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AACAL has several great programs to offer for career jobs right out of high school. I'm going to get my EKG certfication next semester. You get plenty of hands on experience, and a realistic view of specific careers. It's a great school.
I am a transfer student from a different district in town and I had the opportunity to go to AACAL for two consecutive years. I went for the health science program and it was the best decision I could have made for me.
Health science teachers always help you
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AACAL offers National Technical Honor Society NTHS
Unique school that helps students for their future
Extremely knowledgeable, All care for success
This school has given me the opportunity to have a specialized job right out of high school. The knowledge and opportunities it has given me are irreplaceable. Because of this school I can put myself through college. My favorite experience is making a trebuchet in Physics for a contest, naming it, and dressing up as a team to launch it. Even though I only go to this school for 3 classes a day, I consider it more of a school than my main high school.
Teachers for Specialties are spectacular and very knowledgeable about their fields. They help students succeed every way they know possible, and also fundraise to give seniors scholarships. They have team-building trips during the year, and make the school feel like a family separate from the rest of the school district. It does take some a while to put in grades though, but they will be in before the end of the six weeks period. The vast majority of science and math teachers are stellar and available for tutoring, but some aren't quite as knowledgeable and so caution may be needed in scheduling which teacher you receive.
A great opprotunity, if you don't mind the blatant favrotism.
Some teachers help and some don't
The nurses don't really help with anything
We have some nice technology.
There are not many things to choose from.
Amarillo High has many athletic opportunities and we win at almost everything.
The clubs are not that fun or interesting
I go to two schools, Amarillo High and AACAL. AACAL is amazing and I have no problems with it, but Amarillo High is not so good. The teachers and students don't really care.
The principals are involved and caring.
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The teachers generally care about how you are doing and what is going on in your life.
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