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American Fork High School is a great school, the staff is amazing and will help you in any way possible, you can truly be yourself there and feel safe I love that school and would not go anywhere else
I loved the people at AF. I enjoyed playing on the soccer team and participating in the women's choir. The classes and teachers were excellent.
I don't have much to compare AFHS to, but I can tell it's a very good school. I feel prepared for college thanks to the great education I'm receiving, the communication with counselors, and the guest speakers that come from all over to talk about the importance of education. There have been some instances where the teachers are not completely helpful. Sometimes they seem lazy if it is a class that aren't happy to teach. The school itself is very clean (we have fantastic janitors and the student body is not disrespectful to the school) and I'm proud to go there. Now, being in Utah, there isn't much diversity at all. At AFHS, I would say 90% of students are white and religious (LDS), not that it's a bad thing. Our school would love more diversity, but there just aren't that many people here that aren't white and LDS! Overall, I love my school and I believe I'm getting a great education.
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It’s a great school with excellent teachers and excellent students. The people here are very accepting of any beliefs and there is a strong community.
The school was great and the teachers are very nice and most are helpful. They had good programs such as Be the change that helped a lot of students who were struggling. It was finally getting upgraded with a new gym and new buildings.
What I liked about American Fork is how everyone there was friends, I do not recall anyone ever being bullied or never heard about anyone being bullied, I also enjoyed all the teachers I had. Excellent teachers.
American Fork High School is totally awesome! There is a kind atmosphere, everyone cares, and school spirit is high! We have excellent staff and teachers that genuinely care, plenty of extra-circular activities for everyone, and plenty of school-wide events that require a lot of student help. AFHS has a wonderful marching band, football team, girls soccer team, and more! We're all for the sports while equally being awesome in academics and manners!
i felt like the teachers are amazing and actually care about the kids they teach and care about what will become of each kid in the future. but i feel like there is still a bit of a bullying problem and it just gets unacknowledged, or pushed under the rug.
There are a variety of courses and the art programs are amazing. It has an amazing atmosphere and a great principal who really cares for the students at the school.
This school has amazing school spirit! I have went to 6 different schools and this one has been my favorite. The teachers work hard to help the students, the sports programs are fantastic, the counselors help a ton with college, and the school feels very safe. They built and add on to it a while ago that is very nice. The food is the one place it lacks. I had better food at the junior high in Arizona. Other then that minor detail, this place is great!
I liked that they had some good teachers who were really intelligent and cared about the students. They were happy people who wanted to be teachers, unlike other schools. If I could see anything change, it would be the administration. They take minor issues to extremes, and aren’t always the most level headed in problem solving.
The atmosphere of it all was a lot of fun. The teachers were great and very helpful. I learned a lot and found that the environment of it all was worth the 3 years I was there as a student. I will forever be a cavemen. This is definitely a good school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good school to attend.
I loved being able to attend school at American Fork High! The faculty are wonderful people who are interested in helping their students achieve success. The student body as a whole is unified and desires to make their high school experience enjoyable for all. Not only did I learn the necessary school materials during my high school years, I also learned how to be a great member of my school and community. This high school provided many opportunities to be involved in different clubs, classes, social events, and sports teams.
I absolutely love going to AF! It has a great atmosphere, and nearly every teacher is amazing! There are so many clubs and opportunities to get involved with your fellow students, and everyone accepts everyone for who you are.
American Fork High School is a pretty big school. It's a good school with fairly caring teachers and lots of activities to do. I wish the hallways weren't so insane and crazy, and I wish us students were more unified with the sophomores and juniors–instead we put them down.
I loved american fork high school. This place will always have a special place in my heart. I met many amazing teachers and they are all so caring. I also met some of my amazing friends. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend American fork high school
I enjoyed it. It had everything I was looking for. I was on the soccer, basketball, and Tennis team. I was in several clubs and President of the PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) I also enjoyed my classes. I only had 2 teachers who were difficult for me to get along with and get help from, other than that the teachers were great and helpful. It was a great atmosphere.
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Absolutely amazing high school! One of a kind experience with great people, amazing teachers, and tons of school pride!
I love the teachers and the administration. My classes have all been exactly as described and very fulfilling. I love the school spirit that we have and the reputation we have with outside organizations for being a great, respectful, school.
I love American Fork High School. The students are pretty friendly and the teachers help each student achieve. The school is very tidy and also big. It's easy to maneuver around it. The staff is kind and it's an all around great school. I just wish the parking lot was bigger.
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