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Amelia County High School Reviews

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Amelia is a nice small town school. Not amazing but it’s good for students that thrive well in small classes.
Overall I thought Amelia County High School was good. It really depends on the teachers you have and classes you take, and communicating effectively.
Things here are mostly based off of a last name and the color of your skin. Some teachers are FANTASTIC and others don’t care much about the kids which needs to change.
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It’s an ok school overall but I just wish the school would get some kind of help, especially with paper we ran out twice this school year.
There are very few clubs and extracurricular activities to become involved with and most of the clubs that are available do nothing.
There is something missing from all areas of the school - the staff administrators, the students, and the parents. The school is not the worst thing in the world but needs work from all areas.
I am in all honors classes, so my classmates are generally focused and committed to learning. While I've encountered a bad teacher now and then, I have been pleased with most of my classes and I feel as if I've learned something from each of them, but I'm not quite sure how prepared I am to be in college and away from pretty much everything familiar to me. Overall, it hasn't been too terrible an experience, but I'm glad to be graduating.
Amelia County High School is a nice school with understanding staff. I would like them to have more options in which students can choose from to pursue their career. They have options but not a lot! I wish it was more availability for the students to have one-on-one time with a career coach to help all us pursue our dreams.
School security is lazy but occasionally responsive. The school nurse checks students' temperature upon scraping their knee in gym so it's safe to say they are not subjected to extensive training.
There are an average amount of extracurriculars available to students. However, club activity is low due to small funds. There are only a few events that occur within a club over an entire academic year.
There were limited extracurriculars available and the school administrators did not possess or advocate for an inclusive environment. The school is unique in its ability to get away with oppressive statements towards racial and sexual minorities. I would not attend this school again, or recommend it to others, for the aforementioned reasons.
The school system hires candidates that were fired and/or performed poorly in other school districts. Take the time to enroll your student in a more affluent school system or else they will not be properly prepared for both higher education and real-word career development. Some math and science teachers do not even have their degrees in math and science so misinformed lessons are commonplace and conservative bias is especially prevalent in government and science classes.
There is not much opportunities to go explore different clubs.
There isn't enough outside activities besides sports
Teachers try their best to prepare students for college
Mrs. Landa and Mrs. Redd are the best teachers.
They have an okay athletic program
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Need more african american teachers
It is a decent school.
Wide variety of clubs and sports with AD support
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