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Alverno is a nice time. Many things need to be changed administration wise and facilities wise for it to be worth the price but the students and teachers are amazing, supportive, and make Alverno what it is today.
I choose Alverno because of who I wanted to be. I think being a good student academically is very important but even more so is being about to USE that intelligence. What I learned at Alverno is how to be outgoing, use my communication skills, and navigate real world situations.
At Alverno I was able to try new things, from basketball to government I could do it all. At this school you are not just a number, each and every teacher knew me on a personal level and really took the time to understand me and my learning needs.
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Alverno has been a place where girls can discover and pursue their passions in everything from science to service.
great school, would recommend to any incoming freshman or transfer student in Southern California, the community is welcoming to everyone
Alverno Heights Academy has a decent background with a liberal environment, which actively supports girls' education, LGBTQ, and equality among races. However, the administration ruins its environment and makes continuous conflicts not only with students, but also with teachers. They emphasize women's voice and feminism, but its administration does not even listen to female students unless they are either popular or wealthy.
The teachers and the environment are awesome. People are super friendly and if you need help with anything, there is always someone there to help you.
Overall, my experience at Alverno Heights Academy has been a growing experience. Alverno helps you grow as a woman, encouraging the philosophy of anything is possible. The faculty and staff are an amazing support system, opening many opportunities. The coaches are open to anyone, giving everyone a fair chance no matter the experience in that sport. In conclusion, the environment is friendly and the variety of classes and clubs gives girls a change to open up their options.
gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 so so so so gr8. this school? gr8. forget fsha, this school is grrrrrrrrrr8!
I feel that I am well prepared for college by my College Counselor. I would change the way the schedule runs.
My experiences at Alverno Heights Academy have been very excellent. My classes are both engaging and helpful in furthering my knowledge of various subjects. The teachers of my classes do a pretty good job at getting the students to understand the material they are learning.
Alverno Heights Academy prepared me to be a confident woman in the academic arena and professional world. I was challenged to be unstoppable and built amazing memories from freshman to senior year.
I'm currently a senior at Alverno Heights Academy and have been attending since entering high school. Alverno is a very small all girls catholic school, which is family oriented. The staff is extremely friendly and care about us students.
Alverno has given me the chance to discover who I am truly meant to be and has shaped me into the leader and young woman I am today. The excellent hands-on curriculum thoroughly prepares you for college, upholding the college preparatory name.
I enjoyed the small campus and the ratio of teachers to students. I was able to become involved in many different activities ranging from academics, clubs, student government and sports.
There are so many clubs you can join. All of Alverno's clubs are really fun and anyone can join. The biggest club on campus is the Science and Math Club.
This school is very unique because it has great academics along with extremely outgoing and friendly people. I have loved every minute that I've been at Alverno.
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All the teachers are very approachable and helpful. They go above and beyond with every lesson plan.
I really enjoyed my time at Alverno. I was really shy in middle school and didn't have many friends. I felt like Alverno was a safe environment for me to express myself and make new friends with similar (nerdy!) interests. The science teachers really got me interested in science as a career, and got me interested in biology and genetics, which is what I'm studying now. I feel really grateful that I chose to go here rather than another school.
Teachers all need to be cycled out.
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