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Overall, Altoona is a great school. I have enjoyed going here for the previous four years. My teachers have prepared me for college, and I feel ready to go out into the 'real' world. I was very happy they offered AP courses, too, so hopefully those will set me apart in college in terms of credits. I should be able to register before my classmates.
I liked that well I was there, the district was developing ideas to make the schools stronger. I loved all the teachers and was glad that I was able to make a personal connection with them because of the smaller class sizes.
Overall a good high school experience for the size and what other high schools are around it. They’re constantly working to improve their facilities and keep teachers in the know for new ways to teach.
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It is a nice school but they could do a better job at enhancing the kids who want to go further. For example, they should let kids do classes online in the summer for free.
I liked the small school setting, you got to know your peers and teachers well to make connections and find help if you needed it.
I liked that Altoona High School's educations genuinely care about their students, and yet they do not 'baby' them. They are more than willing to help, but a student needs to reach out to them first. Through this, teachers encourage integrity and hard work from their students. I wish that Altoona offered more specialized classes, especially where the arts are concerned. They also do not have a home economics class-a class that I believe my generation desperately needs.
Altoona High School may be a pretty small school, but beware of how well it does its job.
The staff members are fantastic! The lunch ladies are fun to talk to, the custodian staff are pretty neat if you get to know them and the teachers? They're amazing. They're not just teachers; they're your friends. They're always there whenever you need extra help with schoolwork and they're even willing to spare extra minutes, even hours, out of their life to listen to you and help you get through whatever it is that's bothering you.
The overall atmosphere in Altoona High School is pretty great!
The school is pretty safe, outside threats are few to none. Locked doors are very prominent. Bullying isn't much of an issue. We only have one nurse for the entire district, which can be tricky if you need a nurse and their all the way down in the elementary.
There are a bunch of different of activities to join, and the level of commitment varies in each activity, which is great for every student when choosing if they want to join. Almost half the student body is in some type of music class, whether it be show choir, choir, or band. Music based clubs and sports are the most popular.
The experience at this school has been okay, freshmen year went pretty well I would say. It's a good atmosphere to be around, but it could be better. What makes the school unique is that it's connected to its middle and elementary schools, giving access to the middle school gyms without ever having to step foot outside, which is great for athletic tournaments. Although if I were given the opportunity to do it all over, I would reconsider attending this school, not that the experience has been terrible.
There are only a couple teachers that are exceptional at teaching, making sure everyone is learning. Most of the teachers are consistent in grading. Other teachers I have found to be less knowledgeable on some areas in the subject they teach. Some teachers do not have the best communication skills, which can be bad if trying to give directions to a big project and are unable to explain it clearly and concisely enough.
The safety at Altoona is very good. There has been improvements made to advance the security. They have put in security systems and cameras and locks on all doors during school hours. There are occasional dog sweeps that happen. There is always a school nurse on staff for anyone who needs her help during the day.
There are a variety of extracurricular opportunities for anyone. Between sports like football, basketball, tennis, softball, golf and many others, there are many other clubs to be involved in as well. You could be involved in Student Council, S.A.D.D., Forensics club, and also many other clubs too. I think the most popular options for students are either sports, show choir or the student play.
Altoona was a great school to grow up in. Every year you had some new teachers and some years in high school you would have the same teacher that taught more than one class. The school sport teams were usually pretty competitive which made games very fun to go to. I was involved in the softball program so that was my favorite part of being involved in Altoona. The school had a variety of children, but still small enough to get to know everyone in your class on a personal level. My softball team was very close and we loved spending time together. If I could do it all over again I would definitely still attend Altoona High School.
The teachers were very friendly and easy to talk to. Most were always willing to go out of their way to help any student with anything. Their teaching styles were very easy to follow and understand. They were all very involved with each student and would always look for classroom engagement and communication with everyone.
The school is very safe. I have never felt threatened by any inside or outside force during any period of time that I have attended Altoona High School.
There is a huge variety of extracurricular activities that students are able to choose from at my school. If there is a club that a students is interested in, and we don't have it, he or she can start his or her own club. Students can also join sports teams. Anything they pick are supported by many people such as, parents, friends, staff, and the community.
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The past four years at Altoona High School have been great. I have learned a lot of things at school, both academically and non-academic. I have meet so many great people, and many of them I now call my friends. High school really does change people. I'd say for better too. You learn what you like and don't like.
The teachers at my school are awesome. They teach to the needs of their students. If a student is struggling with something, they make sure that the student understands what is being taught before they move on with something else. I feel very comfortable coming in after class to ask more questions if I need any help because the teachers are very approachable. I get learn a lot in class because the teacher know what they are talking about.
I'd say that the lunch program at Altoona High School is decent. We have a salad bar so for those who want to eat healthy there is always that option. the main thing that i have a problem with is that the food variety is atrocious. We have Pizza every Monday and Friday and sometimes one wednesday. They need to change that.
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