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Had many problems through my time as a student here with fellow students who are unkind and certain teachers who do not do their work. Not an accepting environment among students for the few of us openly LGBT students
I liked how small the school was and how much one on one time we got with the teachers. I also liked the college courses that were available to the students.
Alwood Middle/High School is a very small school in Woodhull, Illinois. It only has about 98 students in the high school. Here, we have outstanding one-on-one time with our teachers. The only thing I want to change about our school, is how poor we are. We can't afford many new things, because of our very tight budget. Overall though, For the 13 years I have gone to school here; it has given me a great education.
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We have a lot of clubs and teams, and recently our library started an after school program where students can stay and get help from teachers for a couple extra hours. Along with the after school program came more clubs, which are all free or reasonably priced. Belonging to these clubs and teams are fun, and you get to go on exciting field trips and to competitions.
Our gyms are always packed with parents and a lot of times there is standing room only. Concerts are also very popular, and our music boosters help us put on a special concert for our early bird jazz band. Parents are all about fundraising and encourage students to do their best.
The teachers don't hesitate to answer questions when asked and offer help when they see someone that doesn't understand what was taught. Teachers are almost always available before school or after school, and always available during advisory period.
The school does not offer many elective classes or harder classes for the advanced students.
Not all of the teachers keep up on their grades.
Our school looks after our health and safety very well. There is a zero tolerance rule at our school and there is random drug testing to make sure no one is taking part in it. Our school does not tolerate bullying. I feel very safe at our school.
There is some variety in food. There are not many healthy food options. There are no snacks except for the vending machine. Our lunch is ok. Many bring their lunches because they school food is not that great.
Our principal, staff, and guidance counselor take the handbook seriously. They do not take bullying well, and there will be punishment. Everything in our handbook is enforced and if the rules are broken there will be punishment.
There is a lot of involvement in our sports programs. The teams have decent to more than enough athletes to make up a great team. Our sports teams are usually really good and take the game seriously. We always have great fan support from the community. Our school spirit was not very good until recently when everyone has rejoined and made a change to create great school spirit. Our athletic facilities could be better, but we make what we have work.
The teachers in our school do their jobs very well. They go above and beyond their job title a majority of the time. The teachers make sure everyone is able to understand and learn the lessons, they have the best knowledge on the subject and make sure they are up to date on the curriculum, they take interest in the students and make sure they are doing well in class, they help the ones that are struggling, that take the time to talk to us and catch us up on things we missed, and they stay consistent when grading. Our teachers care for the students like they are their own kids. We have and excellent teaching staff that always looks after the students.
Due to Alwood being a small school, there are not very many extracurricular activities. We do have the typical sports that all students get involved in. These include: Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Track, and Cross Country. Our school also has Band, Marching Band, Choir, and Art club. The majority of our students are involved in all, or most, of these activities. Almost everyone in our High School is involved in at least one sport and Band. All of our students have a very high commitment level to the activities they do.
We have a typical dress code. (no exposed stomachs, three inch straps on tank tops, shorts must extend past fingertips) Those who break the rules are taken care of according to our discipline policy. Our principal is excellent.
We have safety drills quite frequently. Generally, students are nice to one another. We have a nurse who knows how to take care of people. Bullying isn't really an issue.
We don't have many students to take part in our sports. Our school has a co-op with Cambridge High School in order to have enough players for most teams. Coaches aren't always the best because our community is quite small.
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The food at our school follows the healthy food standards, but it doesn't always taste the best. There are options such as salad, but again, they don't taste the best.
The small class sizes make it easier to learn
In some respects I feel prepared but sometimes I don't feel quite ready for the road ahead of me. My teachers have ensured that the other students and I know what college will be like but there is still a feeling like no matter what anyone has ever told me I can never truly be completely prepared.
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