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Alton High School Reviews

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Well, they don't do much about bullying, most of the teachers are very biased and pick favorites, sports seem to be valued over everything else, and they are more lenient with the rules if you play sports. Over all I think I've had an average experience at this school, and the academics are probably right at average too.
FBLA, BETA, Show Choir, Cheer leading
I loved this school. I had a wonderful experience.
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Basketball baby!!! However they also offer several other sports and a large number of clubs and organizations to choose from. Not to mention that it's such a small school that the students develop strong friendships with each other.
I attended this school, now my child attends this school. She and I both have great memories from going to Alton High School. Once a COMET always a COMET!!!!
The administration is available to parents and students at any time.
My child loves going to school here. The teachers know all of the kids by name, not a number, and they also make an effort to get the know the parents and greet them by name.
The school was recently repainted and is kept clean and orderly. Most of the teachers do excellent jobs, but the administration could use a little tweaking. Resources are easy to find- if you know where to look.
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