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Amanda Elzy is a great school that I enjoyed going to through my time in highschool. It was a very interesting experience going to this school and I hope they will keep improving each and every year.
This school is horrible. It’s literally falling apart. The lunch is terrible, the classrooms are moldy, and they roofs are caving in. The bleachers, desks, computers, etc. are torn. I would like to see a better lunch program for this school and better teachers. There are a handful of teachers who care at this school and they are on the brink of giving up. This school could improve in many ways mostly physically. They should handle any health issues like getting the mold out of classes.
I loved the fact that every teacher cared about their students. I would love it if the security guards were nicer.
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my overall experience at Amanda High school is that the have the best teacher who help in explaining to your understand. Sometimes the teacher set up group meet to help out what you might need help with in class.Something I think Amanda elzy high should change is new books for students and better desk .
Amanda Elzy is a great school the teachers and staff take time to know you and help you with anything. However due to it being in the Delta it's poor with not many programs or books. I'd like to see my high school get better books and more programs for students to participate in.
Amanda Elzy High School is a very crazy investment. I have been an Amanda Elzy panther for four year, and I love hate it. Most of the students at Elzy isn't ready for college. We have been through a lot since my class have been freshmans. We are under conservatorship. This is very difficult for us to do thing we would like to do. This shouldn't be an excuse for not doing what we need to do as far as our education. I would love to change the fact that we should be more enthusiastic about learning. As a honor student it frustrates me to know how much potential that the students have at Elzy. I love being a panther don't get me wrong. There is nothing like home, but there could be a lot of improvements at our small school. We still have a lot of panther pride to have a lot of improvements.
Amanda Elzy High School is physically motivated, but mentally inclined. Every year books are shared, lunch is horrifying, and pettiness is stirred. I like that Elzy has emotionally stable students, but I dislike he support that we receive from not only the district but the staff! If I could change one thing I would change the administration!
The extracurricular opportunities are slim.
It's better than it was. Our nurse cares about us and she helps us.
It's an eccentric school. It might not seem like much to anybody else but to us its our safe place. We learn from each other to make ourselves better. We might not have many opportunities and clubs but we have many experiences and scholarships that helps us to be intelligent and outstanding.
If i could go back and do it all over i would.
I think most parents want the best for their kids but they put to much stress and pressure on them.
Most of the teachers are great but there are some who don't believe in helping. The teacher's styles vary from time to time.
The teachers are okay, I just feel like everyone isn't as motivated and encouraged as they should me.
There is no doubt that I feel safe at school.
The activities at this school are good but I believe there could be more sports than what are provided.
My school has been one of the craziest four years of my life. I guess what makes my school unique would be that not matter who hangs with who, what problem is going on we all can come together no matter what the situation. If I could do it all over I would. I would it over because I met wonderful people. There are also things I would go back and change. Such as one of my classmates committed suicide and it was a big impact on our class, even though it has brought us closer it also has taught us how you never know what people our going through.
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My school might not be one of the top high schools in the country, but it is one of the most caring and loving places I have ever attended. The staff shows true dedication, perseverance, and an amiable nature. I am truly honored to say that these teachers have been a major impact in everyone's life. They teach based off how a real professor would teach you, but hey also are well understood that you are still in high school and if you need help in something they are willing to help you. Sometimes they have problems out of students and their patience with us is incredibly strong. Not only do they focus on academics, they also teach us morals and life lessons that will truly help us in this world.
Some of the teachers at the school aren't as friendly. Some of them just don't care about us they only want the check.
I think every teacher at my school have their own style and their way of teaching ,but it best for everyone because everyone can learn.
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