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The education a child gets at American Christian School is greatly lacking. There is no consistency in curriculum from year to year. Therefore, students move from grade to grade with holes in their learning. This is unfortunate and caused by a lack of understanding on the part of leadership as to how an educational institution should operate.

The curriculum is no longer classical as it once was but the school still boasts of providing a classical curriculum.

The facilities are greatly lacking in the elementary school as well and the school seems to be consistently in financial trouble.

The recent ranking of a top private school in Morris County on the part of this website is grossly misleading. There is hardly enough evidence within the school’s profile to give it a ranking at all, never mind a #5 spot! I no longer give this website much weight when it comes to ranking and understand education.
In my time at ACS, I was bullied every day, and no one did anything about it. It's a place where the bad people are praised and the good people, with good hearts, are constantly bullied and mocked, making it an unsafe environment to be in. I suffered from horrible mistreatment from the teachers, parents, and fellow students. The faculty is filled with parents who think it is fun to gossip about the students and thus negatively affect them in such severe ways. I did not feel safe, I felt condemned in every way during my time here. There was no support system and no guidance, spare the occasional good teacher, who was only good because they kept themselves separate from the ACS culture. I did not see Christian behavior, I only saw people use Christianity to mistreat and abuse others. The staff was ignorant about the actual issues going on. They let the most abusive and mean students get away with their behavior while focusing on trivialities.
Massive underfunding of essential utilities such as plumbing and heating, understaffed (and the staff that is there are made up of ex-cons and Christian soccer moms with little to no teaching experience), and ridden with bullying and abuse from students and faculty.
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Having my three children attend ACS was the best decision we made for our family. Christian atmosphere, excellent academics, our first two got into their top choice colleges and over 35% diversity - everything we wanted for them.
An excellent environment to learn and grow. We are a middle class family and sent all 3 of our kids k-12 here. We've been thrilled with their education and the ability of the school to prepare them for a successful college career.
I went to American Christian school all four years of my high-school career. The teachers were amazing, as were the students. The teachers were so very helpful. If a student needed help, they would go above and beyond to help you. Some of them would even meet with students over their weekend to help them with an assignment.
Our nurse is the best! She will chat with you, and is great at her job. Our school is overall safe, but still has a few flaws, but they're working on fixing it.
We have some great clubs, but they meet often and it's sometimes hard for students to meet the amount of commitment and tim to them.
Our teacher are amazing. They teach to the learning style of the class, and more often then not switch techniques on and off to get every student's learning style in. And if you aren't learning well with the teacher's teaching style, they will go out of their way to meet with you and come up with ways to help you. The teachers have a personal interest in every one of their student's and take time out of their personal lives to meet and care for us and our needs. The grading is hard, but fair.
American Christian School is so caring. The administration is always working hard to keep the school working smoothly. The teacher will stay after school if you need help, and a lot of them will even give you their personal phone number so you can call them if you need help. I love being at this school! It's amazing, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Everyone is so kind, and they invite you into their school so easily. Since the classes are so small, everyone is like a big family. We do everything together, even outside of school. The administration is amazing. The principal and vice principal are very loving and caring. They will do whatever it takes to help you succeed at American Christian School. I am very happy there.
The teachers genuinely care about the students. They love their jobs. They take the time to help the students succeed along with sharing life lessons with them. They will take extra time to go over hard subject matter, and encourage students to challenge themselves. All the teachers love God, and they show it through their teachings, actions, and words. They are extremely intelligent and are willing to go above and beyond to help students prepare for college.
The school does not tolerate bullying. There is a full time nurse on staff. There are monthly fire drills, lock downs, and various other tests. The doors to get inside the building are locked during the day except for dismissal am arrival. Teachers and administrators have keys to get in during the day. Teachers watch out for students during pick up, drop off, and lunch/ recess. Overall a very safe school.
The dress code is strict and expected to be abided to. However the administration is open to helping find the right fit for students, and will give grace when see fit. The guidance counselor makes sure to get to know the students and does a ton of research in helping to find the right college for each student. She helps give deadlines, organizes important documents, and basically walks families and students through the college process. The principal and vice principal are very personable and will even go on trips with the classes. They have strict standards for the school and are always open to hearing suggestions on how to improve the school from students, teachers, and parents. Bullying is not tolerated at school, and there is immediate repercussions. The office staff is extremely helpful to everyone and they all really seem to love their jobs.
ACS is a small school that is invested in their students academic growth, along with teaching the students about the the Bible, and how they can be world changers. The teachers do whatever they can to help the students succeed, while creating relationships with them. The schools focus is for the students to be logical, well developed young men and women, so that they will be prepared for college. When I went there I was amazed at how the teachers took the time to help me succeed academically, while still challenging me. It was also really cool to have teachers who genuinely enjoyed being there, and who encouraged me and my friends to live for Jesus and change the world in a positive way. Overall, the people there are extremely intelligent, caring, and love God. The academics are challenging and really prepare students for college, and the extra curricular activities encourage involvement and leadership. The school is a very positive experience.
American Christian School is very small in size, but considering that there is not many people, they do a fantastic job at creating extracurricular activities for the students to take part of. They allow the students to run or create basically any clubs they want, along with offering school run activities and sports as well. This gives the students the opportunity to learn leadership and organizational skills along with pursuing the things that they love to do. Right now they have a very popular fencing club, soccer team, basketball team, student run ultimate frisbee team, and last year a student started the STEM club. They also have golf, robotics (they went to nationals), and marketing/media clubs. For extra curricular activities the students can choose to have voice lessons, art lessons, along with a student run volleyball club that plays against the administration at the end of the year, and student led Bible study. All of the activities at the school encourage the students to push their boundaries, get involved in the school, and create a positive environment working with those around them.
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