school. The faculty really care about the students and their success.
This school is a godsend. It is such a competitive environment, and each student is working hard to achieve so many things. The facilities are mind blowing, with state of the art sports, art, and recreational facilities. I have never met more lovelier staff and faculty members than those at AHA. They are so supportive and tough on their students, and help them go on to achieve great things. The pluralistic Jewish environment makes for the perfect conditions to grow in your jewish identity however you see fit.
I can't say enough positive things about American Hebrew Academy. It was hard for me to let my daughter go but I'm so glad I gave her the gift of an amazing environment, with outstanding teachers who gave her personalized attention when she needed it. She was accepted to all of her top college choices. She also got the opportunity to become an organizer and a leader. I go to sleep every night knowing my daughter is safe and well cared for. Only slight negative... I wish they had a more expansive salad bar/healthy choice options at luch and dinner.
It is an amazing experience and it really showed me a whole new side of school. I made so many friends and I love my teachers.
This school teaches you how to be on your own as well as gives you that confidence most students lack at such fragile ages. I would go back in a heartbeat. Such a great experience. My parents loved it, I loved it, and I hope my kids will have the opportunity to go to my high school too.
You won't find better teachers anywhere else. This school is the absolute best and truly shaped me into the person I am. I owe it all to the amazing and so loving environment at that school.
There is a great Health Center at the school, which provides the students all the medications they need
All the extracurricular activities are great from the sports team to the programs. The only disadvantage of the school's extracurricular activities is the participation of the students.
The quality of the houses here is better than colleges. I don't know what I am going to do when I will go to college.
As an international student, I couldn't expect for more. This School gives me so many things, even things I wasn't thinking I would have such as friends from all over the world, great education, etc.
the teachers helped me in every aspect since I came to AHA.
It's probably nicer than any college in the U.S. We really are blessed with beautiful facilities.
It's the most amazing international boarding school. I've learned and experienced so much thanks to the Academy.
I've never been to a school where the teachers care so much. They truly do want ever student to succeed!
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Facilities are great. res-life staff is not so good
You can't complain. Very good variety and quality.
It's been great. Admin is very out of touch.
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