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Amarillo High is extremely competitive academically and athletically. I feel that out school is the most prepared for college beyond high school when compared to all other schools in Amarillo
I liked the helpfulness of the staff at the school. There are a lot of opportunities for students to engage in taking another step forward to advancing their education.
Amarillo High School is a great school. The AP and Dual Credit teachers are very well-trained and help prepare for college. There are many great activities for student involvement.
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I have enjoyed my time at AHS. I have made great friends, done well in classes and loved playing soccer for AHS. All of my teachers have been very helpful and have pushed me to be my very best. I do not live in the school district but wanted to attend AHS. I was allowed to transfer in and be a student at the school. High school is what you make of it and I think I have done well. I will say that I wish they would have had a more stable counselor set up at our school. I have had a different counselor every year. If they don’t know you one has to start over with a new relationship each year. Sandie till I die. Blow Sand Blow.
I like the overall feel of the campus and the updated facilities, but I do think the attitude toward school spirit could be improved.
Amarillo High School gave me a great overall high school experience over the 4 years I was there. It is a great college prep school that is often more challenging than college itself with advanced curriculum and teaching. While I attended AHS, I was involved in athletics, choir and other clubs which made the experience both fun and enjoyable. Being involved at AHS can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding due to the connections and experiences that can be made. At Amarillo High, there is almost no end to the ways to get involved from clubs, sports and fine art groups to get involved with. AHS has also made tradition of the wild windy weather of the Amarillo area with the Sadie mascot derived from a dust storm that came over the area long ago. With all this in mind, AHS is a very prestigious school to the Amarillo area that I would recommend to anyone considering to attend.
Amarillo High School is a wonderful place to attend. The teachers are well qualified and challenge their students to be the best they can.
I am a recent graduate of Amarillo High School and I believe it is a school rich with tradition that expects excellence from the students and staff. The faculty was always willing to work with me as a student. As a minority student I do believe that Amarillo High is lacking in the area of ethnic diversity. The make up of the school is predominately Caucasian, and the socio economic make up of the school is on the higher end of the spectrum. Overall a great school like many other places in society a little diversity would improve the experience.
My experience with Amarillo High School has been phenomenal. From meeting new people and seeing different faces everyday, I always had something to look forward too. I will always take pride in being an Amarillo High Sandie.
I have enjoyed my 4 years at Amarillo High School. I had the opportunity to play football all 4 years and baseball my freshman year. I am involved in the Engineering club and have made some great friends throughout my 4 years. I have enjoyed the pep rallies, dances and other school activities that have created great memories of my high school years.
i loved amarillo high. i had an amazing experience because of the amazing teachers and faculty, my awesome friends and being involved in numerous clubs and programs.
Amarillo High School was a sub-par experience socially. Academically, the challenges in classes were just average. They never challenged you to think for yourself, but did feed you a lot of information for the tests that were given.
I love the teachers that work there. The only bad thing I would say about the school is that some of the other students there can be mean.
I like how diverse the school is and how everyone fits into some kind of group. No-one is excluded from anything and the school comes together for school spirit.
When attending Amarillo High I enjoyed the school spirit displayed by the student body, and the dedication to our sports teams. Something I would like to see change would be better preparation for life after graduation.
Terrible staff, new money basically runs the school and who gets elected for student leadership. Teachers play favorites and turn a blind eye to bullying, coaches don't teach players discipline or respect for other teachers and students. Terrible distribution of funds such as over funding for team sports instead of going towards funding towards academics. The only redeeming thing about the school is the lesser praised sports and the clubs as well as the fine arts department.
I love the people here and the teachers here are cool. The only thing is there is so much politics and if you wanna do anything you have to be nice, white, and christian.
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Great school. Plenty of activities for all students. Teachers are involved with the students and seem to care
I like the school and I love (most of) the teachers. The halls could be a bit bigger for the amount of students that attend, and I also miss Mr. Webster. The new principal is crappy. A lot of the people that attend AHS are pieces of crap but the school is good.
Great school with great teachers. Good place to learn. It'd be nice if they would be less strict at graduations.
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