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The teachers and administration are exceptional at their jobs, handling children. Some of the teachers exceed the expectations, and some of them do not meet the expectations. That is one thing I believe could change, along with the safety at our school. We have no security at our school, and too much freedom. We could walk out without being noticed, and that is very unsafe for a school.
It is more like a family than any other school. At Am-Po the teachers and faculty genuinely want to see you succeed. They come in before school and stay after hours, whatever you need to be successful, they will do it. We have little to none discipline issues. We even have teachers drive over an hour to come teach at Ampo! That’s how great it is!!
Amber-Pocasset High School is like a big family. They welcome you into the school with open arms and loving hearts. They try to make you as comfortable as they can. They are strict on their rules on don't tolerate bullies. When their is a problem it gets solved. I especially love my Special Ed. teacher no matter the problem she is always there to help me solve the problem, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a meaningful, motivational, uplifting speech. To go to Amber-Pocasset is to be apart of the family.
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Most of the teachers at this school are really dedicated and care about their students and if they succeed, but I feel that it's recently been on a downhill slide with some of the newer teachers that they are hiring.
This school has many opportunities to expand your knowledge, but it's main focus is on athletics.
The dress code at this school has significantly improved and is now probably the best they can allow it to be. If some students wouldn't abuse their privileges then it could probably be more relaxed.
Chili Cheese Crispitos are the best meal that they offer, the services are usually pretty good and the cooks are always friendly.
Although our school does not have a large number of classes available, the ones that we do offer are great classes. Our TSA program had members who hold state offices, as well as our FCCLA organization. While our FFA chapter has proudly represented Oklahoma at the National Sales competition for the last five years in a row. So while we may not have a large selection of classes you can guarantee that the classes you are put in are top notch!!
Although we do not have a school nurse, we have several coaches who are available to help in any time of need. Also our office keeps band aids, gauze, and other first aid necessities in a place where they are available to everyone. Because we are a high school we do not really emphasize on the importance of health programs and things like that. But we have a very caring and approachable staff and administration. People have no problem seeking their advice if they ever feel the need.
Our administration are great people who make fair rules for the better of the student body. Although there are some who disagree with the dress code, I believe that the students all respect the rules our administration has made. And because of this we are able to spend more time in the classroom doing what is most important, rather than worrying about petty details in the school policy.
I have never heard or experienced any issues between students. We are all very accepting of each other's backgrounds and beliefs. Overall we have a great student body. I believe that our students are some of the most accepting people I know. Everyone is willing to step up and introduce themself to a new student or give them a school tour. No one sits alone at our school! Everyone is able to find a niche, and that's abgrat thing!!
Because of the new food guidelines our cafeteria is more limited in what they are able to serve. So there are times when the food they are serving is unappealing to students. But Juniors and Seniors have the daily option to walk to the town store, and there is always a salad bar available for the students who would rather eat that.
The student body in general is full of competitive kids. Majority of our students are involved in at least one sport. Because so many are involved it is important that they are there to support the other teams as well. Whether it be dressing up or making signs, our student body is a huge part of our teams support system. I have seen very few other schools be able to say they have a student body as supportive as ours.
The teachers at this school are always more than willing to go above and beyond. Whether it be extra tutoring outside of class before or after school, or walking by your desk a few extra times during class. I don't know of a teacher at this school who isn't more than willing to do whatever they can for a student in need! Our teaching staff is the best!
I have only been at Amber for 1 year now and I have fallen in love with it! The people and staff at this school are great, compassionate people who truly care. Everyone in the community is so supportive and wants to see each and ever student succeed. This is a great place to go to school. I couldn't be happier!
For being a small school we have a lot of great technology that student are allowed and encouraged to use. We have iPads, Apple TVs, and SmartBoards. That's just to name a few. We have a lot going for us technologically.
The school could use a more variety of food to choose from. They seem like they always have the some thing every week, hamburger some way. They need to have more of healthy snack to choose from.
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The school need to get more school activities. They are starting volleyball this year. They only have basketball and baseball for the boys. The girls have softball, basketball and now volleyball. We also FFA. and FLCA. The school and the comminute really goes out of the way and supports the school in each activities.
The school could offer more classes and sports.The teachers are they best, they take time out to help you and tutor you after school. The home work is not that bad.
The principal and the counselors are very helpful. The office staff will help show you to class to need to go to. If the kids wear the wrong clothing to school the call the parents and send them home to change. You can not leave the school for any reason without signing out. The 11th & 12th graders are the only ones that can leave school for lunch and they can only walk to the convenient store.
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