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I feel Altus High School is great at preparing a student for college. They offer many programs that allowed several of my classmates to finish their Associates Degree within 6 months of graduating High School. I feel the school need not focus on how much good the football team is and focus on providing programs that will help kids succeed in the future.
I had the best 4 years of my life at Altus High School. I never woke up dreading to go to school because it was such a great environment with amazing staff and teachers. The thing I loved the most about Altus High School is how well everyone got along. Everybody excepted everyone. Nobody was left out of anything.
Overall, AHS was a great place to grow up and discover myself. I entered my freshman year with no friends, no hobbies, and no clue who I was going to be. Now, four years later, I have had the opportunity to travel, perform, and grow with the guidance of amazing directors, teachers, and coaches. Altus High School, while struggling due to lack of funding, does its best to embrace every type of student and help them grow.
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Altus High school is a great school to be a part of. Being a student there has taught me how to be kind and support others, all while following what you want to do in life.
I am a military brat and I have attended Altus High School all four years. My experience has been amazing; everyone welcomed me with open arms the first day I came here. I have been able to be really close with my teachers who work hard to make sure all their students are ready for the next level.
I attended Altus high school as an international exchange student last year. It is my first time to study in the American high school. I still remembered that I was so nervous at the beginning of the first quarter because I didn't know anyone in that high school. So I was eating lunch by myself in the cafeteria of the school. However, Suddenly, a bunch of students came to my table and tried to talk to me, they were so nice and helped me to adapt my high school life. I was touched and fully thankful to them!
I had an amazing time. The faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful. I’d like to see more options for students who need help with school.
Overall, attending AHS was really good for my college applications. It's incredibly easy to become involved, whether it be sports, clubs, or music. However, while it's good for college applications, it's not good for actually learning. For those of us that put in hard work, it's frustrating to see others surpass you in class ranking because the selectivity with which they select their schedules. Also, for many, hard work come second to grades. Considering diversity, on the surface everything seems fine, but the student body has problems with microagressions.
I like how we offer many different electives so everyone has at least a few classes to take that spark their interest.
I enjoy the different things they have to offer. I especially like how we were able to take both AP classes and concurrently enroll at the community college.
They could try to actually teach a child how to do a thesis before they tell her to make an essay. Especially if the thesis is the more points than the rest of the essay.
Altus high school is a wonderful school, with wonderful teachers, but I think they are way too focused on our test scores and not really what we learn or how we learn it.
Altus Public Schools helped shaped me into a wonderful, educated, and driven young woman. It is a place where students can reach their full potential.
I recently moved here in January and so far what I like about this school is that they provide the students with many chances to prepare for there future. They provide students with programs and activities that help guide students to become successful. Though, I would like to see the school expand in there JROTC program and tone down on there strict rules.
Altus has a great, small town feel. However, the school itself feels behind. The teachers teach so that the students can pass tests, not so that they may learn and remember. They recently went under budget cuts and the result was that many programs were cut. Also, because of the small town vibe, football is a big thing. This is great until you realize every other sport has less funds.
Altus High School stands together through the good times and the bad. On February 14, 2016, our community lost three wonderful teenage boys. While one of them was not from our school district we mourned and honored him just the same. Our school is a community full of caring individuals. Even through our rough times we fight through and come out stronger than ever.
Being able to say that I graduated from Altus High is a true blessing, because we have the opportunity to play different types of sports or we can be a member of any club that the school offers, other school in oklahoma don't offer as much as Altus High does. My favorite thing about Altus High is the amazing bond I made with my friends and family going to the games, just having the time of our life's. The only thing that I wish the high school would change is the cafeteria building.
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It is a great school. There are some good teachers there. Great learning experience. The band is great, so is the choir. I enjoy watching the football games that go on.
My high school experience has been a good one. There are many activities and clubs and things to be a part of. Because I live in a smaller town, we have a good sense of community in my school. Everybody knows everybody. We all come together to support each other and cheer each other on at sporting events. Most of the teachers are very passionate about their subject and try their best to help us succeed. We could use a better budget for teacher pay and AP courses. We are short on teachers and classes for the upper classmen to take.
There are a few clubs that I was aware of like the national honor society, link crew, blue crew, the Kay club, and student council. No after school activities besides if you played sports.
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