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Overall not a horrible school. One of the problem is the administration doesn’t give kids the freedom they deserve. Also as a freshman I didn’t know my gpa would affect me as much as it really does. I wish they let me know freshman year that getting good grades will truly help with college acceptance and other important things like scholarships and what not.
Alvirne has a great CTE program that will help students grasp an idea of what they would like to do further in their life, but I would like to see teachers that actually want to teach their students
I liked the teachers. They actually like their jobs and teach their students. However most of the focus was on sports and not academics. This was the down fall of Alvirne.
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My experience has been good. The teachers are very nice. I like that Alvirne offers many classes other than regular maths, sciences, etc.
Throughout my four years at Alvirne I have had the opportunity to take full advantage of the courses offered. While the vast majority of teachers are wonderful, the math and science department didn't have the best teaching methods...
Alvirne High School has many great programs for all students. Many of the programs work with the community on projects that help the environment. If something needed to be changed or added it would be more changes with correcting information given to administration on contact information.
High school was very tough for me and i blame the fact that the art department is often looked past and neglected. I am happy that they now have photo classes! However, I struggles through all of my art classes due to low quality of supplies, low quantity of supplies, very few art class offerings, and crammed classrooms! Many art classes that I took were in a room with TWO DIFFERENT classes being taught at once BY THE SAME TEACHER. This made it extremely difficult to get the one on one time every art student needs
The past four years at Alvirne High School have allowed me to realize that this is such an insignificant portion of the entire life I have ahead of me. I do not need to care what the students think about me as I will most likely never see them again. I do wish that teachers and administration would allow us more freedoms, i.e going to the bathroom without having to ask, instead of treating us like we are in first grade, when we are actually going to college in 2-3 months.
Alvirne High School has grown to be my home and forever will be. The once large and scary building that I entered as a freshman has since become a small and comforting place for me to create friends and make new bonds. Alvirne is a friendly and welcoming high school with amazing staff who go above and beyond to help each and every student succeed!
Overall, I can say that my experience at AHS was not as horrid as people may describe. I was surrounded by lots of diverse teachers and students, along with many teacher styles that kept it interesting. Though there are many wonderful teachers in the district, many seemed to care more about the students clothing and/or their cell phones than the quality of the experience in class along with the hallway. The lunch was as expected, based on stereotypes when it comes to school lunch; it was not the best. Along with not-so-great food, quite a few fights had been created and left physical energy. Though I am biased, Alvirne was a fantastic music program along with a phenomenal agriculture program, both of which have put this school on the map for being about par. The principle is always excited for the day, even on a Monday. Though this experience wasn't great, it was far from perfect.
It's a high school. It has some great teachers, mostly okay teachers, and a few terrible ones. The administration puts in some effort but not enough to make it an enjoyable place to spend four years. They have little control over the students especially in matters of harassment or bullying.
I have had nothing but good experiences at Alvirne. However, I wish there was a bigger sense of school pride from the student body.
Alvirne is a pretty decent school. The only problem that I see is that the town could put a little more money into the school. We just got a brand new track, costing the town a lot of money. My question is, why do we still have books from decades ago? What about the music program? I believe if the town saved up a bit longer, we could eventually have an auditorium, proper for school assemblies, performances, town get-togethers, etc. Alvirne is decent but could be way better. (Especially when you compare us to pretty much every other school around us)
I enjoy my time at Alvirne because of the academics. Many of the teachers are good at what they do and they enjoy teaching. I do wish there was a male volleyball team, however.
Alvirne is very focused on their athletes. I was enrolled in the Veterinary Science course and received little accreditation from the administration.
Alvirne was a good high school to attend. They had so many choices for classes and I never had scheduling problems. The people there were good too. The teachers were also really awesome.
Alvirne offers a lot of different opportunities and programs. Some of which include vocational programs and clubs like Forestry, Health Occupations, Welding, Horticulture, Veterinary Science, Culinary, psychology club, horticulture club, FFA, National Honors Society, band, ect. Alvirne really pushes a student to try and do their best and really prepares them for college. The school itself is filled with brilliant people. The majority of the staff and teachers there are really nice and will help you as much as they can. There are a couple of "bad" teachers like in any school, but overall, everyone is really cool. My one complaint is the hallways. They are always crowded especially at major intersections so it takes forever to walk down the hall. Overall, Alvirne is a pretty good school.
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I went to school and I graduated. It wasn't until my senior year that I really connected with the teachers I had
Alvirne teachers are "just okay" because not all them are the same. There are some teachers that will devote all their time into the students education. Others give less attention to students and more to curriculum.
The school nurse is always available and nice. I always feel safe at school. There is a school resource officer and drug dogs have been brought around at times.
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