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In regards to sports and fitness in our school, I believe our school is proficient in this section. There are lots of students and parents involved in sports and the team performance is strong willed and determined. Thanks to our school's impacting and unified team spirit, our sports became more engaging and fun for the spectators and players to enjoy. Our P.E and other fitness programs & classes are also in the school for anyone who wishes to be a strong athlete. One of these classes are Fit for Life and Weight Training.
The resource & facilities in this school are great. The constant upkeep, maintenance, and tutoring for all students (special needs or not) is there in the school. The buildings are still in great condition and the technology involved is top notch high quality. The college prep courses, tutoring, and classes are a huge variety and based on a student's needs; it's also very helpful as well. Parent involvement is included as well - in sports and in school events.
The food is proficient and delicious - even though it's school quality. The portions are not too big, but not too small either - filling for a student with a medium appetite. For me though, I wished I had more on my plate; I am a glutton eater and I wish the portions for the main meals are bigger. The healthy value is there as well; salads, fruits, and vegetables are here for anyone who is on a diet or is a vegetarian. There are a variety of foods as well and the special foods (nachos, burritos, etc.) get switched every week. All in all, the food here in this school is simply delicious and satisfying.
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From my point of view, I believe the school administration and school-wide policies that affect the students & parents are sufficient and adequate. The staff have a unified vision to help students succeed and be happy in their high school journey - and beyond. They have great attitudes and strive to be dedicated and hard-working for the students in need of help, whether it be academic or social. The policies are proficient as well - but need to be enforced on more. Some students don't dress professionally (sagged jeans, hats, big shirts, etc.), late attendance has little/no punishment, and detention holds no powerful and negative impact to the students. Other than that, the school is okay in regards to administration and policies.
So far from my point of view, I believe our school is pretty healthy and follows school code regarding professional behavior. There's an armed police officer protecting our school, security cameras are placed everywhere in the school, and the doors in campus lock and unlock at certain times automatically. As for health, everyone seems to be healthy, and if someone were to be sick/injured, he/she can go to nurse or leave school early. As for bullying, I haven't heard of any bullying events to any one so far.
Despite the fact this is the only high school I ever go to, this is no doubt the best. The school teaches a unique system called "Project Based Learning" in which a group of students will do projects and use real-life skills (collaboration, communication, etc.) to make the project a success! I know these skills will make me successful in the future. Also, there are lots of clubs and sports that you can join. One of my favorites are swimming and water polo! If I were to do it all over, I would automatically choose this school again because of the variety of classes & sports that make the learning environment vast and fun!
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