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There were a lot of great instructors who were made class interesting by using their humor and providing real-world examples.
Our staff go through training and meetings once a month to prepare for any kind of emergency situation. The school has regular drills in case of a weather emergency. There is bullying at our school but it is very rarely physical. Unfortunately we do not have a school nurse so in case of sickness or injury the student or a present teacher are the only ones to cover the situation. I feel safe in my school because I know that some measures are taken to keep it a safe environment at all times, like locked doors and security cameras, and the teachers are trained to handle almost any situation.
Most Extracurriculars at our school are sport based. Other than that we have FFA, a few fine arts, and about 4 academic clubs. Our sports teams and activities get the most attention. As a small farming community many students are active in FFA. We have a Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Academic Team, and Student Council. I am active in 3 of the 4 and find that they are all active clubs striving to do good by our school. The Fine Arts tend to get the short end of the stick, but always stick together. We have the same 2 teachers in charge of all music, theatre, and art, so it is a close circle.
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I have really enjoyed my time here at Amboy High School. The only thing that might interest me in attending a different school is my choice in career path. Wanting to go into the performing arts I might chose a school that offers more opportunities in that field. However, I have had great experiences here, and I love the small town feel it brings.
Most of the teachers at Amboy High School are knowledgeable, consistent, and show try to connect with their students. Many of the teachers have very different personalities and teaching styles making it difficult for some students to thrive in certain classes, but most will do their best to help in those situations. There are very few teachers that I would not offer my utmost praise.
Most of the teachers that are at my school, truly care about the students. They are willing to help students and they always make sure we succeed. They do what they can to ensure we get a good education. My pre-calculus teacher is one of the best teachers at my school. She is an extremely intelligent woman, but her intelligence doesn't get in the way of her teaching. She breaks things down and explains things thoroughly. She also gives real life examples of when we will use the things we learn. Even if we won't actually use logarithms in the real world, she tells us how the problem solving and that use of our brains will. My English teacher treats us as if we are college students. She gives us deadlines, but the rest of it is on our own, If we need help we go to her. I like that because it prepares us for college. Many of the teachers at my school put their students first.
Barely any classes to take. Both student and teacher staff are inadequate. Has a very high dropout rate.
There weren't many classes offered for talented students although we were offered plenty of "blow off" classes. We only had options for AP History or English. Teachers were biased and there were few that cared about their teaching effectiveness.
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