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American Christian School & Art Center Reviews

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My child had a difficult time adjusting to public school. We decided to transfer him to American Christian School and it really has made a very positive impact on my child. The teachers are very knowledgeable and truly care for the students. I highly recommend this school.
Very Different. More engaging. Get to be on a personal level with the teacher.
Small building. Don't expect much from it yet. In time I'm sure it will develop more.
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What can I say. I spent my entire high school experience there. Lots have happened. To say everything would be writing an entire book.
Doesn't have clubs yet. Far little student body. For now.
School is small so a nurses office doesn't exist yet, but rest assured.If something happens they have health kits to take care of any situation. School safety is well enough. Public area, but nowhere is ever truly safe. So always keep an eye out kiddos.
So far the school is small, but it is growing year after year with more students applying. School doesn't have much staff yet, but that gives a good opportunity for students to know the staff and teachers one on one. Even getting to know the principal is fairly possible. By the way the principal is by far one of the best principals any school could possibly have. Guidance for things is very little for they don't have someone for that yet. As far as bullying goes not much of it really. Nobody likes a bully in that school, so you'll be fine. Dress code is normal "Where this. Where that." sort of thing. Nothing drastic. To conclude this it's a great school with the only issue being. You gotta wanna learn. Classes aren't so easy. Have a great day!
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