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Ambleside School of San Angelo Reviews

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Excellent Christian education in academics, violin, music, art, responsibility, moral habits and community involvement. This school has produced a National Merit Scholar who is headed to Harvard in 2018. Students are well prepared to attend college; scoring in the top 10% on SAT/ACT exams.
This school is a very sophisticated campus. Many students that go here grow in all areas, academically, socially, and mentally. Many student enjoy it here.
The Ambleside education experience is a wonderful one. As a senior at the school, speaking from personal experience, it is simply the best school. The teachers are there strictly to help students be their best and learn in a comfortable, flexible, personal environment. The school is decorated similarly to a home, rather than a school. It is very welcoming and there are always smiles. The school functions as a family. Any student will be completely blessed to attend Ambleside School of San Angelo.
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My kids love attending this school. They are coming to love learning and developing positive habits. Teachers also love their students and school. The class sizes are small and effective.
This school does an excellent job caring for students' health and safety. Healthy meals and snacks are encouraged. The staff does an great job monitoring of all student safety during outdoor play time. In addition, teachers and staff have taken classes on diabetic health for a type 1 diabetic student; as well as CPR and first aid.
I have two children attending Ambleside School of San Angelo. What I love most is how my kids are coming to love learning while receiving a rich and rigorous curriculum. A big focus in the early grades is the development of lifelong healthy habits that support learning and success later in life. The atmosphere supports real growth rather than fostering stress, while the teachers and school center on Christ.

Among private schools in our area, Ambleside is priced below many competitors while providing superior teacher-student ratios. Parent participation is expected, but fundraisers are held only twice per year - not every few weeks like at other schools (both private and public). School administrators also do a great job communicating with parents on a weekly basis; in addition to the standard parent-teacher interactions.

Charlotte Mason was an English author, philosopher and educator. Her educational philosophy is the basis for the instructional method at Ambleside. This school focuses on her educational principles which are best summarized as, "Children are born Persons and Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life."
The administration when I left was adequate, but things have changed since I've been.
For high school students, gym membership is provided and attended MWF.
It was a very small school. There really wasn't a lot of variety, and the same students are in every class.
I thought they prepared me for how to deal with others, but as far as prepping for college they didn't do that at all.
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