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Altoona-Midway Middle/High School Reviews

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This school is really small, but that’s really it’s only downside. However, the size allows for more one-on-one work with teachers and other students. The atmosphere is great, and I couldn’t have chosen a better school. They offer sports programs, forensics and scholar’s bowl among many other clubs and activities. Overall, wonderful school.
A really good school. A lot of one on one with your teachers who seem to actually care about you. It has its downfalls. It is a small school and the graduating class is only 13 kids. It is easy to be involved for anyone, but it is limited on the groups you can be in.
My experience at this school was overall average for "small town" schools. A bonus of having such small class sizes was always having one-on-one time with the teachers. It wasn't hard to be selected for sport teams either. I would like to see this school grow and offer more academic classes. Especially classes that can be used for dual credit.
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We don't have a school nurse but we're relatively safe.
I wish the education was higher and the dress code is kind of ridiculous. It's kind of sexist and outdated. Except for that and the lack of team spirit, I like this school. Most of the teachers are great and I love most of my classmates.
I loved our new principal and vice principal. They are more involved with our school than past administration.
We have quite a few clubs, including forensics and community service clubs. Anyone can join.
We are a very small school with limited athletic opportunities. I feel that if we had more people, that our sports teams would perform better and we'd have more school spirit.
I have attended my school since kindergarten and I can't imagine of ever going anywhere else. You build relationships with your classmates and teachers that you could never experience in a big school. I love knowing every one in my class and being a part of each one of their lives. Also the opportunities are great! Since it is such a small school (as in I have 9 in my graduating class!) each student has to participate in some sport or club for it to even exist.
With our school Being very small we do not have all the opportunities as larger facilities.
The food is not good at all sometimes i feel as if prisoners are fed better.
The food is prepared very early in the morning and then placed in a warmer for most of the day. Cookies are made months in advance and stored in a freezer . If it was possible I would bring my own food daily!
Our school is a very rural place not alot of people so therefor we dont really have any immediate dangers. (other than ks weather)
We have recently had security cameras installed and they seem to be doing their job. there are regular dental screenings and health information is readily available.
The teachers at altoonamidway high school are very dedicated to their work. Though it seems as if we may be held back a little due to our smaqll school size. There are a few teachers i wish would crack down more. It may not be enjoyable at the time but i believe it will only help out in the future.
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