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I would like to see more options when it comes to elective classes and foreign language classes. I have enjoyed the majority of my teachers and coaches they are truly here to help the students learn and be better people. I would like to see the fatoritism in sports change. It should not matter who your parents are when being picked for certain teams.
Alvarado high school has a wide diversity of students with a lot of different personalities, so I am able to experience different people. The bullying level is also very low and everyone sticks together and helps each other out.
Alvarado High was a school that you just do to get out of the way. It doesn't matter what you did everything was either you passed or they made you pass.
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It is a small community and a wonderful hometown. I would like to see a lot change with how the school takes care of its students and how it diversifies the nature of the students and faculty. A lot of the things the school lacks is that there are not a lot of opportunities for college readiness and there is not a lot of room for student growth before moving on to either college or the work force. There is a deep small town mentality that effects the capacity in which students can experience more than just what the one stop light town allows for.
This high school is pretty amazing. There are some teachers that probably shouldn't work here but other than that, it's fantastic. If you ever need help with a personal issue or a simple problem so you can study for a test, they'll be more than happy to help you.
The issue with bullying needs to be addressed and action taken. A good talking to is not working and something more needs to be done. Remove the bad apple so the kids can learn in a better environment.
Throughout my high school career, I have been absolutely lucky to have been put in the position to where I’m able to apply and get accepted to college. I will forever be greatful if the education I received to put myself here now. But overall Alvarado highschool could do better. They have very good teachers but everything can always be better. Some of the best teachers I’ve ever had left the school to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. That’s the reason I give them 3/5 stars
A very large majority of the staff are rude,food is terrible, and lots of the rules are flat out stupid.
Education is acceptable. There are several career training environments, including a full film broadcast studio and hospital lab, which definitely adds to the overall value. But the thing that is the biggest setback is the admin staff. They're all friends with each other, and are very heavily into the "guilty until proven innocent, but still guilty" scheme. They all have each other's backs, and it has a negative effect on the student.
My experience at Alvarado High School so far has been very good but not always the best. A change I would like to see is for them to offer a profusion amount of school food instead of a small plate which a student cannot get full from.
The film program but needs to have a change of focus. Change focus from football to academics. The school mainly focused on sports so it hurt there academic performance.
What I liked about being a student at Alvarado High School was the school spirit we had and how the teachers never let us down. They always wanted us to succeed and to have a successful career.
I really loved how caring the teachers were. They made it possible for ne to graduate. My only wish is those in the office would be a little bit nicer.
I've been living in Alvarado for a few years now and bullying isn't a big thing here. I've been enrolled in six different schools before Alvarado and this is the first school where I don't get made fun of. Most of the teachers are very nice and want you to succeed, although you might get one in a grade level that just seem bad, but isn't that true for every school? I am currently in all advanced classes and it is more of a challenge for me and I'm glad that I was able to get accepted into them.
My time at Alvarado High School has been a fun and exciting time. There are multiple things that I personally feel need to be changed. The college readiness could be pushed more than what it currently is. The school itself is very good and I can not think to change anything.
I love Alvarado school's. I have been going to Alvarado sense elementary school. I have had really amazing teachers, I have made good friends along the way. There is nothing to really change.
I have been going in the Alvarado ISD school district since the first grade. My time here has been fairly easy and I have reached much success here. This year I am a senior and am ranked second in my class. The dual credit program at AHS is extremely helpful.
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I am currently still attending Alvarado High School. I am a freshman at Alvarado High School. The transition from Jr. High to high school was very easy despite all the diversity. All of the teachers, counselors, and administrators were very helpful and understanding when it came down to newcomers transitioning to all the new things such as teachers, rules, and the facility. They made sure I had everything I needed in order to succeed throughout my high school career. All of the teachers offer either before and or after school tutoring where the student can come into the classroom and the teacher will help them understand the material if there was something taught in class that the student may not have understood the first time in class.
Been in Alvarado since the 3rd grade. Love the teachers! Love being in Theater Arts! Mr. Hunt is the best!
i like how everyone is nice and caring to each other . also i like our athletics directors because there are some of the best coaches a team could get .
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