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Most of the teachers are helpful when it comes to helping a struggling student. They offer math tutoring which has helped many students pass difficult classes such as pre cal and college algebra. However, some teachers don’t offer help to the students and seem like they could careless about if a student succeeds or fails.
My experience at Alvin C. York Institute was very enjoyable. Our school has a great atmosphere for learning and student involvement.
Alvin C. York is an overall excellent school to attend. The work environment is very neat and clean. The teachers do whatever it takes to push you to do your very best. School activities and involvement are great. A lot of students come out and support the dragons at just about every game. Overall an excellent school.
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Alvin C York is a very good school to send your children if you ever move to Jamestown. The faculty and staff are all very nice as well as some of the students. I wouldn't want anything about this school to change.
During my four years at this high school, it became a great place to be at. The teachers are really helpful and caring. There's a good number of clubs you can join, with them ranging from the Science Club to Student Council. There's also opportunites to get help with your school work if a person is struggling in class. Overall, it's a great school to be at. However, I must say that the school's food must be improved as a better means of being able to get students to eat breakfast and lunch.
It has been a wonderful experience for me at York. The teachers are really interested in the students and are preparing us for college!! Sports are a big part of the school and our coaches are very supportive.
Alvin C. York Institute is a great place to learn and make lifelong friends and memories. I attended school there and now my children are students there. The teachers are personable and do a great job to prepare students for the future.
As a senior of Alvin C. York Institute, the least I could say is that I've enjoyed every minute of it. The teachers are so kind are willing to reach out to any student to help them in all subjects. However, something I would like to see change is something that almost every school has, bullying. Bullying not only hurts the person being bullied but also the schools look from the outside.
There are many extracurriculars available. Everyone should be able to find at least one they are interested in.
It was a small school so you basically knew everybody. Even people in different grades were willing to help each other if they needed it.
All the teachers want their students to succeed and are available if help is needed.
There are several options to choose from and everyone enjoys them.
It was an interesting experience at this school. I think more people are interested in the sports than actually an education.
There are a few teachers who really try to teach the students, but also be friendly and respectful of their ideas. Others, however are not as good.
Highschool sports really made my highschool experience memorable.
Most of the teachers care about their students and try to help them if they can.
Most teachers will go out of their way to ensure you understand. The school spirit is weak and our most popular sports teams suck. What makes this school unique is the fact that we're state funded.
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My experience at York has made me who I am today. I have made mistakes, and learned from them. York has some issues within the school, but my overall experience has been great.
Honestly i liked this school. It's my favorite that i've attended
I would defiantly chose Alvin C York Institute again. I feel the school is full of caring teachers who push my student to do his very best. I feel they want my student to prosper and be prepared for the future. It is a small school but still has enough different sports and activities to accommodate to all different personalities. The have a program that awards the students each semester for having good grades and even having perfect attendance. The school is always clean and well maintained. I have been very pleased with Alvin C York Institute.
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