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The student body of a good mix of social classes, and it's easy to make friends and fit in. There are lot of electives to take, ranging from exciting things like Law Enforcement, to Academically challenging things like AB Calculus. The teachers are very caring and work with students to help them succeed. The whole campus has just been renovated and looks great!
The administration and counciling are just there for a paycheck. Meetings with counselor just so they can check you off their list. No help if your child is on an IEP nor if your child excels both academically and in sports. It’s all about who you know and if you are a member of the local religion. Their mission statement should be “A bridge to nowhere!” They all live in a bubble.
I attended American fork high school a few years back and the education and influence from teachers has directed me in my higher studies even today. I was privileged to participate and compete in many of their organizations, and being involved helped me discover more who I really was and who I was to become. The role models and the students around me where some of the biggest benifactors to my progression and my desire to improve. Over all a great school, highly recommended to anyone!
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The music programs were exceptional, but the marching band was highly favored. This is understandable since that particular program is amazingly talented, but there was less attention and funding given to orchestra and choir programs, potentially limiting their opportunities to grow and progress.
The teachers, facilities, and classes all met a very high standard. Overall, American Fork High School fosters an environment that helps students achieve their goals.
I really enjoyed my time at American Fork High School. I met many amazing people and learned a lot about myself and the world.
I LOVED the feeling of friendship and support that I felt from all of my friends at American Fork. I especially enjoyed being a part of the student leadership programs there.
I really enjoyed American Fork High school. This school has a great music program and I was involved in it. I was in the orchestra and loved it. I also participated in many AP and CE classes, these classes prepared me to go to college and have helped me become a great leader. The social aspect of this school is great also, everyone seems to stick together. I am proud to call myself a caveman.
Well, it is a good school and I like it a lot. However, being a 4.0 student, it is hard for me to be as accomplished if my school gives out passing grades to anyone that wants one. We have a 97% pass rate or something, but only because the teachers give the D's and C's to the kids that are failing, and don't give F's. So graduating here is not hard. I like the teachers a lot. They are very kind and you can talk to them pretty easy. Anyway, yeah, there's my thoughts about my school.
American Fork is a great high school with wonderful teachers! There is a lot of good at American Fork. I honestly would not change anything.
I love American Fork High! I was there for my Junior and Senior year of High School, and it was honestly so much better than my Sophomore year at my old High School. The teachers are AMAZING! they're so kind, and fun to be around, and they make it enjoyable to learn. The students are kind, you can feel school pride when you walk in the hallways. You can feel a sort energy in the hallways of light and happiness as well. The student body always does a great job! and the faculty and administration is very helpful, and kind.
Overall a great school. I was a student throughout high school years (10-12) and don't have any experience with other high schools, but these ratings represent my feelings on needs for improvement. I definitely think the culture of the student body is lacking and could use some diversity of thought. Utah is very full of cliques because too many people are exactly the same. We need some different people with some willingness to bring new ideas to the table. Also, this is not a school where the student council or body rules everything, they just set up a few events and dances and that's all. I definitely think the school and the Alpine School District could change some policies to allow students more governance in school life, within reason. The faculty are fantastic overall, respectful, great to work with, and there are new facilities as well as renovations being made to older parts of the school. Not a bad place to spend the high school years!
American Fork High School is a different experience than other high schools. The students, teachers, and staff don’t always get along and they’re not perfect but it is a friendly atmosphere where anyone kind find someone who will care about them. I have seen many people reach out to make a difference not necessarily through huge and grand actions, although I’ve seen that too, but more often and very effectively through reaching out to help and comfort and be a friend to individuals.
I generally felt that American Fork High was a very well rounded school. There are top programs in sports, arts, and others. Generally there is a mutual respect given across the different cliques. I was personally in band, but still had good friends in football, student body, and theater.
American Fork high school was a great school! But the administrators are very controlling, rude and don’t listen to the students or hear what they have to say and punish them for not good enough reasons. There was zero freedom and you were monitored all day. They took numerous traditions and dances my junior and senior year which made my last few years pretty miserable.
The school spirit that American Fork High School has is incredible! The student body works as a team to make the atmosphere, both at school and at events, friendly and fun for all.
I am honestly glad American Fork High School was where I spent the better part of 4 years of my life. The teachers are wonderful and truly care about their students, the student body is wonderful and takes care of one another. Instances of bullying are shut down quickly by other students. It is a great place to go to school.
I like American Fork because of how easy it is to fix something if you see a problem. That goes with academics as well as socially. The teachers are very willing to help if you let them know what's going on and the students and staff are usually very receptive to suggestion and productive change.
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I love this school. There is a positive atmosphere all around, with amazing faculty and staff who are dedicated to their students. It is a place where you can find your interest, and find tons of students who love the same thing as you.
Great place to learn. The teachers were willing to facilitate co-op learning and understanding of the different types of learning that need to occur in a classroom.
I LOVE American Fork High School so much! I have learned and grown immensely as I have been a student there. I have loved the many student activities and clubs offered there. I love the feeling I get when I enter my high school's doors. Many of American Fork's teachers genuinely love their jobs and deeply care about the students; I have found the classroom to be a safe haven because of the culture that is created by students and teachers. I am grateful for the dedication of the sports teams, competitive clubs, and performing and visual arts organizations at the high school. And I love the fact that the students there invite and include their peers, whether they be shy, new to the school, lonely, or merely in search of a better friend group. We are a family.
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