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Typical small town attitudes. There are very few elective classes and sometimes you can't get the class you want because of poor staffing and teachers that are not certified. The police are constantly having to be called due to fights.
Severe bullying and alienation and not just by students. Teachers talk about students behind their backs and make inappropriate comments.
Limited access to any resources. Counselors are a joke.
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No opportunities for anyone who isnt band, sports, or "Future business leaders"
Not great security but the community is not a threat
Very good opportunities for fitness but students are judgmental.
All of the teachers are different. Some are wonderful, some are average, and some aren't as great. It just depends really.
It's pretty average. Seasonal sports, theater, band.
Either you're cool or you're not. You either wear the sane things as everybody else or you don't. Hardly anybody is their own person.
They worry too much about things that aren't important. They are more worried about someone having facial hair (which is against school dress code) than kids doing and selling drugs on campus. Or they worry about someone having a nose ring (also against school dress code) than a couple sneaking off in the parking lot to have sex. They focus on how we look so we don't make them look sloppy rather than the character of the students.
I've made some pretty great memories at my school that I wouldn't trade for the world, but if I got to do it all over again I would probably go to a different school for better opportunities and more exposure (positive exposure).
Pretty average I would say. We participate in UIL and most teachers challenge us. We just don't ever have any clubs or any extracurricular academic programs and we could really use those.
I rarely eat school food. It doesn't seem healthy, it doesn't look good, and I just don't care for it. I feel like I'm better off taking my lunch. Sometimes I eat break, but not often. There's usually just candy, chips, and cookies. Once I mentioned that there should be fruit in the break stand and they sold it that one time until it was all gone, then they didn't sell it anymore.
It's pretty average. There really isn't any bullying and I've never really not felt safe at school.
The fitness equipment is outdated and not very many people take it seriously. Most seniors get lazy and decide not to do sports. And everything is pretty much revolved around football. The money goes towards that, time, everything. There are more male sports than female sports so the girls don't get to do as much as the boys and it's not really fair. There are a lot of students who don't really have school spirit so sometimes the pep rallies can be lame. If more students cared and got involved it would be better.
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