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American Fork High School has been a great learning environment for me, and I am excited to see what opportunities come from my learning there. Nearly all of my teachers have been very influential for me and I have enjoyed their classes immensely. I would like to see more qualified teachers in some departments, where I didn't learn as much as I would have liked. Overall, American Fork is a great place to learn and grow!
American Fork High School is a great school with a very friendly environment. Students are dedicated and independent, and they work to accept everyone and change what needs to be changed. Both student and faculty work together. The classes could use a little work in some areas, but it is an incredible opportunity to attend this school.
This school is a great place to learn and grow. The atmosphere is positive and the school spirit is evident everywhere. There is always someone there who will be your friend. Teachers are great at making time available where the students can come in for help. They're very understanding and care more about the student understanding the material than being perfect first try. The teachers are there to help, but the student needs to take initiative and take advantage of all the available opportunities. There are many resources available for every student. Overall, it's somewhere I would feel confident sending a student to in order to prepare for college and life.
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American Fork High School is a wonderful place to go to school. All of the teachers I had taught well. The atmosphere was fun. Our principal and staff was actively involved in school activities and he genuinely cared about the students. American Fork High School has one of the best marching bands in state. There are a lot of activities, and the atmosphere is fun and inviting.
They care about your education. They have a lot of programs that help you succeed and prepare for college.
This school is filled with amazing teachers! I was so blessed to get to go to American Fork High. Some of the courses I was able to take that were will halp me in my desired major were Engineering, Calculus, and Physics classes. Other classes that were very beneficial were the ones I was able to get college credit for: English, Financial Lit, CAD classes. As far as extracurricular, I was able to tour with the choir to CA., and was on the swim team. I have loved my years here at AF High.
In my freshman, sophomore, and junior year I was a part of the the American Fork High-School Marching Band. The band has been a part of a great legacy of excellence for over 25 years. While I was apart of the Marching band I had the amazing opportunities to travel great places and succeed high quality achievements. Those achievements include: Traveling to Grand- Nationals where we performed in semi-finals, taking around 17th place in the nation. Performed in the 2014 Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade. And Thanksgiving Point Dome performance. This does not including 100’s of hours of practicing and the preparation required for the 11-15 performances each year. In the year 2015 I had a job on top of band and school which helped me realize the importance of being organized. This school has created a great environment to learn and be happy!
Greate school but it has too many students it’s trying to hold hands with. The announcements are a little prolonged and the attendance policy is a complete joke
American Fork High School is a great school. It is a clean, safe environment where it is easy to find help. They offer a variety of classes to help round students, and at the same time have many activities and clubs for the students to enjoy. I've never felt in danger or like I couldn't talk with my teachers or counselors. I'm proud to be an American Fork Caveman!
This is really a great school! The kids are great, they prepare you very well for college, and the activities are awesome. Highly recommend.
I loved my experience at AF high school! The teachers were very good at what they did and got along with the students. You could tell they really cared. I loved all the different things we had to get involved from sports to the arts to different clubs, and everyone supported each other.
I love the school spirit that everyone has here and there is never a dull day with the teacher that teach there. All the teachers there are really happy to teach and the principle is amazing, always lifting peoples mood up with his great attitude and optimism towards everything.
American Fork High School is the best school you can attend. The teachers are very helpful, and are available to work with you before, during, and after school.
All the teachers are good at their job and help their students learn their material. We also have a wide variety of school activities and clubs that you can get involved with. We are becoming more and more open in our opinions, and less biased. Few parties and when we do, then they aren't too wild. This is a good school to go to if you're looking for a friendly highschool experience.
Only suggestion is bring your own lunch.
American Fork High is a great school. It has an amazing atmosphere. There is a nice balance between academics and fun/social. I loved that the school is a good size. It's not too big that you couldn't get to know all your classmates, but it's not too small either.
It is a great school with a lot of great teachers. It is located in a safe neighborhood and the school overall is safe. It is a large school with a Nationally Awarded Band Program. It does well in athletics overall. The faculty really wants the students to succeed. The large student population causes parking issues and large classroom sizes as well. The cafeteria food, like any school, is average and bland.
I love AFHS. There is something for everyone there. There are over 30 clubs and tons of choices for different classes. The people are fun and nice and happy.
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American Fork High School is a great school, the staff is amazing and will help you in any way possible, you can truly be yourself there and feel safe I love that school and would not go anywhere else
I loved the people at AF. I enjoyed playing on the soccer team and participating in the women's choir. The classes and teachers were excellent.
I don't have much to compare AFHS to, but I can tell it's a very good school. I feel prepared for college thanks to the great education I'm receiving, the communication with counselors, and the guest speakers that come from all over to talk about the importance of education. There have been some instances where the teachers are not completely helpful. Sometimes they seem lazy if it is a class that aren't happy to teach. The school itself is very clean (we have fantastic janitors and the student body is not disrespectful to the school) and I'm proud to go there. Now, being in Utah, there isn't much diversity at all. At AFHS, I would say 90% of students are white and religious (LDS), not that it's a bad thing. Our school would love more diversity, but there just aren't that many people here that aren't white and LDS! Overall, I love my school and I believe I'm getting a great education.
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