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The leadership is truly awful. The STEM program is weak and is now STEAM. No foreign language so kids are jammed in high school then college. They ask for a lot of money and spend it frivolously and with little transparency.
We love it here! We’re at the LM campus and have had really positive experiences. The teachers have been responsive and respectful. The support staff and administration has addressed all of our needs and concerns as well. The Core Knowledge curriculum is fantastic and has enriched my children’s curious nature. And there are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved! All it takes is reaching out and trying hard to stay informed. It’s a school with high expectations of behavior and academics that might seem too strict to some. AA won’t be a perfect fit for everyone! Thank goodness the district has open enrollment so we all can find the school that best suits our families’ needs. We’ve found our perfect fit at AA!
We love American Academy! The school’s charter says that the school is academically rigorous, which is why we chose to come here. AA offers differentiated instruction, meaning that children are taught at the level they’re at, which supports high-performing students.

Other pluses: Core Knowledge curriculum, STEM units once each semester, amazing arts/drama program.

The main “complaint” of parents here is the amount of homework. It seems that kids either get it done on their own with no issues (at a certain grade level all of the kids have a study hall) or kids are in tears nightly with the homework load. Grade levels have a standardized homework load. Parents that complain have children that probably shouldn’t be in an academically rigorous school. Not all kids are “into” academics.
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Extremely rude and disrespectful staff at the Parker location. They won’t include the Parker locations on any of their review sites.Physical Abuse on kid by teacher and staff is extremely rude and disrespectful to parent. No support. Parents are not encouraged to be apart of the school and social. Kids do not have many opportunities to make many friends outside of their own homeroom. Run like a military. You can be seen and not heard. The parents that can be there pta etc are clique type people reminding me of the movie “mean moms movie”. This school is falsely represented in many ways. I would not have changed my children schools and put them here knowing what I know now. I took a huge risk changing their school and it ended up with one son being abused physically and the other being bullied and losing self esteem. Seriously think hard before believing the well thought out speeches you hear before putting your kids here!
American Academy is an excellent school. It makes sure that you are well prepared for high school. Many who go to public high schools say that they were well prepared and that high school was easy for you. American Academy challenges you to do your best and gives you many fun ways to do so. They have really high expectations in order to push you to your best.
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