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A good school that promotes constant hard work and diligence. It is definitely a school where you can feel that hard work is rewarded with good grades.
I would like better school lunches, better classes, and better extracurricular. Also, more diversity would be nice.
One thing that truly stands out about this school is their teachers. Many of my teacher are very sociable and knew how to educate their students in a very efficient and easy to understand fashion.
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Academics at ASGL is terrific! My son says this school is just like any other school and got accepted to Harvard last year!
Best school to take Calculus! Almost everyone gets straight A's!! Come to ASGL!!! There's so many good basketball players!!
It was a great school and a lot of diversity . Put me in a position today to be successful. I learned how to deal with different people how to put my pride aside and just be humble for me able to get a great education. This school helped me become a student athlete, being able to balance both school and sports.
I have been attending this school since sixth grade and the cultural diversity never ceases to amaze me.
Ambassador School of Global Leadership isn't the greatest in academics or athletics, however, the teachers there care about the students and makes sure they are ready for college. Instead of focusing on only academics, the faculty focuses on every individual student to make sure they are ready for the next step in education.
I wish there was more involvement in our school (and more school spirit). But overall, there are teachers who do care and try to help you with anything you need as long as you're willing to receive the help.
What I like about this school is the opportunity it provides for students to learn. It is a school where teachers and students welcome people from all over the world while making sure we are getting the educations we need.
What I like about the school is that they help you with college things and how to take actions. Also to be a great leader and Investigate the world in many different ways.
ASGL has helped achieved academically and personally. Attending this school has gave the opportunity to engage in activities that weren't given in my previous school. I have also received support and help from the staff and the counselors, which has helped me stay on the right track since 7th grade. This school has made me into a global leader who helps others in need. My biggest challenge was that I needed to improve on my communication skills. The fear of talking to people would deny me the opportunity to receive help from others and to engage in academic programs until I moved to this school. Then in my second year I was socializing with teachers and people and I wasn't afraid to ask for help when I needed it. A huge benefit from this is that I would focus more and I had all this support from teachers, academic programs and all my friends. Another thing was diversity, which was one of the things that made me interested in learning about different cultures.
I liked how we had small classes. It made it easier to get to know everyone and make connections. It helped me be comfortable with myself because I knew everyone in my class. I would like to see better teachers.
The teachers are strict.The Scheduling Process is horrible because you dont get the classes you want and it takes too much time to change from class to class.
There are a small but different amount of clubs like typical Art,Physics Classes,Homeowrk Help,the Fashion club,etc.
The school is great but sometimes they don't have enough money to send us on fieldtrips or to do fun stuff. They have very strict rules but it is an okay school.
Teachers are at ASGL are not so bad. Some may be strict but some are friendly.
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We focus a lot on how we can help the world by supporting great causes or creating our own organizations. We are a very global-central school
Some of the teachers are good because they try to help you. They warn you if they know you are not ready for a certain class and help you find another class to relace it
There have been some cases where you report bullying, and a certain conference is held where staff think that getting the students together will help or/and get rid of bullying, when it's not like that at all. Bullying will continue being a problem. Some issues with the nurse is when it's an emerging and you are in a situation where you don't have a pass, the nurse will not attend you until you have a pass. Risky & dangerous. I don't feel safe when I leave school gates, the area is very bad & dangerous, high risk of gangs.
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