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The food is gross My sister hates the food on tuesday through Thursday. The teachers don't really care if you fail their class and some of them are mean.
The diversity of this school is the biggest benefit of attending. Students are rarely seen to victimize someone because of their race. The school spirit that is seen in the school is also worth mentioning as new-comers always feel welcomed when visiting. This campus prioritizes not just academics but also sports and the arts, so any student can find their passion. Students here excel in academics due to reliable, flexible, and resourceful teachers that are always eager to help their students. Other than the trash problem, school lunches, and lack of college resources this school is overall excellent.
I like how the students get to collaborate on projects. I feel that this really prepares us for both college and the real world. However, I feel like, over the past years, the administration has gotten really strict and to add on to that, we now have random tardy sweeps (which, for me, doesn't solve the tardy problem at the school).
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American Canyon High School is a very diverse and safe place for anyone and everyone! As a student, you can always rely on the staff and everyone is accepting of all situations.
ACHS has a beautiful campus and an extensive staff available to assist students. The diversity on campus is incredible and there's a vast amount of different curriculum choices for students to select from, but I would say that the most desirable aspect of offered courses are the electives! There are many to choose from, and all encourage student indivuduality. On campus, students are leaders -- from ASB/Leadership to a normal classroom setting, teenagers will find themselves with a lot of independence and power over their learning. College readiness is stressed, but not integrated into curriculum or heavily touched upon. It is more of something that is mentioned over and over but not exactly implemented into student learning programs and courses.
I would say that the school itself is wonderful. There is a beautiful campus and you can find many staff members genuinely willing to help the students there. However, recently I've noticed, as the years go by, students are less involved in the school spirit and can make things a little boring.
I absolutely love the school the teachers are amazing they actually care about our future an are always there when we truly need them .
I like that ACHS is inclusive of every kind of person, there are clubs for everyone, they help you become active in the community , there are sports, it provides a great high school experience.
The diversity and support that is seen and felt throughout the culture of the school is amazing. Students truly have the opportunity to thrive if they seek out the time and drive to do so. Most teachers are encouraging of students' goals inside the classroom and out, providing positive environments for the students to learn. However, the challenging possibilities that ACHS provides is limited, hopefully credited to its recent (2010) opening. All in all, I have loved my experience here and hope that the students following me will continue to uphold the good name that is American Canyon High School.
Students and teachers are welcoming towards diversity and different cultures. In addition, the school has a variety of activities and events in which the students can get involved in. Yet, students aren't exposed to such a great learning environment as they are overwhelmed with projects while most teachers do not take the time to explain very well.
I liked how American Canyon High School was very technology and project oriented, and how a lot of the work involved student collaboration in and out of the classroom. I would prefer to see a little more variety in what was taught however, because there were overarching concepts taught in every class, whether that be math, history, or English.
American Canyon is a spirited campus with lots of enthusiasm and student involvement. The community seems invested in the school as a whole. The only thing I would like to see change is the way they prepare students for a 4-year university. There was a lot of instruction on how to cooperate with others but not a lot of focus on individual learning.
Excellent environment and a great sense of community. The school is equipped with the latest technology and the students get the best education. There are many active programs available both in American Canyon High School and in the community.
When I first arrived at this school, I was struck with how diverse and welcoming everyone on campus was. Never have I once experienced any drama or negativity at this school.
The culture is very diverse and you'll find your ways to make friends around this campus. The academics are not the hardest, yet not the easiest classes to get by. The sports and arts programs are very big and many students are involved with this.
My experience at American Canyon High School has been generally pretty good! I love most of my teachers from the past four years and have also really enjoyed being able to explore new things in all of my classes!
I love ACHS because there is such a variety of people attending. You have the music lovers, the jocks, the theatre nerds, ect. all hanging out together, no judgements in being who you truly are. The biggest issue is the classes. There's no normal Calculus class and if you get that far you're forced to take the AP class.
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I attend a project based learning school. Meaning instead of a bunch of essays or test, we create presentations that shows what we learned. Doing this has really made me understand all topics that were taught to me.
What I liked about American Canyon High School was the diversity amongst students. I also enjoyed the teachers and the teaching through PBL.
As a senior here, I'd say I'm pretty proud to go here because of the many raves about the campus and how beautiful it is, as well as the area near Napa. This school teaches through Project Based Learning, which isn't the best way to teach. However, it still being a new school this place shows so much potential for their future students because I feel like many teachers are just getting the hang of Project Based Learning, and once they do it'll be much better.
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