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There’s a lot of variety with the clubs and sports that you can do, and the CTE program gives a lot of opportunity to learn about careers. However, a lot of the administration doesn’t do their jobs half the time, the “community” that they try to build isn’t there and never will be, and the art department is severely neglected and screws over the kids who want a career in the arts, such as myself.
My experience at Alvirne High School was not the typical high school experience. The educational and extra-curricular opportunities are incredible, but you get out what you put in. If you choose to coast through classes at Alvirne, and not take challenging courses with good teachers, you will not enjoy your experience, nor will you get much beneficial experience out of it. I, however, chose to take AP classes with the best teachers, was picky about my schedule, took part in sports teams, and was a part of numerous clubs and honors societies, so my time was well-spent. I come out of this experience looking back thankful to have gone to Alvirne. This school has shaped me for the better.
lots of work load and some teachers just don't care. The hallways are extremely tight and you can barely get through and make class on time. The diversity is bad, mostly white. the worse decision you can ever make in this school is paying for lunch. Each cost $2.75 and it's barely edible. Wouldn't recommend at all.
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I was part of the graduating class of 2017, we had a good vocational program that allowed students to try different careers before they went to college. We had a student run store, called the bronco barn, that sold different foods. They sold a variety of different cookies that students would go crazy over. Overall the school was alright and it was fun being a part of the class of 2017.
I had a brutal experience at Alvirne, and I’m sure others did too. There was bullying nonstop, to me and others, and administrators never took it seriously. Even though the academics were good and well organized, the characters of other students there were very bad, and nothing was done about it ever. The only punishment I’ve seen given out is a small detention for ASSAULT AND BULLYING. On a more positive note, the opportunities are very wide. There are many CTE programs, which provide students with the ability to take classes of things they want to do after high school. The programs are very detailed, and the teachers are very nice and supportive. Im happy with the academic part of Alvirne, but not the bullying.
Overall, there is a lack of spirit and motivation from the students and many of the teachers. The school does not offer many AP courses, and the ones they do are not challenging in the least bit and do not feel like classes designed to prepare students for college. Many times, I have had multiple teachers repeatedly tell us that Alvirne is nothing like college and that we will have a huge culture shock when we enter it, but do nothing to change the culture within the classrooms or the entire school to better prepare us for what is to come.
Alvirne is poorly ranked in academic rigor and/or education, and it’s unfortunate for me to be limited by my school’s curriculum when it comes to how colleges view my school. However, the teachers couldn’t be more kind and considerate, and I have made so many memories that are unlikely to leave me soon. Although at times I became fed up with unnecessary assignments that didn’t teach me anything, I feel prepared well for college and I look forward to a change of pace.
Going to Alvirne High School was a great experience for me. I became friends with many people that I have become very close with, the teachers and other staff are always welcoming and put students first, and our core values are always shown through actions everyday. What should really change is more freedom and less strict rules. Also, student's voices need to be heard more often and our needs for the school should be taken into consideration.
Alvirne high school has been my home for the past four years. I’ve met all my friends here and I met some brilliant teachers who really got connected with me. Some teachers get so involved in students it’s great to see. Our principal makes it clear that all are welcome and we’re just a great community
My experience at Alvirne has been different. The only thing personally that I like about Alvirne is the CTE programs.
In my short time at Alvirne I made great friends and felt so welcomed by the students and staff. My teachers really cared about me and helped me through my transition into a new school.
Overall not a horrible school. One of the problem is the administration doesn’t give kids the freedom they deserve. Also as a freshman I didn’t know my gpa would affect me as much as it really does. I wish they let me know freshman year that getting good grades will truly help with college acceptance and other important things like scholarships and what not.
Alvirne has a great CTE program that will help students grasp an idea of what they would like to do further in their life, but I would like to see teachers that actually want to teach their students
I liked the teachers. They actually like their jobs and teach their students. However most of the focus was on sports and not academics. This was the down fall of Alvirne.
My experience has been good. The teachers are very nice. I like that Alvirne offers many classes other than regular maths, sciences, etc.
Throughout my four years at Alvirne I have had the opportunity to take full advantage of the courses offered. While the vast majority of teachers are wonderful, the math and science department didn't have the best teaching methods...
Alvirne High School has many great programs for all students. Many of the programs work with the community on projects that help the environment. If something needed to be changed or added it would be more changes with correcting information given to administration on contact information.
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High school was very tough for me and i blame the fact that the art department is often looked past and neglected. I am happy that they now have photo classes! However, I struggles through all of my art classes due to low quality of supplies, low quantity of supplies, very few art class offerings, and crammed classrooms! Many art classes that I took were in a room with TWO DIFFERENT classes being taught at once BY THE SAME TEACHER. This made it extremely difficult to get the one on one time every art student needs
The past four years at Alvirne High School have allowed me to realize that this is such an insignificant portion of the entire life I have ahead of me. I do not need to care what the students think about me as I will most likely never see them again. I do wish that teachers and administration would allow us more freedoms, i.e going to the bathroom without having to ask, instead of treating us like we are in first grade, when we are actually going to college in 2-3 months.
Alvirne High School has grown to be my home and forever will be. The once large and scary building that I entered as a freshman has since become a small and comforting place for me to create friends and make new bonds. Alvirne is a friendly and welcoming high school with amazing staff who go above and beyond to help each and every student succeed!
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