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Great opportunities for all! There’s a club for almost everything, so everyone has a place to fit in. Because the school is so large, it’s difficult moving from class to class in the short amount of time to get from building to building, I had to run most of the time. Some teachers and staff are very sexist. The education is good, though.
The politics of the school and the preferential treatment of certain student based on who their parents are or who they know.
When I liked at Altoona area high school Was that I got to meet a lot of new people and amazing teachers and along the way I graduated what I would like to see change in Altoona area high school is the building
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I enjoy the abundant amount of extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs that are offered at Altoona Area High School. The teachers tend to be widely excepting and open to help students. I would hope to change the lunch menu to include choices for students with Celiacs Disease and other allergens.
Altoona Area High School is a safe school. The one main thing I would change if I could would be the problem with Bullying. Obviously the school itself is not 100% the cause of this but I feel it is more present than it should be.
I've been apart of the Altoona area school district my entire life. It's not perfect and I don't think any school is.
Altoona area school district is amazing, my high school experience was outstanding. The student body was always involved and there was never a student left out,
I like the academics at Altoona Area High School and I also like the choice of clubs for students to participate in. I personally really like the Altoona Area High School Music Department.
I liked some of the teachers and how many activities and classes they provide. However, some of the teachers are extremely rude and bullying has been a huge problem within the last few years.
I made a lot of friends my senior year because involved. I honestly wish I had done so sooner. There are so many clubs and groups to choose from that everyone can have fun somewhere.
AAHS was overall a decent High school. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. Much of the drama essentially ran our school and when I look back if you weren't in our popular kid clique you were disciplined slightly different. All of my teachers I had averaged to be pretty good. My senior year was a ton of fun and if I have any advice to the younger kids. You're only a high school senior once.... enjoy it, responsibly.
Altoona Area High School provided an amusing point in my life. This school is overall pretty great compared to other high schools. The school is full of diversity, so I was able to make friends of all kinds. Almost all of the teachers showed care and support in my academic career, and put effort into understanding my teenage life. The clubs were decent, but that is because a lot of the finances went to the sports more than the clubs. It was a little upsetting. College readiness was not exactly a keen point in this high school, though. However, I did not take Advanced Placement classes, so it is unsure on how much different it was. I was able to use some skills and techniques from several classes, but college was definitely a lot different. I think Altoona Area High School needs to add life skills to the curriculum. I was not prepared whatsoever for life after I graduated, and in today's society, it is a big necessity to know how to live.
Altoona Area High School is a school chalked full with opportunity. There are several clubs, sports, and organizations to be a part of. It really gives you the chance to help others, all while finding yourself. The teachers love their jobs, and will even treat you like family. They will fight for you when you need them, and really help you through the hard times. Many students that attend the school are living in poverty, living with abusive parents, living with nothing. The teachers and faculty will help the student(s) find a better path. The Altoona Area High School, though large in size, acts like a family.
The Altoona Area High School is easily the best Secondary Educational School in West Central Pennsylvania. Most teachers are more than willing to help and assist students.
The high school is awesome, it offers a variety of things to do. The school also offers resources so you can improve SAT scores. The teachers, the principals, and more go out of their way to see you successful.
Most of the teachers seem to enjoy their jobs and the students, but along with the students, no one seems content with how the district is fun. Many students hate coming to school, where expression is limited and the administration is concerned more about the holes in jeans and shoes than how the students are doing.
I am a high school senior at Altoona Area High School. My overall experience has been okay. I feel that only half of the teachers at our school really want to be there and the ones that don't really show it. Our 12th grade principal could care less about anybody but himself. If you have a problem, don't bother going to him, he will tell you your "problem" doesn't meet the requirements, that make him have to help you. The food is god awful. Everything seems so processed, frozen or under cooked. Even the salads. But there are some positives, I feel Altoona has an excellent educational system for the underclassmen but are lacking a little on college prep for the twelfth graders.
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I liked the teacher. Them and the counselors and even the janitor made a very big impact on my life and I take lessons from them even to this day. While some say that you wont have the same friends from high school later in life. I have made brothers and sisters at this school, both graduates and underclassmen.
My experience at Altoona has been wonderful. I am an honors and AP student and have always felt that I have been provided with excellent resources and teachers that will prepare me for college and life after my post-high school education. I am very involved in extracurricular activities and have always found plenty of clubs and groups that I fit in with. I have never felt like I did not belong or like there was not a group that I could take part in. The teachers are wonderful at what they do, not only inside the classroom but also as mentors. I can honestly say that there was not a thing I did not like about my time at Altoona.
I loved Altoona Area High School! The teachers were fun and very nice, the sports was fun, and the education program itself was amazing! I don't think anything should be changed because the school is fun.
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