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I like the majority of the teachers, there are lots of great, diverse clubs. Also, the majority of the students are very welcoming and nonjudgmental. In addition, there is also a lot of help and support provided for students.
Most of my teachers are surprisingly very dedicated, and just the amount of acceptance in the student community is very comfortable.
Very competitive, with many students taking many APs and involving themselves in many extra curricular activities, but the community is also very caring, with teachers and students alike taking an active interest in the well-being of others; intellectual and academic vitality is abundant, and there are many clubs that provide niche (pardon the pun) academic interests to pursue
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If you want your child to be at a very prestigious high school that not only prepares them for college but life, send your student here. This place is the best.
Amador is academically challenging in a great community. The sports teams are strong and the school supports student athlete development.
I've enjoyed the three years here at Amador. The academics are great, school spirit is crazy, and the campus isn't all that bad. The librarians, college counselor, and teachers all work hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the students.
The teachers and the community were extremely supportive. Clubs were very active and were great outlets to meet other amazing people. There were many resources and support services for any kinds of needs.
Amador Valley High School is a fantastic school with a spirt filled campus. Amador provides academic support in addition to a wide range of honors and AP courses. The academic rigor is paired nicely with high achieving sports teams and other fun school events.
I feel The main focus of this school and the teachers agenda is on test scores that generate funds. If you fit in to the cookie cutter your accepted by both students and teachers. There is no tolerance for individuality and for students who struggle with mental and emotional issues such as social anxiety and depression. The teachers don't seem to be trained at all in recognizing these conditions in students and in how to provide adequate support. If you do not act like a little smiling robot you are shunned by teachers and even called out and ostarsized in front of other students. This can be damaging to a child. This is in fact bullying. If grades are failing there is immediate focus on that. But if your child was slipping emotionally wouldn't you want them to be in a school which deem this just as important as the test scores and that would take time to reach out to counselors and parents to atleast check in? Ignoring it can And has lead to some very sad consequences.
From business clubs to robotics clubs, this school honestly has it all. I couldnt have wished to go to a better school than amador. Teachers are well educated and supportive, and the environment is cooperative, yet competitive. Not every school can send 43 kids to UC Berkeley in one year. Proud to be a Don.
Very educational and diverse school. Good balance of academics, athletics, and extra curriculars. Go Dons!
I loved Amador Valley High School. It really felt like a family the way we all supported each other academically, athletically, spiritually, and emotionally. I cannot complain about my experience in high school.
I am currently a Sophomore at Amador Valley. While the school is older than a lot of high schools in the Bay Area, I feel that it gives us a sense of pride and unity. I always feel safe at school, and don't have to worry about someone trying to break in on campus. The teachers are good, as they care about our education and making sure that we understand the material.
Very competitive but high quality school. Amador Valley has some of the best teachers that all know what they're teaching, and it shows through their students. Amador Valley offers many AP and Honor courses that challenge their students while also getting some of the highest marks in the state.
Good experience. Good academic atmosphere if you take the right classes. Sports teams are fun and competitive. Teachers are good and bad, seems to depend on department. Administration could use some work, seems to always be at odds with students/teachers/leadership.
Amador was a really fun school that sets its students up very well for the future. A lot of the teachers are very nice and helpful and love helping their students. Overall, a great school to be at.
Great teachers, Lots of extracurricular activities available, a fun yet tough learning experience. I loved my time there. Amador really prepared me well for college.
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Large class sizes, unpleasant students, teachers don't bother to learn student names. Outdated technology, even in silicon valley. Go figure!

Not a good school at all.
They offer a wide variety of classes across all subjects. The teachers are very well educated and professional. The afterschool activities are a great experience. The students can be very judgemental and not open to different kinds of people.
I love the diversity and the number of available clubs. I wish the quality of teachers were better. Also, admin sucks. They will inevitably screw up your schedule every semester. Beware.
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