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Amandla Charter School Reviews

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I love how the teachers are very supportive and they treat you like their own. They don't give up on you and they give you plenty of oppurtunities.
I love the calm and positive environment that Amandla has. They go above and beyond trying to make sure everyone feels like part of the family. As a student in spite of my surroundings I always felt safe at Amandla. The teachers are all "A 1" top notch and very patient when making sure all of us found away to connect to the information. I absolutely love Amandla Charter School.
Amandla Charter School is poorly funded and advised. Students break out into fights almost everyday. The Prinicpal is barely present for work. Faculty is disorganized.
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Academically terrible! They aren't on the same curriculum as CPS. I had to transfer my son back there because he was behind on the new material at CPS.

I think the students run the school. There is no structure or discipline. Students walk in that building any given time they want. Its hard to meet with a teacher in person to discuss grades or behavior. The only way they reach out to you is e-mail or text .

They do not show 8th graders how to fill out for other high schools because they want their students to go to their high school.
I would not recommend this school to Students who are looking to connect with a positive and supportive community. There are no clubs that I know of, and if there are any then it's most likely sports related. The teachers are probably the only good thing about this place to be honest. Some of them teach great life-lessons while providing us with the upmost support. The students, on the other hand, are highly disrespectful and can't be quiet at all. I haven't met everyone (Even though I've been here for years)but, I would tell parents that if you're thinking about transferring a Introvert/weird student to this school, then think again. Education is important, but not to the point where it should affect your child's mental health.
I've been at Amandla since 5th grade. Amandla is a decent school. They teach us higher grade level things that help us prepare for college. One thing I would change is the seniors having to wear uniform. Like it's our last year of High School. We should also, be able to pick our own classes. Lastly, we should get rid of the kids that have a background.
I would choose this school again because it trained me in a way that enabled me to see the type of education that I can pursue. I was allowed to explore college at a very young age thanks to Amandla.
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