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I switched to Barbe my sophomore year & i felt extremely welcomed and included in all that was going on around me. The teachers were helpful, the faculty and staff were so sweet and always had the students' best interest at heart. The campus is safe & there's a lot of groups and student organizations for every walk of life on campus. I'm now a senior & reaching my final 5 months of high school and it's been a wonderful experience. The only thing i would change about my high school experience would be attending Barbe my freshman year as well.
Barbe High School has a nice, open campus with several building connected around several courtyards. It concentrates heavily on academics and most teachers' primary concern is making sure their students understand their material and will be ready for either college or the work force. Generally, I wouldn't recommend changing anything about this school. Despite its high student volume, it's safe and it has a high academic success rate among its students.
I graduated from Barbe in 2017. Barbe is THE school in Southwest Louisiana to be apart of. Great school spirit. We're #1 in almost everything and we dominate in sports.
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I liked the teacher at the school. You can really tell that they care about their students. I also loved how involved the students are in school sports. They support each other.
The school has amazing faculty that are always willing to help. Sports and academics are awesome. Everyone is well-spoken and has the best in mind. The consideration for their students is encouraging.
The advanced class teachers are amazing. They all care enough to help you. They all want you to succeed.
Barbe is an okay school. It is very diverse and there is an activity for everyone to participate in. The food is very bad and it is never very clean. Academics are very important. Sports are a big part at school. I had an okay experience at A.M Barbe High School.
My experience at Barbe High School was overall a good experience. The administration took care of any issues that came about over the past three years. I was in band, football, cross country and track. Barbe offers numerous athletics to join as well as other organizations. The overcrowding of the classrooms is a continual problem. The food provider is also an issue. There is not enough served per student.
I would say that Barbe is one of the best schools in the Calcasieu Parish. While it has its regular problems with the staff and students, my experience there is that they will go all out for you to advance to college. I do not know if it is just because it made them look good, but I really do not think I would of made it this for without competition and pushed from my teachers at Barbe.
A.M. Barbe High School is the one of the few high schools in Lake Charles, LA alone. Although it lacks academics, this school has diversity which makes this school representative for Lake Charles.
Barbe High is a school out of a movie! I will miss school when I graduate but as I progressed through the grade levels, I did notice that life in high school became more complicated with more responsibility. But I guess that's just life.
My experience at Barbe High School is one to remember. I was a part of the marching band. It was the greatest experience and it helped shaped who I was as a person. I met so many people who are still very important in my life. I had some fantastic teachers that really encouraged me to excel.
Barbe High School is a great place to be if you want to be challenged academically. Although the student body is diverse, the school doesn’t recognize the cultures and beliefs of different races and religions.
Barbe was a great school, the teachers were nice, and always taught. I learned a lot and had fun while doing it thanks to A.M. Barbe High School.
The only thing I enjoyed about Barbe High School was spending time with my friends. The teachers were not always helpful. None of my teachers were encouraging. The environment was not motivational. The counselors were unhelpful and did not give us any helpful tools for the future as they said they would. They are not helpful with giving students the opportunity at higher education in college. There aren't many clubs on campus. A lot of teachers would not teach but instead give worksheets and quizzes and open book tests to get students to pass easily. I hope that in the future that teachers are motivated to teach students and give them opportunities at a better education and that they can do anything and be whatever they want in this life. I just hope that the administration cares. I do know there are a handful of teachers who do care and love the students there.
I found the teachers to be very concerned about the students and willing to assist. The classes I took have prepared me for college. The coaching staffs for volleyball, softball and girls basketball were excellent. It is a fairly large high school, but was fairly easy to be involved with sports, clubs, and classes.
Barbe High School is the ONLY A-ranked high school in the State of Louisiana! With that being said, we have AMAZING teachers, and staff members, who care about our grades. The teachers want you to pass their class and have a successful future. Barbe High School prepares you for college. We have PLENTY of AP, advanced, gifted, and duel enrollment classes, which allows you to graduate with college credits as a high school senior. We have many activities to choose from. Some of them are football, basketball, baseball, marching band, concert, jazz band, mens choir, women choir, show choir, dance team, color guard, winter guard, and speech & debate just to name a few. Barbe also offers tutoring on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm-5:30pm and the library is open to us before and after school as well.
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I enjoyed how the teachers made sure I was aware of what was going on at the school. Enjoyed the Track and Cross Country coachses and how they allowed GOD to be included in the sports. The last 4 yrs have been fun and enjoying. My classes changed me to do my best and to aim higher. The Friday night football games were the best. An all nighter for Sr. Prom and Sr. year Homecoming. The food was bad they need my mom cooking, ger veggies taste good and I eat them. Not enough books in the class room. My four years at Barbe were Great. I recommend this school to anyone.
I have gone to Barbe highschool for 4 years now, and I can confidently say that for the most part the teachers here give their all to their students. I have taken gifted and ap classes, and the selection available is brilliant with tremendous teachers.
A.M. Barbe allows you to expand your student abilities by allowing you to pick your own classes with the help of counselors and it provides a supportive environment.
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