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Amador prepares its students extremely well for college, and is full of intelligent, friendly students and staff.
I loved my freshman year and senior year the best the staff does an amazing job helping students learn! I have been able to thrive there!
I loved the teachers and the resources provided. I believe Amador needs to do more about diversity. Although there is donversity, many of the students still don't know much or treat other cultures with disrespect.
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Amador Valley High School was such a learning experience. The diverse students were all uniquely involved in their passion whether it was DECA, MSA, or GSA. It inspired me to get involved and give back to my community. The teachers helped guide me and became mentors in my educational career.
There are lots of fun and interesting classes to take at Amador, and most of the teachers are really nice. It can be a little competitive.
I graduated from Amador Valley High School in 2017. I think it is a great high school. The teachers and other faculty are, in general, very skilled and helpful. The student body is diverse, wonderfully friendly, and academically oriented. In general, students are prepared extremely well for college by their classes at Amador. The facilities are not very modern, but they're not bad. Students and parents can be a little too academically tense at times (in my opinion).
As a student, my views are far different than those of teachers. While the classes are well taught and the test scores are high, there seems to be a disconnect. The educational environment is unhealthy due to its competitive nature and stress over classes. The students focus solely on their grades and scores while stressing about the amount of AP classes they have. Advanced Placement classes have become common and taking five or six in one year is regular. Amador no doubt prepares its students for difficult courses but could improve on focusing on the mental health of its students.
The teachers here are so welcoming. I've visited my counselor many times and she was very helpful during my college app process. Everyone is so kind and approachable We added a new class called access where students have a free period to go to any teacher to get help. I've heard from others who are in college and went to Amador that the classes at high school are as hard so the courses in college seem easy.
The environment is friendly and encouraging as well as stress-free; however, it does gear certain groups to success while neglecting others.
I transferred to Amador Valley for my junior and senior year. First coming here, I was extremely nervous to start at a new school halfway through high school. Despite this, I met some of my best friends here. Moreover, the school spirit here was amazing and it really made me feel included. Additionally, the academics here are excellent and definitely prepared me for college. The staff as well is amazing and I have forged relationships with teachers that truly care about my success, which is a must in doing well in school. Although it was a tough adjustment at first, I am so grateful to have gone to Amador even for the short time I was there.
Overall the school is pretty good. It is very old, so there are a lot of updates needed. For instance, many classrooms are still held in Portables after years of not having buildings. The sports teams are also not great, specifically the football team.
I have loved my time on campus for the majority of my high school career. Except, this year I have felt a change, that maybe the priority of admin has changed, and I have felt a very sexist undertone. Other than that, staff and students are great, and teachers are what make my experience great.
I met some great people. Some people here were cliquey and made high school more challenging. I enjoyed most of my education there and there was a great variety of classes.
Amador is a very spirited and welcoming school. There is a club for everyone and all the students are very accepting of each other. Some of the teachers are exceptional, while a handful are absolutely awful. It is an academically challenging environment with high competition and pressure to enroll in Honors and AP classes. With this rigor, the teachers need to be more understanding. But, at the end of the day, the student chose to take the class and they must adhere to the high expectations.
I like the majority of the teachers, there are lots of great, diverse clubs. Also, the majority of the students are very welcoming and nonjudgmental. In addition, there is also a lot of help and support provided for students.
Most of my teachers are surprisingly very dedicated, and just the amount of acceptance in the student community is very comfortable.
Very competitive, with many students taking many APs and involving themselves in many extra curricular activities, but the community is also very caring, with teachers and students alike taking an active interest in the well-being of others; intellectual and academic vitality is abundant, and there are many clubs that provide niche (pardon the pun) academic interests to pursue
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If you want your child to be at a very prestigious high school that not only prepares them for college but life, send your student here. This place is the best.
Amador is academically challenging in a great community. The sports teams are strong and the school supports student athlete development.
I've enjoyed the three years here at Amador. The academics are great, school spirit is crazy, and the campus isn't all that bad. The librarians, college counselor, and teachers all work hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for the students.
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