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Not only have I received an excellent education, the staff has also helped me prepare for life past high school. I have gained 100+ hours of hands on experience and the four years attending school has been tailored to my future aspirations.
The building is amazing and the teachers are the best. Some of the teachers actually try to get the students ready for college which is the best part of school. Being really involved is the best way to get the most out of school.
The students are great, the atmosphere is lovely. However, the schools extra curricular activities are sub pare, except for student council, the cheer and dance team, and the wrestling team, along with the drama team. Those activities are on a ragular basis for going to state. one thing that needs to be change is the rate at which new teachers cycle though the school system, were they only stay for less than a few years before leaving
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American Falls is full of wonderful teachers. I feel that the Math Department is its strongest area. Throughout my four years there, I've learned a lot. However, I would like the schools ability to keep new teachers for longer to improve. Also I would like to see a change in the ridiculous graduation requirements.
I loved the school and the functioning system. However better employee screening is needed. The students themselves range from involve, optimistic,
and extremely talented to emotional detached, depressed, and antisocial. The school culture is lacking, the mascot isn't unifying, the parent involvement can be improved upon, and coaching becomes very political.
American Falls High School is a 3A School with plenty of love to go around. Being low in population, everyone knows each other, making the overall interaction at an all time high. Changes that could be made are an expansion of classes, for, there is low staff being such a small school. A more complex variety in courses to enroll in would make American Falls High School the best of 3A.
My experience at American Falls High School has been amazing. Even as a freshman, everyone made me feel welcome, including the teachers, staff and other students. They try their best to have everyone involved, no matter the activity. Now that I am a senior, I do my best to not only be involved as much as possible but to also have everyone else around me involved, to get a better high school experience. I love the teachers here, and they will be on the things I will miss most about high school. All of our sports and clubs are diverse, but we are all so supportive of each other. Our school is very united, and I am glad I have had the opportunity to spend my high school career here.
The School is very good, we gave great teachers and students! We have many different opportunistic to do other programs or sports. The teachers are very hard workers and dedicated to the student. The teacher cares about the student in a family way. The school has a strong administration and are very dedicated to their work. The school is organized and planned and stay to play. High in safety and care. American Falls High school is out of this world! I love the students and staff I am so grateful for the chance to attend this school and graduate here. I am proud to be a AFHS senior!
It's okay. There are a lot of opportunities with academics, for example, they have multiple dual enrollment classes. There is also a lot of diversity in the school. However, the administration isn't that great and the food is terrible.
The school felt like it didn't ever think I'd get anywhere in life. Some teachers however have become my friends and personal mentors for college.
I liked how some of the teachers that worked here in American Falls, genuinely cared about someone. The staff was sweet and kind.
I was born and raised in American Falls Idaho, therefore; this was the only option for schooling in town. However, I enjoyed my time as a student and was involved in almost everything I could. Some of the teachers truly cared about each and every one of their students and others did not. The administration is easily walked over by parents and or senior faculty members with alot of sway in the town. It is easy to get involved if you have the drive to do so, and you will make the most of your time if you are truly involved. I highly recommend this school.
I love the school. It pretty big but not big enough to not to see your friends. The teachers are kind and work hard to teach. They work one-on-one with students, which is helpful for students that struggle on certain subjects. At least half the school is involved in extracurricular activities. We where losing school spirit but this year has been one of the best anyone has seen. Walking down the hallway respect and the school spirit is visible.
American Falls High School is a small town school that has most everything you could want in a secondary school. The teachers are phenomenal, they care about the students and will help all who seek extra assistance. The programs are excellent and help cultivate passions with in the student. In college readiness they do a wonderful job, in showing that they will be expected to do the assignments and not coddled.
My experience with American Falls high school is that I came to this school all four years of my high school life. What I would change about this school is that the new math policy is kinda biazzre and I don't really like it. But overrall its a great school.
I like that my school has a few people beacuse we all know each other. I don't like that we have to take certain classes that we don't need to take.
I love AFHS! I'm sad it's my last year! I've enjoyed participating in Cheer, Volleyball, Student Council, Dam Clan, Powder Puff, Senior Sister, and many many more amazing events! The staff genuinely cares about you as well! They do not give up on you, even if you have given up on yourself! Our sports programs are very weak, but it doesn't stop many of us from showing up and supporting our teams! It's truly an amazing place to be!
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American Falls High School is a great school. The teachers are supportive of their students and provide good learning material. However, it seems to me that the local board of education has begun to care more about the school making money than the students gaining a good education. They have made several educational cuts in the past several years, and I believe the quality of the students' learning drops with each passing year. In short, relations between teachers and students are wonderful, but the relations between the board of education and its schools are continually decreasing in value. To conclude, I would like to see a stronger focus on the welfare of the students in American Falls, and a much weaker focus on money issues.
I never have seen bullying going on but I have heard things as well as that people stand up for each other. We have random drug checks which is great and makes me feel a lot safer to be at the school. The school nurse is amazing when it comes to involving people to try nursing stuff.
We have a lot of different clubs in which many people can get involved. Many of the people that join clubs are very committed in my opinion. The best time is homecoming week all the different activities you have to just go out there and have fun, meet new people. Some clubs do get supported more than others by the teachers as well as the students.
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