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Altoona Area Junior High School Reviews

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Altoona Area Junior High School has terrible academics. Kids are unable to take a language because they are considered not smart enough. Level 2 classes need to go. These classes are put in place to push kids who are not seen to succeed in life through. Every kid should have a chance to learn and succeed. All the kids who are in level 2 deserve to be in academic classes. Not classes that hand out the exam the day before so kids get a passing score. I am outraged at this school district and it is one of the worst schools to send your child to for academics.
The building is still relatively new, and is good for a middle school. However, it is kind of bland. All of the walls are white, with maroon accents on the doors, and there are barely any windows. More like a prison.
Sports are very much encouraged. There are two football teams, two cheerleading squads, basketball, etc...everything's the same as the high school. They do get most of the funding, which hinders the academics and arts a lot.
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Our school has a little above average athletic facilitiy. We do offer a wide variety of sport related activities such as football, baseball, wrestling, kickball, and basketball. All of our sports prorams are paying programs. So unfortunately if the parents are unable to pay for the student, he is not allowed to participate. We do have an above average team school spirit. The spirit of these sports also enjoy a huge fan base from the community.
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