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I moved to Amador Valley High School my Sophomore year and I was very impressed with the Staff and how caring they were. I was able to go in and talk to my counselor comfortably without feeling judged. All the teachers I had really helped me prepare for college with all the material they handed out. My Senior year the school changed to a new schedule that I loved. After the first year with the schedule, Amador put a survey out to all the students and parents to see their inputs on it.
Terrible administration and equally inept teachers! Worse school in Pleasanton, avoid if you can. Teachers moonlight as tutors to avoid teaching in classroom, students seek tutors in Pleasanton to catch up to get good grades. This is a scam that the administration is made aware of, and does nothing.
Amador is overall a pretty solid school most people would enjoy attending, and be happy they attended. I think the school’s best aspect is the wide array of sports and clubs you could participate in. On the other hand for the school’s worst characteristic, there really isnt one. There are a few bad teachers as there are at any school, but in total it is a pretty great school.
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This is a very high-achieving school. It seems like everyone is competing against each other instead of working together. I don't know anybody who hasn't taken an AP class. It seems normal to be taking 3 AP's which seems crazy to me. I have had some amazing teachers and some pretty bad teachers. The amazing ones make all the work worth it, and I have liked most of my teachers. They have high expectations for all the students. There are lots of sports and clubs offered, but the school spirit isn't great unless you're at a football game. I've met some great people and made some great friends but there are always some not-so-great people. Overall, I usually like being a student at Amador but there are times when I just want to quit school because of all the homework.
Amador is a pretty good school. They have a fair amount of elective classes that you can take as well as the required ones. Not all of the teachers are great, but some of them are really good.
Amador is a very academically impressive school. Not only does it offer stellar academics but also incredible music programs, sports, and clubs. The administration can be overbearing and stops students from participating in and starting many activities.
Extracurriculars got me through my freshman, sophomore, and junior years here. The coursework can be quite rigorous and stressful but the tight knit communities formed in extracurriculars at Amador gave me friends, helped me find my passion, keep me in shape, and helped teach me skills to deal with stress that I'll be taking with me past high school. I participated in the Journalism and the Band programs at Amador, and I am so grateful that I joined both.
I loved the school spirit at Amador Valley. Everyone was very excited to be a don at the various sports games. There could be more food variety because several students buy lunch every day and the food is always the same. There are several clubs for students to participate in. I wished there were more resources and facilities for the students.
It is a great school with lots of great opportunities but the atmosphere was just too competitive which lead many of my peers to cheat and be dishonest to achieve high grades rather than focusing on actually learning.
infrastructure is crumbling but quality of teachers remains high. Of course there are some outliers but the majority of academics are of good standard.
Amador Valley High School is a great school to go to overall. They mostly have great teachers and the competitiveness provides a great environment to work in for all students.
Great school for academics! The teachers challenge you to do your best! In addition, the new school schedule is extremely helpful to students to help them learn.
I felt the school's culture was dominated by the attitude of the current principal. When the principal was great, the school culture was fantastic.
Teachers are supportive and students are nice!

Most of the students are hardworking and competitive!
Overall, Amador Valley High School really prepares you for college. If you take tough classes, like I did, its challenge, but then you are better prepared for the real world. The teachers are genuine and try and help their students. I was in the band program for all my 4 years and it was fantastic!
I love Amador Valley High-school! I feel luck to have spent 4 years at such an amazing school. Amador helped shape me into who I am today. I would like to see more involvement from our teacher and administration in mental health awareness and stress free environments.
Amador Valley High School is a great school. It offers a plethora of AP classes, has solid teachers and really pushes students to do their best. I loved it there. It prepares its students as best it can for college and accommodates those who have different paths in mind. One of the best parts about amador is the campus atmosphere. People are really nice and everyone seems to have some club or activity that works for them. If people do not have that activity, I am sure that the administration would be happy to accommodate them. All in all amador is a great school.
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There are quite a few teachers at Amador who genuinely care and want to see you succeed. I have found so many who have reached out to me when I really needed it, and who have sat down and gone over confusing concepts.
It’s a very difficult school. Some classes may assign a lot of busy work. The campus really needs to be painted because it’s getting ugly.
Great school, lots of friendly and spirited people. Courses can be a bit tough but that makes college easier.
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