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Alton C. Crews Middle School Reviews

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I absolutely loved this school. The teachers are great and there are many opportunities ti get you ready for high school. The music programs prepare you well for the outstanding music opportunities at the high school: Brookwood. The three years I spen here were three of the most enjoyable years of my K-12 career.
The classes are rigorous, the teachers don't take crap, and their are multiple levels of . . . intelligence to meet the capabilities of the students. Scheduling process if you want to change anything isn't too bad; a parent just needs to contact an administrator and proof must be given for the reason for change, but other than that it's great. The math classes for those on the higher level gifted path is amazing too, mostly because of Mrs. Castleberry, one of the best math teachers ever. As I was only in the gifted program, that's all I can speak for; the gifted path in curriculum, teachers, and study options is one of the best in the state no doubt. :)
There are many options for extracurricular activities at this school. From dance club to running club to Reader's rally to jazz band, this school offers a wide range of fun, popular, and engaging after-school activities. The administration usually has a representative or someone present at competitions/events, so they are involved mostly.
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I loved my teachers and most of my classes, but the geography was pretty horrid. The school is incredibly boring, with beige walls, white tile floors, and flat, square halls. No variety. It discouraged creativity, and I hated walking through the white-washed halls devoid of expression. The food was, as expected, also horrid, and lunch was not always the best experience ever. The learning was great, along with my friends, the people, the clubs, and the activities.
The teachers I had were amazing, fun, and loved their job as well as the subject they taught. They varied their styles to cater to the gifted minds in my classes, sometimes doing activities focused on visual learning, other times having us do some hands-on creative work, and on other days teaching through generic powerpoints. Their teaching styles were all different yet effective.
There was never a problem with health and safety at Crews!
I loved being a member of the Student Council. It's a great way to be involved and make friends!
I loved that the parents were involved with the school.
Every teacher I had was extremely dedicated, and was always there to help me!
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