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There are a lot of clubs to join but, some clubs do not communicate with the school population much so it is hard to be comitted to a club when you never know when to meet up.
This school is truly unique because it is filled with diversity and all types of different people. The teachers here are also supportive and push you also
My school is a project based learning school so teachers include a lot of technology into the work we do. In addition, we do lots of group work and things inside the classroom that can be applied outside of school as well.
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It really depends on the class on what the academics are like. Most students at this school push for extra so they're in at least one AP or one Honors class. Those classes tend to have heavy workloads on top of all the other classes that they have. Other classes have an average amount of workload, but it's a Project Based Learning school so I think it tends to have more work.
In my opinion, this school has one of the most accepting cultures and environments. There are a few people that are ignorant, but the majority will not discriminate against ethnic diversity or someone of a different sexual orientation.
Most clubs are honestly average at best. There are only a few clubs that really get activities and events that connect with the community. Most extracurriculars don't get the proper funding that would really allow the activities and organizations to flourish. The things like dances and sports though I would say are pretty good.
The campus itself is beautiful. The culture and environment at this school is also typically safe and accepting. The only reason why I wouldn't want to attend this school again is the chance of me getting the same horrible teachers I had. They really bring down the experience of highschool.
There are some teachers that are really good and truly help students learn. There are also teachers that do not deserve their teaching degree because they are either disrespectful or they just don't know how to teach. Averaging it out, the teachers at this school are okay, but some teachers really bring it down.
The academics are not too hard if you are looking to just coast through highschool. All you need to do is just pay attention in class and you can get by. But if you want to be part of the upper percentiles than their is a wide variety of paths you can take. Whichever you choose the challenge is still there.
You can honestly find and group of individuals to hang around with here. There are plenty of school clubs and events that you could socialize and meet people at. The diversity is crazy and it helps inject different cultures and perspectives into the school's culture.
My school works hard to ensure the safety and health of its students.
Here at this school if you want to start something or find something to do, you'll find that people will help you do it.
The schools in my area are very different from the one I attend. The diversity in the students and community itself make the school atmosphere very enjoyable and relate able.
The teachers at American Canyon High are some of the most well rounded and positive people I have ever worked with. They are the kind of people I can relate to and follow.
American Canyon High School is the best. I have never felt so accepted, so loved anywhere else. This school is full of diversity and our technology-based education system essentially almost makes learning fun!
The teachers at ACHS really connect with the students. Considering that our school is newly built and all of our staff is new, the age gap isn't very far. Most of our teachers are fresh with new teaching credentials, it's great we can experience something like this.
I think that people get treated differently here. If you are a football player you get more lee way.
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It is the growth and process to making the clubs better. I think a lot of improvement has to be done, but through the for or five years that it has been open I think the clubs have made a lot of improvement.
I love all the clubs and sports here, they are easily my favorite part of this school and the community within these activities.
The over all experience was great, besides the fact of some awful teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed being in sport teams.
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