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I love the teachers that work there. The only bad thing I would say about the school is that some of the other students there can be mean.
I like how diverse the school is and how everyone fits into some kind of group. No-one is excluded from anything and the school comes together for school spirit.
When attending Amarillo High I enjoyed the school spirit displayed by the student body, and the dedication to our sports teams. Something I would like to see change would be better preparation for life after graduation.
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Terrible staff, new money basically runs the school and who gets elected for student leadership. Teachers play favorites and turn a blind eye to bullying, coaches don't teach players discipline or respect for other teachers and students. Terrible distribution of funds such as over funding for team sports instead of going towards funding towards academics. The only redeeming thing about the school is the lesser praised sports and the clubs as well as the fine arts department.
I love the people here and the teachers here are cool. The only thing is there is so much politics and if you wanna do anything you have to be nice, white, and christian.
Great school. Plenty of activities for all students. Teachers are involved with the students and seem to care
I like the school and I love (most of) the teachers. The halls could be a bit bigger for the amount of students that attend, and I also miss Mr. Webster. The new principal is crappy. A lot of the people that attend AHS are pieces of crap but the school is good.
Great school with great teachers. Good place to learn. It'd be nice if they would be less strict at graduations.
I loved Amarillo high because everyone was really nice and fun to be around. The school focused really hard on academics but also focused on athletics. They encouraged evryone to graduate and made sure everyone walked across the stage. The teachers were making sure you were going to be ready for college because they did not want you to fail they wanted you to have a successful life.
Amarillo High School is a top-notch school in the Panhandle. The teachers are incredible, and they not only try their hardest to provide students with the best learning environment possible, but they also try to get to know their students on a personal level to better their ability to teach. All the staff and administration are helpful, welcoming, and kind. AHS educators prep their students for a college environment, and they make it fun. Extra curricular activities at Amarillo High seem limitless and participation in school activities are encouraged. While every school has its issues, Amarillo High's pros significantly outweight its cons, and nearly every AHS student will interact with you in such a way that makes you feel welcome. Overall, Amarillo High School is an incredible school, and I am proud to be a Sandie
I have loved my experience at Amarillo high. I've been blessed enough to have teachers who care about my education, and faculty that truly invests in me. The school is not perfect, by any means. Amarillo High could use better classroom technology, and there could be more programs implemented to encourage student empathy and unity. Overall though, I have had an impeccable educational experience at Amarillo high.
Overall I felt like I received an excellent education at AHS. The foreign language classes were a bit of a joke and the more artistic classes lacked funding.
The Amarillo High community as a whole is above average. As a large 5A school, there are a lot of clubs (academic and extra curricular), sports, and activities to keep everyone involved.
I love how everyone is so accepting of diversity. Just because someone is interested in something that they could never imagine being interested in, they still want to be accepting of them instead of bullying them. I also love the teachers. All of the teachers care so much about your success and want to see you be amazing no matter who you are. I also love how competitive the entire school is! I've always worked super hard in school and try to get the best grades possible. I have a GPA of 3.7 and somehow still end up in the top 50%. I think that is so amazing that so many people care about their education and want to have a great future.
The teachers truly care about what principals they teach and our educations overall. The whole faculty is dedicated to push students to success, minus a select few. There is only a 4 star rating because the atmosphere can become unwelcoming at times because of the student body itself.
Amarillo High School was amazing for me. I loved how they have classes that you can take and experience different fields and careers. I personally took the culinary arts class. That is where I fell in love with cooking and chose my major for college. Overall the academics are great and you learn everything you need to if you apply yourself and try. The hardest thing for me, was taking AP classes with students who wanted to learn and do their best on everything and then going to a regular class where half of the students applied themselves and took the time to do their best. School spirit was amazing. Most of the school went to all the pep rally's and attended the sporting events. Most students were involved in at least one club or activity making the school very involved. Amarillo High was a great high school for me. If I could still be there I would enjoying friends and high school activities.
I think that Amarillo high is a great school. I have gotten a great education and I have made some amazing friends. There is nothing that I would change about my school.
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Coming from a different school my Sophmore year really opened my eyes to the pride & love the students have for their school. The pride we have is intense you can feel it in the air, the love we have is shown by representing our school. Being a Sandie is much more than just a mascot or what school you go to but part of the tradition and family values we share. One thing we are big on is keeping tradition alive, or KTA. I believe the reason why we are intectually the best, and the best in sport is from us striving to keep tradition alive. With us being the best and always winning we receive an uncrushable pride and love for Black and Gold. The students are all loving and kind to one another and the teachers care and look out for us as well. We truly are likep one big family and once you're part of it you'll always be a part of it. One thing Amarillo High stands on is Moral and Character, that is another thing us as students take away from the experience.
I came to AHS not knowing a single person. Needless to say I was terrified as if high school isn't bad enough. Weeks passed I made friends, friend that I still love hanging out with today. Friday's are the best!! We have honestly the best pep rallys. The whole school attends and I love seeing how much school spirit each class offers up. The teachers are great too! I've only had two teachers that I enjoyed less than the others. My calculus teacher has been extrodinary to have. Just this week we are having our annual caned food drive and she had no incentive for her students other than we should. So her class goal is to bring in 20,000 cans of food for the children's home. She inspired us to go out and help our community. I wish we had more opportunities like this to be involved with other students and the teachers on a large project like this one!
I loved Amarillo High. I went there all four years of highschool and took all Pre-AP and AP classes and I am now in my first year of college stress free because of how well they prepared me. The teachers there are very interested in your success but they also want you to succeed outside of their classroom and into the future. There are always activities going on around the school and plenty of ways to get involved. I am proud to say that I was a Sandie.
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