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There are many class options to choose from. There are regular, advanced, gifted, AP, and AP gifted. There are many different clubs and sports offered for students to be involved. Many teachers are good and helpful. The campus is can use a good clean everywhere though. Overall, it is a pretty okay school.
Well all my years we're wonderful. It seemed to me Barbe added another culture now we have lots of foreign exchange students. It's cool to have them around because you find out things Google couldn't tell you. Barbe has excellent diversity even in the faculty.
I would definitely change the food served at lunch. If we could have an official financial aid counselor I believe we would definitely have a higher rate of college attendees.
The Campus could be cleaner and administration could be more involved with individual students. Guidance Counselors especially can be very inaccessible. However, many of the teachers genuinely care to see the success of their students.
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Overall good school. Very good with preparing for college and/or other college pathways. Teachers at Barbe could be better, but some lack in the educational knowledge of teaching.
Big school, lots of kids, hard to control though. rules are enforced only some of the time. Some teachers don't care as much as others. Some teachers are amazing and really hard-working.
Barbe is a good school, but only if you're willing to take AP or at least advanced classes. In my experience, the regular ed classes aren't very good. Students don't care and teachers don't have much power over them. But the AP an advanced classes I took were amazing. The students and teachers cared, and all of the teachers know what theyre teaching. The school has a hygiene problem, though -- it's disgusting and janitors dont seem to clean often. The bathrooms are disgusting and almost always are out of toilet paper and paper towels. And the cafeteria food sucks. The band and choir programs are amazing though.
My four years at Barbe were amazing. I met new friends and kept some old ones. Choir was my favorite part of it all. It's definitely something I'm going to remember forever!
I loved attending Barbe, the teachers was great and the principle was wonderful. His office was never closed unless he wasn't there. I miss miss Barbe so much
It's a huge school with many opportunities. Although the grounds and some faculty need a little work before they can be considered excellent, many of the faculty and students who do care make the school an amazing and wonderful place to be.
Barbe is a well rounded school with great academics and sports. I have attended barbe for the last three years and I can honestly say I enjoy it. I received many opportunities from going to school and I can only hope to receive many more. While attending barbe I was in student council, beta, key club, and many more so you have an abundance of clubs to join.
I liked the teachers the best at barbe. They are all nice, and caring. They actually care if you pass or fail. The environment is just wonderful and pleasant. It is a very neat and clean school. But I would say the could do better at having the bathrooms more clean, especially for the girls. Also to be more organized.
Barbe High School has been by far one of the worst experiences of my life. The school is very disorganized, with scheduling and registration always being a big hassle. Although Barbe claims to provide all students with the opportunity to excel, students are often kicked out of AP classes due to limited space. I take the highest level of coursework that is offered to me in three out of the four subject areas, but I still feel bored, as I have to do way too much rote memorization and way too little writing. I think this may be due to the large class sizes. A lot of classes are 30+ students, leaving little room for individual attention. A lot of activities are offered here, but it's hard to get actively involved as a new student like me because many kids are not very welcoming. Barbe High School has a reputation for being one of the best in the area, but I have lived in four different sates, and compared to other schools nationally, it is nowhere near high quality.
I love my school! Barbe has great faculty and all the teachers guinely care about your grades. One thing I would change, though, is the cleanliness. I understand that it is hard to keep a campus spotless when 2000 students attend it, but the bathrooms, halls and classrooms could use a nice scrub down.
I like Barbe because it comprises of diversity of students, teachers are veery friendly and a lot of extra curricular activities.
I have gone to A.M. Barbe High School since I started out as a Freshman, and I enjoy attending this school and take pride in my school. I like how extensive our opportuntities are to earn college credit early through AP Courses and Dull Enrollment opportunities. I also like how they offer a wide variety of clubs, sports, and organizations, so everyone can find a way to plug into the student body. Finally, we have awesome teachers who accurately prepare us for college and many resources that aid us in learning, such as a variety of technology, textbooks, and extra help/tutoring. The only thing I woud change about A.M. Barbe High School is to be able to have more one on one time with the counselors.
My experience at this high school has been great. There have many people that have helped me in so many ways. Even when I wanted to give up, there were people in every corner pushing me to keep moving forward. The staff is great. Everyone is so nice and is always willing to lend a helping hand. There are so many opportunities offered at this school it is ridiculous. The teachers here never give up on a child. The principals here make sure the students have ample chances and opportunities to do right. I love everything about this school and I would reccommend it to anyone.
I only went to Barbe for my freshman year of high school. It is such a large campus, it is VERY overwhelming.
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I enjoyed the leadership positions that I was able to participate in and the teachers that actually cared about their student's performance.
I mostly took Advanced and A.P. classes, but the basic classes were below average. You could tell the teachers really didn't care. They would hand out A's without any work substantial work required. Some of my higher-level teachers were a bit haughty. I felt that they had favorites in the class and were not sympathetic to the working students. Not every student is able to go to school and only have to worry about school.
Lots of ways to get your grades up like credit recovery.
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