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What I loved about American Canyon High School was what am emphasis they put on preparing the students for getting a job! I am an alumna and they made the students do unending amounts of projects but it allowed for me to be a more confident individual. It helped me with public speaking and knowing how to present myself upon meeting my employer. It gave me the experience of editing videos, conducting interviews, and intensive research which prepared me for college. I wish they would have focused more on getting the students ready for college applications. They could have let students how important extracurriculars and test scores were to colleges.
American Canyon High School offers a lot on the academic and extracurricular side including sports and clubs. However, academic options such as AP classes in earlier grades before junior year are at a bare minimum. The campus is often highly praised as one of the most beautiful campuses in America and is a very pleasant place to attend.
American Canyon High School offers a variety of different clubs, classes, and activities. It is a really accommodating school. Because the school is very large, the school's culture is not very unified and cannot fit everyone's taste as everyone is different.
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First graduating class of the school.
Great, clean, OUTSTANDING supporting teachers and staff. A parent and students dream school.
Has really good teachers, but the admins keep changing and there have been many different changes with schedules and times and all kinds of stuff that has been confusing.
American Canyon High School is probably one of the most diverse schools in the Napa County. From a verity of cultures and heritages, to personalities, ACHS never fails to amaze me. Many students may complain that it's boring here, but no where else is like here. The relationship that the students build among each other or the connection with their teachers is phenomenal. Since American Canyon is such a small city where everyone essentially knows everyone, we all care for one another. The mascot of the school may be a wolf, but we truly show how we are a pack while demonstrating that we feed only good wolves.
American Canyon High School is a great school. It's one of the best schools to attend. Going to ACHS will truly change your learning and social experiences.
The teachers here are amazing and cool. It is project-based learning, so students have to always be in groups and learn how to work in a team and strive for a common goal. PBL learning doesn't cater to all types of students. The goal is to help students get ready for the real world, but some students don't thrive on group learning. You have to have a laptop to bring with you, otherwise, you will probably fail classes if you don't invest in one. The school does lend out laptops to kids in need. All the students are very involved in clubs or sports. The activities are fun and interactive. There isn't a lot of diversity at the school when I went there. That could be changing now. The school is very safe. There's always campus security driving around in golf carts.
The PBL style of teaching does not prepare the students for success at universities. They rely too heavily on presentations as a way to assess students but this is rarely found elsewhere & when it is, it does not go to the same amount of depth. This school needs to focus on the needs of its students rather than heavily relying on group projects.
A tidy and beautiful school with many academics, help, and opportunities for the students. There are fewer bullying situations in American Canyon High School than that of the other schools nearby. Most of the teachers actually care about their job and their students and understand the greatness in teaching students.
Coming to high school I was very scared that I wouldn't find a place to fit in, but ACHS welcomed me with open arms. Everyone has a place they belong and everyone is very accepting. My experience at ACHS has been amazing. I love my school and the spirit of the Wolfpack. The administration has changed recently and I'm still trying to figure out if I like it. But overall this is a great school, with a beautiful campus and great school culture!
American Canyon High School is such a diverse and interconnected school. As a student, I have witnessed all walks of life come together to form such a diverse community. There seems to be a seamless connection amongst all classes and we all get along. This school offers an extreme amount of assistance to prepare us for college.
American canyon highschool was probably the best years of my life. It was there that I made new friends and experienced things I've never done before. The campus is beautiful and most of the teachers are awesome. The only thing is, it seems that the incoming people don't really respect it as there are more and more issues concerning littering and graffitti
I was not the best high school, I was in the first graduating class and we did not get to have a senior trip and were not able to do any of the activities that high school seniors get to do. Also the teachers are terrible, I was taking a French class and literally learned nothing, the teacher had us cook French food the whole semester instead of teaching us the language. I also had a pre cal teacher who expected us to teach ourselves.
I believe my overall experience at American Canyon High School is so far well. I have learned through the project-based learning system, which has helped me in everyday life.
I was originally never a person who cared about going to school, but the teachers there really encouraged learning in a way that made me get more engaged. This allowed me to develop the love for knowledge that I have today.
What I liked about American Canyon high school was the diversity we had on campus. As well as the available sports programs they offered. I took advantage of that opportunity and throughout high school played badminton, waterpolo and swim team. I also joined the drama class and participated in acting, costume character design and managing backstage. When I first entered the high school they did not even have a senior class yet because the high school was so new. So I had a unique experience where what I did then affected the upcoming classes that came to the high school. I helped shape a lot of the traditions that took place on the sports teams I joined and the drama program I was in. No high school experience is perfect, though I must say with confidence that there is always something to join on campus. Where you can join something bigger than yourself and make new friends you may have never met.
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I love how diverse the school is and how friendly they all are to each other. One thing I would change are the teachers salaries because they work harder than what they are being paid to do.
I love the diversity and the ethnic makeup of the school. Students from all different backgrounds can come together and learn. It's a positive place where I feel safe and genuinely enjoy going to every day.
My experience at American Canyon High School has been memorable. With a majority of minorities attending ACHS, and having gone through three different principals throughout my entire high school career, I, as an individual have been exposed to unique diversity and life, changes very early in life. Something that I would like to see happen from ACHS after I graduate, is for the school to establish itself with well-qualified teachers who teach for the love of teaching and not because they have nowhere else to be. I also wish to see that American Canyon High School have established traditions and events that are specifically set up for ACHS.
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