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I like how Alton High offers many different classes as well as extracurricular activities. I also like how the teachers here are always willing to help you in your studies or in life. Also, I appreciate how Alton High offers many dual credit, honors, and AP classes and courses that can smoothly transition to surrounding colleges. Something I wish would be changed is more acknowledgement and celebration of the succeeding students rather than focusing on the more disciplined individuals.
When I was in Alton high I was in clubs and sports and they were quite excellent, although the food portions and the quality was not so well, it was not cooked properly and sometimes we even ran out off food. the security there is excellent we also has two police officers on campus at all times.
I like the diversity at the school. We also have a lot of different types of classes you can take. Overall, the teachers are fine. People are also not as bad as you think they would be.
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The school's pretty average. Some teachers really worked with their students, others not so much. Class variety was pretty great, but many elective level classes feel like filler. Two years in a row there has been the threat of a teacher strike.
The union that the teachers are a part of causes many problems for both the quality of education, and the school board as a whole. The school maintains it's connections to Common Core and the "One-Size-Fits-All" teaching methods, so depending on what kind of student you are, there's a chance you might not have as great of a chance at success.
It was decent, I really don't know what other high schools were like, since I went to Alton High School all four years. The water is cold, so that's good. Lunch and Breakfast is free. Fight Clubs in the boy's bathrooms. Fights happen everyday, so that's a bonus. Vape & weed consumers around, so that's bad.
I love that the teachers at so invested in your success as a student they will do whatever they can to make your high school experience fun and memorable.
I really liked the experience I got while I was there, but I wish the food was better, one, and that they would clean better.
Alton High School provides an environment where teachers are focused on college preparedness for their students. Teachers are always willing to help students in any way that they can, and constantly push students to work to best of their ability and beyond. AHS strives to make sure students reach their full potential; however, would be more successful if it had the resources to do so. There are different ways for students to be active at AHS, whether it be student council, organizational clubs, or sports. The school also provides many opportunities for vocational experience, AP and Dual Credit college courses, and internship work.
What I like about Alton High School is the teachers. I have a lot of nice teachers that are willing to help me succeed. However, there are some things that should be changed. The rules should be fair to everyone; not just to a certain number of people. Another thing that should be changed about the school is their cafeteria food. Sometimes, the food would be dry and/or have no flavor. Most of the time, the meat would be pink on the chicken sandwiches. Don't get me wrong, I like a few of the school's cafeteria food but they should make it better for the students. Other than that, my experience there is pretty decent.
Alton High School is a great place to meet peers from different countries or cultures. Alton High School prepares students for college and it offers STEM courses and Honors Programs for those who like to challenge themselves.
It is a very big school. This brings a list of pros and cons. The big school has a lot of classrooms, and we have an excellent selection of classes and electives to choose from. This also means there are a lot of students, which makes for crowded hallways and a lot of disruptions, although I know this isn't the school's fault. Our teachers are under payed as well, and there are rumors that they are going on strike soon. So it's average because we are offered a lot of opportunities, however the people actually teaching these classes aren't being treated right.
it was a pretty good school. The only thing i would honestly change is the food because it's disgusting but overall it was a fun time.
Many friendly teachers/staff and a good handful of genuinely "Wanting to see u succeed.." people on campus.
Something I liked most about AHS was the teachers, most were very involved in helping students succeed.
I had an excellent experience at Alton High School. Teachers and administration were very supportive. There are things to get involved in for every interest. I always felt safe and feel I could get help from most adults. I am very happy that I chose to go to Alton High School. The relationships I formed will be with me for years to come. Go Redbirds!
I have very much enjoyed my time so far at Alton High School. They have some excellent teachers that prepare their students very well for college and or careers after high school. I think a slight downside is that they have a lot of students there and not all of them care about what they do after high school and can sometimes irritate the students that are trying to do well and are preparing for college as well as their future careers. Personally, the quality and amount of food that is available at lunch are far from sufficient for me and many others so many people pack extra food like protein bars and chips to eat with their lunches.
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I loved the engineering program and AP physics courses! The exposure to real-world technology has advanced me well past the collegiate level and allowed me to further myself in undergraduate research. I am majoring in physics and Spanish thanks to the challenging foreign language department and rigorous science and engineering programs. I love my instructors and still communicate with them. I am very appreciative of their support and encouragement!
Overall i enjoy Alton High School. The facility really does care about their students. They tend to make sure the kids are getting along and enjoying their day.
Alton High School has a great sense of community and closeness. Even with classes of about 500 a year, everyone knows each other. I have been in the music program (helping/performing) for 4 years, and I believe it's our school's highlight. It is mostly funded by our own fundraisers and parent involvement. It allows us to travel and be musically educated, as well as building closely knit, lifelong friendships.
The school could however, work on its administration to student communication. Often, students don't know what's going on throughout the day or the week, and aren't alert to rule changes. The school could also work on making a safer environment. Fights happen often, and drug use is widely known throughout the school.
Overall, however, it's a great school. Most public schools aren't fortunate enough to have what we do, and for that, I am grateful.
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