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ACA has great programs and Christian like values that will be a fabulous infulence on anyone who attends.
American Christian Academy has a good Christian environment. With this school being smaller, kids do not get lost in the shuffle like they would at a big school. Most teachers actually care about their students and will work with them in the classroom and sometimes outside of it. This school does do a good job with college readiness for the most part. School spirit needs some work. There should be more Alumni support. There are many graduates who return to this school whether it be to teach or coach or to send their children here which I think says a lot about this school. If people are willing to return to the school they once we’re apart of that goes to show this school is a good place.
This school is very unique in that it is a christian school with a competitive sports program. The academics are less competitive.
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I loved being apart of the extracurricular activities and being apart of a group that really understood me.
It is a Christian School that offers advanced academics, but limited clubs and out of school opportunities.
Feel blessed that I found this wonderful school for my son! He started in K4 and will be going into 4th grade this year(2017). He feels so comfortable and loved it is like a home away from home for him. We could not ask for more!
Absolutely amazing school! My son is not in 7th grade & has been a student there since preschool. The teacher's are excellent and the head master, Dr. Dan Carden is a wonderful, Godly man who makes himself available to every parent & student by giving out his & his wife's personal cell numbers at the beginning of every school year & encouraging parents to call him with any issue or question no matter what time of day or night it is. I especially love the sports that they offer because they don't just offer your​ child the chance to be on a sports team but they offer your​ child a chance to be on a really good sports team and they actually care about your child's grades.
ACA is a great school overall. It is a small school, which gives you the opportunity to grow close with your fellow students and teachers. For the most part Everyone seems to be very comfortable with one another making the academic experience better and more engaging. Overall many of the teachers are very helpful and truly care about their students and their further education. ACA is a private school and is unique because It allows the open worship of God and encourages you to grow stronger in your spiritual walk.
My experience at American Christian Academy was truly outstanding. After attending for 13 years, I can honestly say the people involved and the mission of the school is 100% genuine.
From graduating there I also felt completely prepared for my college courses and ready to tackle any obstacle I may have.
I have attended ACA for 13 years. The curriculum taught at this school is what aids the greatest in students' preparations for college. The school focuses on the futures of each individual that attends and pushes students to do their best inside and outside of the school.
I attended American Christian Academy since K5. The education is great if you get the right teachers, athletics are a huge part of the experience there. You will meet great friends.
The staff and classes are very prestigious, the only issue is that the fellow students can be judging of others.
I have greatly enjoyed my years at American Christian Academy. I play football and basketball there. ACA has instilled strong Christian value in me. I have been challenged academically. It was tough changing from a public school in Tuscaloosa to ACA. I would not trade my years and experiences at ACA for anything. If I could change one thing, it would be that high school students do not have to gain as many AR points. It is very tough for students who play sports and take hard classes to read a lot outside of school.
The teachers from grades kindergarten to twelfth grade all have their own teaching styles. When I started at this school in fifth grade, there were three different fifth grade classes with 20+ students and three teachers. Each teacher would know more than the other in a certain subject and would help all of the students in the grade that needed help. As I progressed into an upper grade through the years, the teachers' teaching style and grading became different. Some teachers taught by discussion and others would teach by using PowerPoints and notes. Throughout the years of going to this school, I have grown a great teacher-student relationship with each of them and still to this day, they recognize me through the halls and in public.
For a small private school there are many opportunities to join activities
The school is well rounded and full of people to help you make it.
My teachers are very involved and want to help me succeed.
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There are clubs for every type of student, from sports to art to choir and theatre. This school tries to give students every opportunity to get involved with their peers.
I transferred from public school my 11th grade year to attend American Christian Academy. As a transfer, I can most certainly say that I absolutely wish that I had spent my entire high school career here. What I believe makes this school unique is the independence that they give their students. They really try to form us into the type of people who will change our generation. They always allow us the think things through for ourselves and make sure we have our own opinions. We are constantly debating subjects that are currently happening in our world today. I believe this school helps to make sure we are ready for the real world after we graduate.
The teachers at American Christian Academy are very hardworking and have an immense love for their students. As an athlete I am gone for events a lot and all of my teachers are always there to help me catch up, even when that means meeting after hours or before school. As far as teaching styles, they usually curve it to the students' needs. They are very knowledgeable about their subjects and several know more than one so can help with other classes as well. Teachers and administrators are always there to help and talk to us about anything, especially questions about deadlines and grades. The grading is very consistent and we always know what is expected of us when the assignments are handed out.
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