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I personally think they really care about our opinions, it's an open yet safe campus they try to do their best to keep us safe. We have an hour for lunch which is really great and I wouldn't change it for anything
I think the school is great! I have spent 3 years here. In these years multiple teachers and other staff have helped me to continue a path which was beneficial to me.
I came from a very small town and moving to Alvin opened countless doors for me to succeed. Not only were all of my teachers always there to help me when I needed it, the counselors, administrators, coaches, and staff were always right there handing me the tools to succeed.
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What I enjoy about Alvin High School is that it is an open campus. At the end of each year we take advantage of that and have our annual Club Day in the middle of the open campus and play games with our peers. Something I would like to see change in Alvin High School is the involvement of the teachers with all the students not just select students. I want to see that every student is allowed the same priveledges no matter the race, religion, place of origin, sexual orientations, or even the different groups and activities a student is in.
Alvin High School was an interesting experience, troublesome at first but smooth sailing in the end. The faculty are great and responsive, communicate well and look out for all students alike. The only thing worth changing is the approach to learning by teaching students comprehensive information that is useful and interesting rather than year-long preparation for standardized testing. This kind of atmosphere fosters encouragement and inspires student to strive to meet their full potential.
Alvin High School taught me many things aside from math and science, it taught me responsibilty, teamwork, and technical skills i will carry thoughout future. I was able to mature and grow as a leader and a learner. I feel prepared for college after my many challenging classes and school involvement.
Even though i'm not done completing my 4 years, with my experience so far I'll have to say AHS was an huge positive impact in my life education wise and social wise and i'm glad I chose to spend my high school years here.
In my experience at Alvin High School, I've had the best teachers. They are all so passionate about what they do and they truly want to see the students succeed. It's fascinating to hear them teach because they are all so educated and even have actual experience in working with the subject they teach. For an example my government teacher worked in a congressman's office and occasionally works in the courthouse.
Alvin is a great place to make sure everyone can be involved in some type of club or extracurricular activity.
If you are looking for a school that brings diversity, helps prepare the students for the future, and has plentiful resources, Alvin High School is not the place. With multiple buildings lousy with mice, mold, and a hint of bat urine, Alvin High School has curated a beautiful place for sports, but when it comes to classrooms, they would rather rebuild a stadium for their not-so-successful football team.
I like how the admin and teachers are constantly striving to improve, and while there may be issues with individual teachers or programs, the community at Alvin always does its best to make things better.
the teachers were great and the tutoring that they did really helped me to pass all my classes and helped me to graduate from Alvin High School
Throughout Alvin High School, there was always a significant goal of college in mind. College was drilled into the heads of all students from the second they set foot through the doors. However, there were many occasions to which college preparation was not sufficiently met. Classes were met with a leniency that is uncommonly seen in schools across America.
The thing I like about Alvin High school is that it's a very big school with a comfortable environment.
I have currently been in the alvinisd school district since pre-k, and it's horrible I suggest that if you encounter Alvin highschool to just go ahead and look for another school. Don't get me wrong, some of the staff is amazing, but they need to learn how to teach and get the students to engage with the material and actually want to learn.
My experience in the AP program, NHS and the Band program made my high school experience fulfilling.
I liked the teachers, they are available and helpful. I really enjoyed my 4 years there. I was also a part of the marching band which made my High School experience the best I could have.
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So far I have had good teachers since I mostly take advanced classes. This year they have been making many changes to the schedule and are trying a new way for students to have an hour to eat lunch or do an activity or even work on homework. Which I think is a really great thing that will help most students as well as teachers.
I had good and bad times going to school here at Alvin High School. But, now that I am done with high school I see mostly the good times. The school lunches at Alvin high school were not the best.
It's a wonderful high school with nice teachers and people who care about your education. There are plenty of resources on campus available, however, it requires the student to put some effort in to get ahold of that information themselves. School spirit is growing and so is the campus.
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