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Alva High School Reviews

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I like how nice all the teachers are. I love how the system works and how the principal handles everything very well. The teachers are all very understanding also.
Well where should i start..

Joining this school was not my choice rather i did not have a say.
Alva is a home-schooled online program. At first i was a bit hesitant, questions in mind were aspiring such as "will i be able to make friends"? Indeed you will! in fact i was so surprised on how amazingly organized the program was i have been attending for the past 6 months now and i have to say i love it! it gives me the ability to be flexible yet finish my work faster. I am also able to 1 on 1 communicate with my teacher via online which was cool.
Any ways i do not regret my parents decision since it has given me the opportunity to make more Friends and help me focus on my future much better.
the food here is terrible half of the teachers are decent people that care about your well being the other half are there to fail you. the people there are the same as every other highschool
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It feels like a family here. Since it is a smaller school, everyone knows everyone. So any people come to every sports or fine arts event. When I first moved here the first thing everyone told us to go to was the Electric Gold choir concert. Everyone in this entire community is so supportive.
I believe that Alva High School is truly a symbol of excellence. I believe that the teachers and staff at Alva High School provide their students with the many opportunities and schools needed to further their future. Alva High School has many extracurricular activities to help students become more engaged in their social lives. I believe that Alva High School helps student get a great education while having the ability to be safe and have fun in a small learning environment.
I love this school, my football coaches are the best in the state, but sports are way more funded than other activities, but its still a great school.
Its an okay school but there is alot of favoritism and some teachers are not the smartest
Coming from a city and then transferring to a small town school my experience would be bias. Of course I had more fun in my old school but overall this school is okay the only problem I have with this school is that sports have more favoritism than the arts.
It was in business with a vocational school.
Only 2 AP classes offered at this point
Its a pretty alright school, very average, and very athletics based.
This school is pretty safe, I have never felt threatened, but there is definitely a prominent drug problem
Lunch is way too short.
Very sports oriented school. If you don't play sports, you aren't "popular".
Most teachers don't seem engaging, they don't make their subjects interesting. They do the bare minimum.
Does not have a large enough variety of extracurricular activities.
Most of the teachers only teach what they need to get through the year and meet the required amount of homework. Although some go above and are very good at teaching and have a close relationship with the students.
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Tries to be healthy, short lunch period, options
No school nurse, bullying is ignored, no student identification
This school has amazing and special teachers.
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