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The students are included and voices heard for the most part. Of course, like any school there are the ones who don't fit in. I'd like to see more student organized clubs and support groups. But the teachers are amazing and kind, in fact the whole staff is amazing.
I am proud to be a Caveman! On my first day of sophomore year I was a little bit overwhelmed, but the friendly atmosphere helped me feel comfortable to try my hardest. My path wasn't always easy. I chose to take difficult classes to prepare me for the real word. American Fork High School even provided me the opportunity to obtain a dental assisting certificate along with my High School diploma. This will allow me to work in a professional environment as i leave high school and begin my college experience. I loved every aspect of my high school experience, but the thing that I've appreciated the most is the jump start it has given me into my upcoming higher education. I find myself leaving my high school experience with gratitude for what I've learned and confidence for the future.
I love this school. They have an outstanding music program, a nationals ranked marching band, an amazing cross country team, and just a good atmosphere in general. Most of the teachers are great, although some use outdated teaching methods, but it is a great school.
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I went to American Fork High School for three years and most of the classes I took and most of the teachers there are very good. As with everywhere, there were a few classes or teachers that weren't the best. I didn't like Flex Time, which is 30 minutes in between second and third period. I felt like it was a waste of my time to sit in my second period class because I never needed to go fix grades or talk to teachers.
I really love the classes and teachers, but what could be better is the freedom of students especially at school events.
I liked how it focused on learning and allowed the teachers to teach in whatever ways they saw fit, which helped create a diverse learning environment. I would like to see more clubs that are supported by others in the school besides football.
The teachers here are really amazing. They are all so nice and try to help students learn. However some of the finance people are rude and nobody give people who go to Mtech or other technical colleges a break even though they are the ones telling us to go there.
There are plenty of groups and academics to help you excel in many different aspects of your life! It's a very supportive school to help you succeed, especially if you are interested in Marching Band.
American Fork High has been pretty good for our children. One thing that could be changed is the bullying that happens. When a student says something about being harassed more help should be provided.
It's a pretty good school, could use a few rennovations though. All the teachers I have had so far are very involved and care a lot about helping their students to learn and grow. There are also so many extracurricular options, there's something for everyone. The students have a lot of pride and school spirit and attending here has been a pleasant experience.
It's a good school. There isn't anything that's super stellar about it, though. The administration is aloof from the students. The students are almost all the same, and the atmosphere is very clique-y. It's really hard to make friends if you're not from the neighborhood originally.
Honestly its the easiest school in the world and lowkey a joke unless your're taking AP classes. I am a senior in highschool and have attended a school in texas my freshman year and one in florida my sophomore year. they both were tremedously harder than AF. my dad says that if we had the money he would send us to a private school. but af has the best sports out there and the clubs are great. the school spirit is also really strong
I love the staff at American Fork! They are all willing to help you out and help you succeed. You can tell that they want the absolute best for you. It is a safe and welcoming environment as well.
The student body of a good mix of social classes, and it's easy to make friends and fit in. There are lot of electives to take, ranging from exciting things like Law Enforcement, to Academically challenging things like AB Calculus. The teachers are very caring and work with students to help them succeed. The whole campus has just been renovated and looks great!
The administration and counciling are just there for a paycheck. Meetings with counselor just so they can check you off their list. No help if your child is on an IEP nor if your child excels both academically and in sports. It’s all about who you know and if you are a member of the local religion. Their mission statement should be “A bridge to nowhere!” They all live in a bubble.
I attended American fork high school a few years back and the education and influence from teachers has directed me in my higher studies even today. I was privileged to participate and compete in many of their organizations, and being involved helped me discover more who I really was and who I was to become. The role models and the students around me where some of the biggest benifactors to my progression and my desire to improve. Over all a great school, highly recommended to anyone!
The music programs were exceptional, but the marching band was highly favored. This is understandable since that particular program is amazingly talented, but there was less attention and funding given to orchestra and choir programs, potentially limiting their opportunities to grow and progress.
The teachers, facilities, and classes all met a very high standard. Overall, American Fork High School fosters an environment that helps students achieve their goals.
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I really enjoyed my time at American Fork High School. I met many amazing people and learned a lot about myself and the world.
I LOVED the feeling of friendship and support that I felt from all of my friends at American Fork. I especially enjoyed being a part of the student leadership programs there.
I really enjoyed American Fork High school. This school has a great music program and I was involved in it. I was in the orchestra and loved it. I also participated in many AP and CE classes, these classes prepared me to go to college and have helped me become a great leader. The social aspect of this school is great also, everyone seems to stick together. I am proud to call myself a caveman.
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