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Amanda-Clearcreek High School Reviews

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I like the small community and the closeness of the people in the community. I would like to see better school funding.
Amanda High School is a small country school that is not very diversified. classroom size is small so we have good access to our teachers. Sports is very important to our school and to its success.
Amanda-Clearcreek is such a tight-knit community school that has your back in everything that you choose to do at the school. My experience there was unforgettable and was so much better than the previous schools that I attended. It provides high quality education and allows the students to have the freedom of participating in so many different activities all at once.
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Overall, the school is decent. If you're heavily involved in sports or in FFA, you'll do just fine. If you're heavily involved in art, theater, or computer sciences, good luck.
Few academic extracurriculars. Most after school activities include sports.
Most parents are uninvolved outside of their child
Teachers care and try to help you succeed but students tend to not ask for help and the teachers don't reach out
We have a few teachers who are the best possible, and a few who could step up their game.
Amanda Clearcreek is a very good school and I love it. You always feel welcome, teachers/students are very inviting. There are many classes to choose from and the teachers are here to help you succeed. GO ACES??
This school doesn't have as much trouble as most
It is a small town school and i wouldn't want it different in that way. Many of the teachers care about us, which makes it special.
Schools lunch could always be better. You can't go wrong with their tacos or Stromboli
The school administration is there to make sure all of us are safe.
Sports are the most supported at the school. Many of the community members support the sports programs as well.
many of the teacher are there for the students and not themselves.
The clubs are supported by the stuff. Many of the clubs are well funded, but every no then there is club that isn't as well funded as the others.
We have a small school so everyone is pretty much the same. If people are different they usually stick their own small group and that's it. Bullying doesn't happen too much in high school and was more prominent in junior high.
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Usually tutoring is from volunteer students so I think it's good because they continue to do it. The availability of our guidance counselor is usually not very high. Our school just got iPads but only like 30 of them so they just get passed around the school on a cart. Other than that we have four or five crappy computers in a classroom.
Our school recently installed a buzz in where the front doors are locked until the person from the office sees you trough a camera and buzzes you in. There are many cameras in ever hallway but who knows how often they're actually watched. The school nurse is average and so is the guidance counselor.
The best part about this school is the experience I got through band. The band director is like a second mom to so many band members and provides a home for so many kids. I am very disappointed in the education I received in sciences because it is close to none. That is the same for math until my junior and senior year. There are a lot of inadequate teachers at this school but a couple over achievers who pick up their slack in later years.
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