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A tidy and beautiful school with many academics, help, and opportunities for the students. There are fewer bullying situations in American Canyon High School than that of the other schools nearby. Most of the teachers actually care about their job and their students and understand the greatness in teaching students.
Coming to high school I was very scared that I wouldn't find a place to fit in, but ACHS welcomed me with open arms. Everyone has a place they belong and everyone is very accepting. My experience at ACHS has been amazing. I love my school and the spirit of the Wolfpack. The administration has changed recently and I'm still trying to figure out if I like it. But overall this is a great school, with a beautiful campus and great school culture!
American Canyon High School is such a diverse and interconnected school. As a student, I have witnessed all walks of life come together to form such a diverse community. There seems to be a seamless connection amongst all classes and we all get along. This school offers an extreme amount of assistance to prepare us for college.
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American canyon highschool was probably the best years of my life. It was there that I made new friends and experienced things I've never done before. The campus is beautiful and most of the teachers are awesome. The only thing is, it seems that the incoming people don't really respect it as there are more and more issues concerning littering and graffitti
I was not the best high school, I was in the first graduating class and we did not get to have a senior trip and were not able to do any of the activities that high school seniors get to do. Also the teachers are terrible, I was taking a French class and literally learned nothing, the teacher had us cook French food the whole semester instead of teaching us the language. I also had a pre cal teacher who expected us to teach ourselves.
I believe my overall experience at American Canyon High School is so far well. I have learned through the project-based learning system, which has helped me in everyday life.
I was originally never a person who cared about going to school, but the teachers there really encouraged learning in a way that made me get more engaged. This allowed me to develop the love for knowledge that I have today.
What I liked about American Canyon high school was the diversity we had on campus. As well as the available sports programs they offered. I took advantage of that opportunity and throughout high school played badminton, waterpolo and swim team. I also joined the drama class and participated in acting, costume character design and managing backstage. When I first entered the high school they did not even have a senior class yet because the high school was so new. So I had a unique experience where what I did then affected the upcoming classes that came to the high school. I helped shape a lot of the traditions that took place on the sports teams I joined and the drama program I was in. No high school experience is perfect, though I must say with confidence that there is always something to join on campus. Where you can join something bigger than yourself and make new friends you may have never met.
I love how diverse the school is and how friendly they all are to each other. One thing I would change are the teachers salaries because they work harder than what they are being paid to do.
I love the diversity and the ethnic makeup of the school. Students from all different backgrounds can come together and learn. It's a positive place where I feel safe and genuinely enjoy going to every day.
My experience at American Canyon High School has been memorable. With a majority of minorities attending ACHS, and having gone through three different principals throughout my entire high school career, I, as an individual have been exposed to unique diversity and life, changes very early in life. Something that I would like to see happen from ACHS after I graduate, is for the school to establish itself with well-qualified teachers who teach for the love of teaching and not because they have nowhere else to be. I also wish to see that American Canyon High School have established traditions and events that are specifically set up for ACHS.
What I love most about American Canyon High is that it is a great welcoming environment with different activities and groups and events were everyone can become friends. The teachers are amazing and create lasting relationships with the students and the admin staff is always out and about the campus, connecting with the students. We have the best teachers with great credentials and a great academic system with extra help given, if needed. The overall experience at ACHS is excellent.
The food is gross My sister hates the food on tuesday through Thursday. The teachers don't really care if you fail their class and some of them are mean.
The diversity of this school is the biggest benefit of attending. Students are rarely seen to victimize someone because of their race. The school spirit that is seen in the school is also worth mentioning as new-comers always feel welcomed when visiting. This campus prioritizes not just academics but also sports and the arts, so any student can find their passion. Students here excel in academics due to reliable, flexible, and resourceful teachers that are always eager to help their students. Other than the trash problem, school lunches, and lack of college resources this school is overall excellent.
I like how the students get to collaborate on projects. I feel that this really prepares us for both college and the real world. However, I feel like, over the past years, the administration has gotten really strict and to add on to that, we now have random tardy sweeps (which, for me, doesn't solve the tardy problem at the school).
American Canyon High School is a very diverse and safe place for anyone and everyone! As a student, you can always rely on the staff and everyone is accepting of all situations.
ACHS has a beautiful campus and an extensive staff available to assist students. The diversity on campus is incredible and there's a vast amount of different curriculum choices for students to select from, but I would say that the most desirable aspect of offered courses are the electives! There are many to choose from, and all encourage student indivuduality. On campus, students are leaders -- from ASB/Leadership to a normal classroom setting, teenagers will find themselves with a lot of independence and power over their learning. College readiness is stressed, but not integrated into curriculum or heavily touched upon. It is more of something that is mentioned over and over but not exactly implemented into student learning programs and courses.
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I would say that the school itself is wonderful. There is a beautiful campus and you can find many staff members genuinely willing to help the students there. However, recently I've noticed, as the years go by, students are less involved in the school spirit and can make things a little boring.
I absolutely love the school the teachers are amazing they actually care about our future an are always there when we truly need them .
I like that ACHS is inclusive of every kind of person, there are clubs for everyone, they help you become active in the community , there are sports, it provides a great high school experience.
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