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Alyce Taylor Elementary School Reviews

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This is the best aspect of Taylor through the years.
there's a lot of engaging activities for all students. Data is used to gauge student knowledge. Students are challenged at all levels.
Again, the staff works hard to provide strong health and safety policies.
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This school does not offer much for after school clubs but does a lot of family nights/events.
It would be great if there was a gym and more outdoor equipment.
The staff at this school really cares.
I love all my teachers at this school. They always provide help when needed and usually provide very insightful thoughts and ideas that can help me in the future. The best part is they are very friendly to where i can be friends with almost all my teachers.
The school offers a variety of options and opportunites for all students in any area needed. If there is something you need, the shcool provides it and if they don't then they try to incorporate it.
The school does as much as they possibly can with that kind of stuff, from help outside the school, clubs, and the administration does what they can. However bad things are going to happen, and the school does what they can.
This school has been my home for almost 4 years now, and looking back, yes I've had my ups and serious downs, but only do I remember the ups. High school has also been the cause of so many milestones in my lifer such as: relationships, opportunities, and memories that would not have been possible at any other school. If I had to do it all over again, Spanish Springs High School would be my choice in a heartbeat. My best times are with this school and i wouldn't want it anywhere else.
Every team I've ever been on, I've never had a bad experience that stayed with me. Everything i've ever been on has been memorable.
The administration is great but the choices aren't always what works best for all.
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