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Amargosa Creek Middle School Reviews

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Amargosa was a great school! Yes, sometimes it was difficult to communicate with staff and other students but is a place I do not regret going to.
Everyone is actually very helpful throughout the school, it taught us how to stay safe. Bullying was never really an issue here at this school, and safety services would be taught to use about monthly just incase.
This school provides great techniques and delivers great options. There are a bunch of after school programs and during as well/
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This school was splendid due to all the people one will run into. Everyone is so friendly so this causes everyone to get to know each other fairly easily. Another great moment would be going to dances because you get to hang out with your close friends. You begin to realize it doesn't matter if you're with a crowd or not, just as long as you have your friends, they're the ones who make everything a day to remember.
One teacher I recall having n 6th grade was very knowledgeable. She use to push everyone of her students to do they best they could. Even when the students did not understand the lesson(s), she would go back and explain it up until he or she understood correctly. And even until now, I thank her for pushing me to be the best that I could ever be at his point.
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