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I loved the fact that I had made many great memories through this district. My good friends and I have established a foundation jere so we may head off to the real world ready and prepared. Even though sometimes things could get tough, we still managed and helped one another out. Some of our teachers were outstanding in their teachings and their personalities. It was great to attend Ambridge and I will surely miss this place due to tje memories I have made. I would say that the learning experience was great, and those who plan on coming to Ambridge, You will have a great time.
Teachers are mean, you learn nothing valuable , and every time something bad happens you never get help, bullying doesn't get resolved, teachers don't care about your grade, they only want money. You get yelled at for every thing, even wearing perfume. This school is an absolute joke and and for it being a new school just about every thing is broken. Broken toilets and sinks, new walls have huge cracks, the furnace is broken. Every thing is terrible at that school. No one send your child to this school, please, if you admire your children don't send them here.
Ambridge Area High School is a good school. I feel like there are some nice teachers. But I do feel like they need to give the students that need extra help that help they need.
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Certain teachers go above and beyond to help stupid but others teach the class just to fulfill the requirements
There are some extracurricular activities but you have to pay to join them. they also get very little funding and almost everything comes out of the members pockets.
I would not change where i went to school if I could do this all over agin because this school has taught me a lot of social skills. Having Ambridge in the economically depressed region that it is brings in a wide diversity of students, and having that wide diversity really gives you good people skills and teaches you how to interact with a diverse group of people.
At Ambridge Area High School we have some teachers that care very much about our grades and about our learning but then we have others that don't care at all and just seem to be there because they want a check. and it seems that the reason that they stay around is because they are close to the people that are higher up.
Each club has a different feel to it. Some clubs have a greater commitment to it, some clubs will meet once a month. I find the band programs fun and interactive.
It is hard to imagine a life where I went to another school so it would be hard to decide if I would choose it again, but I most likely would because of the connections I have made within the school.
In my experience at the school it seems that some teachers will make a better connection with other students then most teachers. It is easier to pay attention to a teacher you know cares about how you are doing.
This school could have a few more clubs, to make it so there is something for everyone.
i would choose this school again if i could do it all over,because i made good friends here.The school over all is a very nice school.
Most of the teachers are very good at their job.There are a few that need to explain the material better and explain how to do the homework or class work.
As in most schools, the junior year is the worst year for workload. I took three AP classes, a college chemistry class, and a relatively hard math class. My days after school were filled with homework. This year (my senior year) I'm taking two AP classes (that are both twice as long as a normal class), four music classes (two being independent study), and the highest level (yet still relatively easy) social studies and communications courses. My senior year is much easier than my junior year, so the workload isn't consistent throughout all four years of high school.
There are always two policemen in the cafeteria. Sometimes, police officers take time out of their schedules to talk to classes if there are any questions to be answered. Every student has their bag searched when entering the building and must go through the metal detector.
The best "club" at Ambridge is band. It's not technically a club since we have it as a class in school, but during marching season we're with each other for about eight hours per week. We get to know each other well and also get an appreciation for music. Teamwork is a key point in the program by performing halftime and pregame shows. Band at Ambridge is basically every club mashed into one great experience.
Most of the people in Ambridge aren't rich. We're a very blue-collar town, which opens the school to many different races of people, which gives everyone attending school here the respect and discipline needed for college. Many of the students don't realize this now, but Ambridge is one of the best schools around for preparing you for the real world.
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They do their best to utilize technology in the classroom with use of iPads,, and smart boards. They are always open and take our ideas into consideration. If we have an idea for a club, they show us how to start up these different clubs, which is why we have so much variety.
I feel very safe! There are always atleast 2 armed cops on duty! we also have all the doors locked to the outside . the school nurse is very helpful and never mean.
The clubs and organizations are not very organized or serious. Not many kids commit to these types of activities. The administration does try to support these clubs but the kids are not willing.
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